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Forum Posting and Blog Posting: Worth The Time?

There are a lot of backlink building techniques in the arsenal of your typical SEO company. A lot of gurus will tell you that every technique has it’s place and time, and that none should be discarded out of hand. At one point, that may have been true, but is it still?

First, let’s make it clear what we’re talking about here. By forum posting, we’re talking about going onto a forum, joining conversations, becoming a valued member, and then laying out some subtle links to your landing pages. By blog posting, we’re not talking about your own blog — we’re talking about going onto other people’s blogs and commenting on them in a way that results in a backlink to your website.

Why Forum Posting Takes Too Much Time
Forum posting involves a lot of community involvement. It’s like social media, only without all of the pretty ‘+1’ buttons — and also without the extraordinary volume of people participating. When you start posting on a forum, you’re investing time and energy into something that might not pan out.

If you start laying your links out only to have the community reject you for marketing on their message board, you’re completely SOL. On the other hand, the forums that have a policy of allowing marketing tend to be frequented almost entirely by marketers — or people who are so inured to marketing techniques that you’ll never get a click from the boards in the first place.

Why Commenting on Blog Posts Takes Too Much Time
There are two similar problems with posting blog comments. First, you have to find a blog that has a decent PageRank, is relevant, and will allow you to comment in the first place — and then on top of that it has to have an administrator that won’t can your comment for being a backlink. Usually you can get around that last point by making your comment cogent and interesting, but that takes time in and of itself.

But the real problem with commenting on a blog is anchor text. Most blogs won’t let you put hyperlinks in the meat of your blog, which means that if you want the right anchor text for your link, you’re going to have to claim that your name is “ninja throwing stars” or whatever your site’s keyword is. That’s a giant red flag to the blog admin, and will almost certainly get your comment canned.

In short, these two forms of backlink building are dead and best left that way. Don’t waste your time.

143 thoughts on “Forum Posting and Blog Posting: Worth The Time?”

  1. Ok, so I have been at this whole website SEO/backlink building for a while and its very tedious. Im not spending a dime on seo so ive been reading and all i hear is you need back links. so tedious and time consuming. So i have read to join a forum in your niche and become involved so i decided to do so. SO I joined this one forum and noticed that it alot of it hasnt been active for like years. I mean years. I looked up the PR and its a 2. So my question is what are your thoughts and what do you think google would think if i just spammed this forum with random posts and my link in the signature?
    Lucky find or bad idea?

  2. Does any one know what sites to go onto for free links? Esp ones relating to Sports therapy/sports massage.

    I will owe you all eternally.


  3. I’ve never tried this process of link building. I usually do forum posts, blog comments, article marketing, blogging, doorway pages, member profiles, and web directories.

    I guess I just don’t know what it is! I don’t really understand how the system works. Does digg.com put up a link to your site or something? I’m confused at how this system helps me build backlinks.
    EDIT: I’m actually interested in how the system works. Like a step by step process starting from me signing up for digg and ending at visitors coming to my website.
    EDIT 2: Aw man, I didn’t know that those sites didn’t have quality backlinks. I guess that’s a good decision on Yahoo! and Digg’s part. They aren’t linking to “bad neighborhoods” by accident. However, I don’t think that the Yahoo! search engine actually uses the nofollow attribute. I’m pretty sure it will follow your page anyway. The nofollow thing is mostly a google thing.

  4. I would like to build lots of backlinks to my site so I can move up in search engine rankings and gain more traffic. Please tell me the best way to do this?

  5. I have recently created this site : http://www.flooringfourless.com. I had been doing website designing since quite sometime but have no idea about how to do SEO. Please help me getting started. Maybe some forum or some pdf or some technique. Anything and everything would do.

  6. I plan to build backlinks to my blog and i have a system that allows me to build 110 Tumblr backlinks or 110 StumbleUpon bookmarks on autopilot (other people will build them for me).
    Are Tumblr backlinks indexed fast by search engines and will they boost my SEPR?
    Or StubleUpon is better than Tumblr when it comes to SEO and backlinks?
    I don`t have experience with SEO so far.
    Please give some advise.

  7. I have been trying to build up my seo and do manual backlinks and what not, On ebay there are guys that will do 20 pr-9 back links for about 20 dollars, is this a good idea or should I just go for quality of quanity when it comes to my seo?

  8. i have a website, http://www.portlandsauto.com and i have been building backlinks. i have made about approx 150 in the last few days. Currently im getting on average of 600 visits per day. How much more backlinks should i make do have good google page rank?

  9. Can anyone tell me in a nutshell how to create backlinks to my site. Anyone with experience out there?
    Thank you and get that friday feeling.

  10. Smashing Pumpkins

    I just asked another question about my site not being indexed in Google Search. They wrote a lot of things about backlinks. What are they?

  11. I have a blogging website wizzster.com and i was just wondering how i can build backlinks for it to get more traffic. please free stuff only

  12. Other then blog postings, article and directory submission, what are some other ways to develop link building? Looking for sites that relate to the theme of computer repair.

  13. How do you build back links, I know not to use link markets, but how do you build good quality links? Do you go on to relevant website blogs, say your piece and leave your web address? Or are there any other ways? Thanks

  14. My goal is to increase traffic on our site and get more shoppers there since we wouldn’t have to pay as much in fees that we acquire through Amazon and eBay. I would like help on SEO and back links to increase the traffic and I hope that by join this site, it will happen. I just started using our Word Press again in hopes to help with getting more content into the search engines.

    I am open to all suggestions from you all from web design and anything else relevant to my goals.

  15. I just want to know what the difference is because I keep on getting job postings for those and I don’t think I understand well what it means.

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  17. What do you guys think to my new website, I have changed the designed from the original one (DBP_Home) the designer sent back to (DBP_Home1).

    (Link to my photobucket album)



    It will look better once the designer reworks it, does the second look like a good site.

    If there is any problems you can see or any recommendations they would be appreciated I am tying to make the site as SEO freindly as possible,

    Thanks for your time and hopefully your help.

  18. I want to know about backlink methods that will actually help with SEO and traffic. It can be free or paid methods as long as they work! Thanks.

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  20. how can I link my two wordpress websites together so if I post on one of them it post on the other automatically and vis versa

  21. I’m worried. I usually see my pagerank increase but recently, I managed to leave around 7 comments and submitted those pages for index. Now my pagerank is not increasing.

    Can you guys tell me a better method for SEO considering what I did wrong?
    -How many backlinks per day?
    -Should I submit them or let Google find them?
    -What should I put for name for my comments on blogs?

    Also, my site is around 3 months old

  22. What strategies do you use to build backlinks to your inner pages? What types of links do you build? If I use inner urls on blog comments and article directories, wouldn’t this look like spam?

  23. How many backlinks are considered as a good amount leading to your website/blog? I have advertised my site for free to over 50,000 people a month @ a site called http://adfreetise.co.nr and it is effective however i want to increase my number of backlinks can you help? i got an automated website @ http://zoose1.com and its a quality package

  24. Hello. I have started building backlinks through blog commenting, by provding my website in the ‘website’ box. I’ve only started doing it the past 2 days. 3 a day. However, when i go to ahrefs and chedck my websites rank/backlinks it doesn’t say anything. It all says O.. Nothing is ranked. Am i doing something wrong? Does it take a few days for backlinks to actually register or what? What am i doing wrong :O thanks

  25. Hello. I have started building backlinks through blog commenting, by provding my website in the ‘website’ box. I’ve only started doing it the past 2 days. 3 a day. However, when i go to ahrefs and chedck my websites rank/backlinks it doesn’t say anything. It all says O.. Nothing is ranked. Am i doing something wrong? Does it take a few days for backlinks to actually register or what? What am i doing wrong :O thanks

  26. I’ve heard that building backlinks to your website is good for SEO. However, I haven’t been told exactly HOW to build backlinks. What are methods to build them? Detailed answers please!

  27. I want to build backlinks for my sites. One of the methods is to join social networking sites and write some articles with anchor text links in the articles.

    I would like to ask do the social networking sites accept spun articles?

  28. i have recently made a website, i need traffic. i read that backlinks are very important and i believe it because google ranking depend on backlinks. Now, how do i build them? any proffesional answers?
    by the way, heres the website url


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