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How to Draw Infinite Inspiration For Your Blog Posting, SEO style

Blog posting doesn’t sound like a terribly difficult task on it’s face — you have something you know about and love, and you write about it. Right? Well, to be honest, when you’ve had a blog for several weeks or months and you post on it daily (or even weekly), finding some new angle to write about can be a royal pain in the butt.

Now, wait — what does this have to do with SEO?

Glad you asked. This is one of those times when SEO techniques can help you in your non-SEO exploits. We don’t talk about this much, but it’s good to occasionally branch out a little. So here goes.

You’re probably familiar with backlink analysis tools — there’s a few popular ones out there. SEOMoz and SEOBook have good ones. You use them to look at all of the backlinks that are coming into a website. You can use it on your own website, but it’s generally a lot more profitable to use it on your competitor’s sites so that you can mimic their most effective backlinking strategies. They’re great tools for traditional website SEO geeks.

Here’s the trick for all your bloggers out there — you can snag a backlink analysis tool and use it on your competitor’s websites (or your own, in a pinch) and you’ll end up with a huge list of sources. Sites that are like yours, but have information and angles yours don’t.

A quick example. Let’s say you run a website about Victorian-era fashion designers and their most famous sketches. (Hey, it’s a niche market, what do you want?) You’ve been blogging about Charles Frederick Worth and Sons for the past few weeks, and you really need to get out of your rut.

You snag a backlink analysis tool and run it on your own website, looking for anyone who’s linked to you that you didn’t pay to do so. You find a guy at www.TheyHadNoFashionSense.com that’s been blogging about the absurdity of Maison E. Minangoy’s enormous bicep ruffles, and suddenly you realize he’s right! Rut broken, you join in mocking the dead Russian designer and make a new friend in the process.

47 thoughts on “How to Draw Infinite Inspiration For Your Blog Posting, SEO style”

  1. I have a blog and I’m looking to get more traffic. How can I repost my blog posts on other websites?

  2. I want to add an image to each of my blog posts. Not my blog, but just to the posts. What would the code be for that?

  3. OK, i created an account in blog spot, but i don’t know what to post about i wanted to post things a bout fashion but i don’t know if you guys have some ideas please tell me

  4. I have a blog & a Yahoo group. I want that wen I post to my blog my all groups members gets the mail? how it’s possible? what will I do? Can Any One help me?

  5. Hi there
    My problem is, that I want to submit a blog post. When I click on submit, my Browser loads only a white page with nothing inside, and eventually my post isn’t posted to the blog.
    I found other people experiencing that. They all had Anti Virus software block those sites. I turned off everything like anti virus or firewall, so that is not the problem.
    Any help will receive 10 points!!

  6. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    Can someone aid me in writing my first blog post. My blog will be mostly about general stuff but mostly include anime and game reviews etc.

  7. I have a blog and a facebook page. Now i want that every post I update on my blog should be followed by facebook share button plus there should be an automatic update on my page containing the link of my blog post(with the header of the post written). I use blogger as my blogging platform.

  8. In twitter it is said to be microblogging
    In facebook it is said to be posting status (posts)
    There are few forum website available and in social network websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly whats exactly is the difference between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

  9. In twitter it is said to be microblogging
    In facebook it is said to be posting status (posts)
    There are few forum website available and in social network websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly whats exactly is the difference between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

  10. I have started to keep a blog for my daughters, so that I could document all of their “baby” moments. I started the blog (blogger.com) in October and I have been also working backwards to try to post their past milestone/moments, etc. Does anyone know how I can change the posting order? Right now, they post as I finish them, but I am hoping to be able to “date” them and then post them in order according to the date it “happened” instead of the current date. Hopefully that makes sense…does anyone know if I can do that? Thanks!

  11. In twitter it is said to be microblogging
    In facebook it is said to be posting status (posts)
    There are few forum website available and in social network websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly whats exactly is the difference between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

  12. Where Can I find something where I can make it so people can register, post things, etc, kinda like a private blog, or digg.com kinda thing


  13. I have recently changed my Blog URL on Blogspot to something different, and have a question about Google. With my old URL which gathered an average 70 visits a day, I could search and find nearly every post I made. Now with my changed URL, but same exact blog, I have resubmitted it to Google, and can only find the homepage, and posts I have made in the past week since the blog was submitted. My question is, will Google crawl my blog and eventually index all of my 700+ previous posts making them available to search for, or will only my new posts be indexed?

    If it helps, my old URL was alakalaka99.blogspot.com , and the new one is http://macksimumrage.blogspot.com

  14. I wanted to blog Kangalu mathematics discoveries and found difficulties in posting images to the blog from http// 2007(1)doc

  15. When someone has posted a blog, what do “kudos” mean?
    I don’t understand if it’s something good or bad.

  16. mal_functiongeo


    ive wrote blogs before, but have never promoted them for others to read.
    i recently moved to blogspot to blog this week and love writing in it.

    i love my new blogspot home and my posts.

    but when you skim through my posts, does it catch your eye?
    do you like what you see??
    what about the whole site you do an don’t like??

    i know my topic CAN be quirky, but that’s just how I am.

    thanks for constructive critiques!
    (and I know it’s in the wrong catergory)
    it has a little bit of everything in it.
    fashion…piercings…Gullah Gullah Island!
    don’t be a killjoy!
    check it out and tell me how it is!

  17. I made a blog and I’d be thrilled if you checked it out at lillielillielillielillielillielillie.blogspot.com just copy/paste but ya i only have like 6 posts and my old blog had over 30 and im coming to a like a “brain fart” so help with any thoughts that are amusing and would be fun to read and write about and become a follower of my blog thx babye<333

  18. OKkkkkkk…Here is my question, I opened my yahoo 360 page a few days ago, I have been posting blogs posts and it has done nothing but muck about…i.e. double posting and comment boxes with no posts…I have deleted my blog posts now BUT the highlighted posts are still showing in the side bar and when I click on them a blank comment box shows.

    Can someone out there PLEASE tell me how to clear it or anything that will fix this…I have contacted the yahoo 360 help team but as usual they are as SLOooooowwwww as Yahell it self.

    Can someone PLEASE help.

  19. I lost my old blog account for awhile.So i went for a new blog.Now my friend revived my blog and all my blog posts are still there.How to import the posts and post on my new blog under old dates.P.s I dont have the blogger account.i only have the posts.

  20. Okay, so I’ve got a self-hosted wordpress blog over here:


    One thing that I wonder about is Google. I ping all my posts, to a lot of ping services. I also use ping-o-matic, so don’t worry about telling me to ping services. When I digg my latest blog posts at digg.com, it shows up at Google the next day. The thing I’m wondering about right now is the whole blog. I’ve got about 300 posts in it, but only 4 of them show up in Google. The 4 posts that I’ve “digged”.

    Is there anyway I could get the rest of the blog posts indexed by Google? They contain very valuable information.

  21. I have recently begun uploading photos for my blog (www.unlimitedbyjk.com) onto Flickr to then embed into my blog posts. Before, I simply uploaded photos straight onto Blogger, and Facebook links would preview a thumbnail of each blog post’s first image. But now, the only thumbnail that is available to me is my blog header. I have already paid for Flickr, so I would rather not go back to uploading straight onto Blogger. Any advice/solutions?

  22. How can i post images within my blog posts. I’m using blogger and whenever i click on upload image link it starts uploading image but doesn’t get displayed anywhere, so anybody has any idea how to go about displaying images in blog posts?

  23. I have had many reports from friends that the last entry on my 360 blog they can access is one I posted a month ago, but it varies, as others are able to post comments. It only seems to affect around half of my friends. I have 35 friends in total. Who do I e-mail as it is clearly a Yahoo! related issue? Can someone PLEASE send me the correct link. Thanks. Have Fun…x
    This is 30 plus blogs my friends are unable to access, but not ALL of them. Strange! Why?

  24. I want to separate 3 latest posts in 3 different divs. The latest post will be appeared on top of page. Two latest post (2nd & 3rd latest) will be placed below, on right and left div). Anyone can help me how to do that?
    opps, i guess i did not explain clearly.
    if anyone can help me, can tell me the html on how to put differen day’s blog post on a different box.
    eg. the recent’s post is on top in one box. then followed on by other posts in each of their own box.
    thank you so much.

  25. How to easily Copy my blog posts to my new vbulletin forum?

    i just need an easiest way kindly just tell me….
    how to post it automatically through rss feed?

    If the blog you are posting on is your own you might be able to automatically post via RSS feed from your wordpress site. If not then go up to the URL when you are on your blog post and and copy that full address. Paste it exactly as you copied and it will provide a hyperlink to your blog. If you want you can actually copy and paste the entire blog as well.
    The above Reply

  26. First, I thought “Twitter”, right? Well it’s just not really what I’m looking for.

    I need a website where I can upload images directly from my computer, and post it like a thread post; Then people can comment on this blog/thread-like post below.

    Another thing that’s really important is that I can make, like, tabs– “Home”, “Artwork”, “Videos”, “Daily Blog”, etc.

    I have tried google, and apparently there are a lot of websites where you can make your own page, but I can’t be too accurate with the google search as much as I want to be.

  27. I want to make my WordPress blog to do the following:

    *Blog post entry’s title redirect to an external URL.
    *A separate icon that direct to the internal blog post’s permalink.

    It’s kind of like how Link Posts in Tumblr works. When you click the title, it directs you to an external webpage. But there’s another another icon that directs you to the entry’s own permalink.

    Currently, I can make title & icon all redirect externally or both direct internally. So my question is, how do you make each (title & icon) direct to different URLs.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  28. When I put them in all I get is a blank yellow video box when the blog posts, but I’ve seen others that are still able to show the content.
    What gives?
    I know about checking and unchecking the HTML box when preparing the post, so its something else.

  29. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    Basically I would like to know the steps to provide a link to other people’s 360 blogs or to individual blog posts, or even web sites, etc. I would like to be able to direct readers of my 360 to other people’s blogs/posts to share areas of interest.

  30. How do search engines view pay per blog posting, where you pay somebody to write about and link your website in their blog?

  31. I composed a blog and then pressed preview. when i previewed it i found some typos so i pressed “edit”. but after pressing edit i was taken to the “blog settings”, i tried pressing save and continue to recover the blog that i typed but cant find it anymore. so i composed another one. this time i did not preview it anymore for fear of losing it so i pressed “post this blog” and then i was again reverted to the blog settings page! and i cant find and recover my new blogs! what am i doing wrong? help please?

  32. I use a blgspot blog. My question is, when you type the content of your post and it is extemely long, I have seen some blogs cut off the post and allow the user to click a link to see the entire post. This would save space and is really practical, but I have no idea how to do it…Thanks, if what I am saying makes no sense, sorry.

  33. What site can i share my blog posts?(digg etc. anybody see links,posts)
    i want to share more people my writings
    or we create comunnity blog on yahoo groups;)
    what is your ideas?
    i want to add post and get more traffic
    example xxx facebook groups can i share my links…

    thanks/respect with all
    i want to add post and get more traffic
    example xxx facebook groups can i share my links…

    thanks/respect with all
    i want to add post and get more traffic
    example xxx facebook groups can i share my links…

    thanks/respect with all

  34. I want to include footnotes in a blog post, but I am 100% positive it’s impossible to format superscript or subscript letters or numbers in the application I’m using. There’s no way around this.

    How can I format the footnotes? For instance, should I do something like this? (1) Or should I do something else, possibly like this [2] or something else?

    I don’t know what the established format is, when you can’t use superscript or subscript numerals or characters.

    1. Does this work?

    [2] Is this better?

    Thank you!

  35. I have a blog on blogger.com and I wanted to know how you make it so that only a portion of the post is showing…you know, so you have to click on a link to see the whole post.

  36. I posted a blog entry about a week ago with no problems. Now, I can compose a blog entry but when I try to actually post it, nothing (or sometimes only the title) is there. I tried several times and got pretty much the same result each time. Sometimes it would allow me to post a single paragraph but when I tried to post the entire blog entry it still wouldn’t work. This has been going on for the past couple of days.

    Also, navigating around my 360 site is SUPER SLOW. It takes forever to bring up different pages (I only have this problem on 360).

    Anyone have any ideas?

  37. I have a blog, but I don’t know what to do for a first post. I did an inaugural post, and now I can’t think of anything. Any ideas?
    It’s supposed to be about music, art, opinions, somewhat fashion, rants, whatever really. 🙂

  38. MentallyCryppled

    In twitter it is said to be microblogging
    In facebook it is said to be posting status (posts)
    There are few forum website available and in social network websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly whats exactly is the difference between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

  39. Hi every one, I am having a blog in which I compose and publish my own poetry. My doubt is that if somebody ever happen to steal my poetry from my blog and use it commercially for his benefit, then can I make a legal claim by citing the date when originally that poetry was published by me on my blog.
    Will courts accept the date my poetry was published on my blog as an evidence? or they accept only if such Literary works are published in some books or magazines as an authentic proof? Pls. answer…..

  40. Since 2009, I have been running my blog, which has become popular. The only problem is I started with WordPress.com, moved over to Blogger, and now have a self-hosted WordPress blog. I would love to have all of my content on the self-hosted WordPress blog, but I want it to show up properly. On the new hosted blog, I have 50 posts already that I want to remain on the front pages. I would like to import all the posts from the other blogs over with the images and embeds properly showing up. I am virtually a one-man team, could anyone please help me accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?

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