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Bluehost – Start Building Your Online Store

To hear people talk, you’d think it’s a snap to build a website. Maybe you’ve tried but quickly ran into glitches. You need help. Where to start? How to start? Choose from dozens of pre-packaged themes or get creative and develop your own. We’ll work with you either way. The best part of choosing Bluehost is that nothing is written in stone. It’s your site, so let your creative flag fly! Change your mind about a theme? No problem. Add all the bells and whistles you like: appointment bookings, online ordering, chat windows, message boards, service, and item categories—automated malware detection and security updates included.

Never worry about changes and updates—modify away! The job at Bluehost is to guide you in creating a website that’s spectacular, user-friendly, and SSL secure.

Semrush®: SEO Stats at Your Fingertips

Six million web experts can’t be wrong. When it comes to the best SEO analytical marketing tool, Semrush beats them all!

Watch Your Business Grow in Real Time

Automated Brand Tracking keeps a constant eye on your company’s competitive pulse. Unsure which package meets your SEO needs? An expert is always available to help you decide or you can try a Semrush Pro Plan FREE for 30-days.

Get Started with Semrush Today!

Stop Click and Ad Fraud in Its Tracks—Get ClickCease™

Did you know? Ad fraud and click fraud waste 20% of PPC advertisers’ budgets every year. By all accounts, it’s getting worse.

Competitors and bots clicking on Facebook and Google ads distort the marketing figures driving your advertising budget. And that is not good for business.

You Need Fraud Protection—Now

The good news is that the best proven-effective Ad Fraud Protection is now available in an easy-to-install software package:

ClickCease The Reliable Fraud Protection Sentinel—Works with any Platform

ClickCease Google Ads and Facebook Ads click fraud protection software blocks all fake impressions and clicks 24/7. It does it by automatically blocking invalid traffic from clicking on ads and yes, even seeing them in real-time. No dishonest competitor has a chance.

Whether you have your own custom site or a generic platform, ClickCease puts an end to annoying incursions that drive up your marketing budget. Stop people who want to harm your business.

With ClickCease, Harmful Sources Won’t be Able to See Your Ads.

ClickFunnels™: Turn Website Interest into Paying Customers

Entrepreneurs like you have done a pretty good job on their websites—it looks great! But admit it, you’re not an IT person. You need coding that moves visitors with a casual interest in whatever you’re selling toward an actual purchase. Knowing you need it is the first step toward increasing sales. Helping you get there is our business.

We Are ClickFunnels

Using our program, anyone can successfully turn their website into a customer magnet. Take it from DCM (Dot Com Media)—this program works. Here’s how:

  • Guides visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process. 
  • Points customers to the ONE product or service they need and want. 
  • Sends email follows-ups with visitors after they leave your page.

Use ClickFunnels and Watch Online Visits Turn into Sales!

Leads and Sales Start with a Dynamic Landing Page

Landing pages driving online conversions. Whether you are a business, a non-profit looking for funding, or a political entity seeking supporters, the likelihood of you getting your message across is pretty remote unless your Landing Page reels them in. Look at it another way—a great landing page turns visitors into leads, contributors, followers, and yes, customers. If you have landing page, it better be good.

Build unlimited landing pages here for FREE—NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED

Use the signup form builder and collect email addresses. Invite social media friends to sign up and keep posted on recent news and offers.

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Write 100% Original Long-Form Blogs with an SEO Power Punch

Long-form blog posts are an effective way to beef up a website. The problem is a topic can take forever to research and, in the end, not have the AI ingredients to put you at the top of SERP rankings. With Mieux.ai, you can easily and quickly turn out high-quality, plagiarism-free long-form content that puts your site at the top of the online search pyramid.

Grade Your Content for SERP

Mieux.ai automatically suggests the most popular topics and keywords, then grades your content based on those most frequently used by competitors. Mieux.ai is the industry standard when it comes to quickly producing the original, SEO-loaded long-form blog content.

Use Mieux.ai and watch your SERP ranking soar!