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Custom Blog Creation: If You Dont Have It, You Need It

There are two kinds of successful blogs. The first is the ‘organic’ success kind — those rare but insightful blogs that went from zero to popular and high-traffic because they were just genuinely entertaining and insightful to their audience such as FAILblog, LifeHacker, Gizmodo.ou, etc. are known to be the best because they are the best. Far more common, however, are the blogs that make it because of a careful combination of pre-planning and perfect execution.

The pre-planning comes in the form of custom blog creation, usually curated by an SEO expert. A properly customized blog performs a significant amount of SEO all by itself as a simple virtue of how it deals with categories, tags, titles, and other fundamental information. When optimized correctly, this also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry or niche, and can help you to build credibility and trust with your readers.

The execution comes in when the blogger using the customized blog has a decent list of keywords to target, and can work those keywords into the natural English flow of their posts without forcing the issue. It’s always possible. Even if your keyword is something utterly unnatural, it can be done by someone with enough command of the English language. take, for example, “car glass window tinting in Los Angeles” — you can easily run that across multiple sentences with a line like “Got a problem with people peeing through your car glass’ window tinting? In Los Angeles, several dozen shops would love you help you darken your glass tinting in under an hour.”

Having a custom blog also allows you to have full control over the design and functionality of your site, enabling you to create a unique and personalized online presence. This can be particularly important for businesses, as it helps to differentiate you from your competitors and can contribute to a more professional image.

It’s not difficult to learn the basic rules of SEO in blog posting. They can be summed up in just a few points:

  • Punctuation doesn’t matter to Google’s reading of your keyword. As long as the words are in the right order, you can do anything you like to force them to make sense in context.
  • You don’t want any given keyword to appear more than about once every 150 words, or 200 if it’s a longer keyword.
  • You can work as many different keywords as you like into a post as long as it makes sense and you follow the first two rules.
  • User-friendliness is more important than keywords. If using a keyword strains the limits of English or is otherwise more confusing than not using a keyword, don’t use the keyword.

This also enables you to easily integrate your blog with other parts of your website and social media channels. This can help you build a strong online presence and reach a wider audience. In addition to these benefits, a custom blog can also help you establish your authority and expertise in your industry. By consistently publishing high-quality content on your blog, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and attract potential customers or clients.

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Overall, a custom blog can be a valuable addition to any website, helping you attract and engage with your target audience, build your online presence, and establish your expertise in your industry. Creating a custom blog can be a valuable investment in the success of your business or personal brand. It provides a platform for you to share your ideas and expertise, helps you to establish credibility and trust with your audience, and can drive traffic to your website.

Get yourself a custom-crafted SEO-ready blog and master those simple rules of keyword placement, and you’re well on your way to turning your blog into a top-tier business driving tool.

35 thoughts on “Custom Blog Creation: If You Dont Have It, You Need It”

  1. norrin_shadowwolf

    To make something good it has to be simple not complex.

    Why couldn’t a programming language be something like that when you want a black menu bar at the top of the page then the code would be for example:

    position: {0,0}
    background color: #000
    font color: #fff
    font: “Times New Roman”
    width: 100%
    height: 1 pxl

    I’ve been learning programming languages from since I was 13 and now I’m 14. They are not difficult but they could be a heck lot easier. How is each sentence created there? It’s what we want to happen, and it has been written in plain English. Then we have to figure out how to express what we want to happen in the code. But people make it too complex and make it readable to only more clever people, it’s like they want to hide it and make it special? Why all that? If it was in normal English it should stay in the same level of ease.

    Between, I was born in Estonia, I’ve been living in Estonia for 14 years and I find this language very very difficult and I still make too many mistakes. I could say my English vocabulary is even bigger than my own native language vocabulary. It’s all about reading. Because I read a lot in English and I don’t read anything at all in Estonian. I’m better in/at English and not so good in/at Estonian.

  2. I have a blog, but I don’t know what to do for a first post. I did an inaugural post, and now I can’t think of anything. Any ideas?
    It’s supposed to be about music, art, opinions, somewhat fashion, rants, whatever really. 🙂

  3. i wanna cosplay him from resident evil 5…what should i need?…what stuff should i get?…please answer my question…i need advice…if your going to say that i cant or that its copyright or any other stuff like that…dont answer…thanks

  4. First, I thought “Twitter”, right? Well it’s just not really what I’m looking for.

    I need a website where I can upload images directly from my computer, and post it like a thread post; Then people can comment on this blog/thread-like post below.

    Another thing that’s really important is that I can make, like, tabs– “Home”, “Artwork”, “Videos”, “Daily Blog”, etc.

    I have tried google, and apparently there are a lot of websites where you can make your own page, but I can’t be too accurate with the google search as much as I want to be.

  5. My offense is stagnant…I usually get the ball stripped off me in the last third of the pitch…and rarely get a quality shot off. I like to use through passes. On defense the other guy passes me to death and finds so many holes in my defense I feel silly…Any help would be much appreciated, I am level 7 in multiplayer, which is where I want to improve at. Thanks, Have a great day!

  6. timq3dimensionscom

    ya no how on picnik.com how u can go to the part and make ur skin clear and look really good ?? i want more sites like that for free online and u dont have to download. and how u can change eye color but u have to pay for that on picnik.com so list as much as possible plz.


  7. Ive made a blog for selling cane machines ,
    I put the first pics on the first post ,
    Then on the 2nd post i put more but they come up at the top . so the whole things not right.
    Is there a setting to make the first post stay at the top and the 2nd at the 2nd etc etc.

  8. Where Can I find something where I can make it so people can register, post things, etc, kinda like a private blog, or digg.com kinda thing


  9. I lost my old blog account for awhile.So i went for a new blog.Now my friend revived my blog and all my blog posts are still there.How to import the posts and post on my new blog under old dates.P.s I dont have the blogger account.i only have the posts.

  10. I wanted to blog Kangalu mathematics discoveries and found difficulties in posting images to the blog from http// 2007(1)doc

  11. I have started to keep a blog for my daughters, so that I could document all of their “baby” moments. I started the blog (blogger.com) in October and I have been also working backwards to try to post their past milestone/moments, etc. Does anyone know how I can change the posting order? Right now, they post as I finish them, but I am hoping to be able to “date” them and then post them in order according to the date it “happened” instead of the current date. Hopefully that makes sense…does anyone know if I can do that? Thanks!

  12. In the past, Google would pick up my new blog posts within 2-3 hours.

    I would write 5-10 new blogs posts daily and most of them will be indexed in Google within 2-3 hours.

    However, none of my new blog posts since Thursday have been indexed into Google. According to Google WebMaster Tools, the Googlebot still visits my SiteMap and has updated the # of posts I have on my blog, but has not added any new blog posts to the search engine.

    Why would the Googlebot visit my Site Map every 3 hours still, but not add any additional posts to their search engine?

    Some say it is the Google Dance…..What is the Google Dance and how does the Google Dance relate to my issue?

    Thank you

  13. Basically I would like to know the steps to provide a link to other people’s 360 blogs or to individual blog posts, or even web sites, etc. I would like to be able to direct readers of my 360 to other people’s blogs/posts to share areas of interest.

  14. In twitter it is said to be microblogging
    In facebook it is said to be posting status (posts)
    There are few forum website available and in social network websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly whats exactly is the difference between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

  15. How can i post images within my blog posts. I’m using blogger and whenever i click on upload image link it starts uploading image but doesn’t get displayed anywhere, so anybody has any idea how to go about displaying images in blog posts?

  16. I posted a blog entry about a week ago with no problems. Now, I can compose a blog entry but when I try to actually post it, nothing (or sometimes only the title) is there. I tried several times and got pretty much the same result each time. Sometimes it would allow me to post a single paragraph but when I tried to post the entire blog entry it still wouldn’t work. This has been going on for the past couple of days.

    Also, navigating around my 360 site is SUPER SLOW. It takes forever to bring up different pages (I only have this problem on 360).

    Anyone have any ideas?

  17. In twitter it is said to be microblogging
    In facebook it is said to be posting status (posts)
    There are few forum website available and in social network websites also we finds forums.

    So mainly whats exactly is the difference between blogs, microblogs, posts & forums?

  18. Hey guys,
    I posted a blog on my page recently, and when i clicked on finished or saved. it brought up a blog i done weeks ago!.. andnot the one that i just done!. Now this happened before, but i dont remember if it worked out. Will the blog that I have done just now pop up? or is yahoo just gone bazerk again? heh


  19. I have had many reports from friends that the last entry on my 360 blog they can access is one I posted a month ago, but it varies, as others are able to post comments. It only seems to affect around half of my friends. I have 35 friends in total. Who do I e-mail as it is clearly a Yahoo! related issue? Can someone PLEASE send me the correct link. Thanks. Have Fun…x
    This is 30 plus blogs my friends are unable to access, but not ALL of them. Strange! Why?

  20. Hi there
    My problem is, that I want to submit a blog post. When I click on submit, my Browser loads only a white page with nothing inside, and eventually my post isn’t posted to the blog.
    I found other people experiencing that. They all had Anti Virus software block those sites. I turned off everything like anti virus or firewall, so that is not the problem.
    Any help will receive 10 points!!

  21. I have a blog and a facebook page. Now i want that every post I update on my blog should be followed by facebook share button plus there should be an automatic update on my page containing the link of my blog post(with the header of the post written). I use blogger as my blogging platform.

  22. Can someone aid me in writing my first blog post. My blog will be mostly about general stuff but mostly include anime and game reviews etc.

  23. OK, i created an account in blog spot, but i don’t know what to post about i wanted to post things a bout fashion but i don’t know if you guys have some ideas please tell me

  24. When I put them in all I get is a blank yellow video box when the blog posts, but I’ve seen others that are still able to show the content.
    What gives?
    I know about checking and unchecking the HTML box when preparing the post, so its something else.

  25. I want to separate 3 latest posts in 3 different divs. The latest post will be appeared on top of page. Two latest post (2nd & 3rd latest) will be placed below, on right and left div). Anyone can help me how to do that?
    opps, i guess i did not explain clearly.
    if anyone can help me, can tell me the html on how to put differen day’s blog post on a different box.
    eg. the recent’s post is on top in one box. then followed on by other posts in each of their own box.
    thank you so much.

  26. Okay, so I’ve got a self-hosted wordpress blog over here:


    One thing that I wonder about is Google. I ping all my posts, to a lot of ping services. I also use ping-o-matic, so don’t worry about telling me to ping services. When I digg my latest blog posts at digg.com, it shows up at Google the next day. The thing I’m wondering about right now is the whole blog. I’ve got about 300 posts in it, but only 4 of them show up in Google. The 4 posts that I’ve “digged”.

    Is there anyway I could get the rest of the blog posts indexed by Google? They contain very valuable information.

  27. I want to make my WordPress blog to do the following:

    *Blog post entry’s title redirect to an external URL.
    *A separate icon that direct to the internal blog post’s permalink.

    It’s kind of like how Link Posts in Tumblr works. When you click the title, it directs you to an external webpage. But there’s another another icon that directs you to the entry’s own permalink.

    Currently, I can make title & icon all redirect externally or both direct internally. So my question is, how do you make each (title & icon) direct to different URLs.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  28. EzioAuditore1459

    I have a blog on blogger.com and I wanted to know how you make it so that only a portion of the post is showing…you know, so you have to click on a link to see the whole post.

  29. I made a blog and I’d be thrilled if you checked it out at lillielillielillielillielillielillie.blogspot.com just copy/paste but ya i only have like 6 posts and my old blog had over 30 and im coming to a like a “brain fart” so help with any thoughts that are amusing and would be fun to read and write about and become a follower of my blog thx babye<333

  30. What site can i share my blog posts?(digg etc. anybody see links,posts)
    i want to share more people my writings
    or we create comunnity blog on yahoo groups;)
    what is your ideas?
    i want to add post and get more traffic
    example xxx facebook groups can i share my links…

    thanks/respect with all
    i want to add post and get more traffic
    example xxx facebook groups can i share my links…

    thanks/respect with all
    i want to add post and get more traffic
    example xxx facebook groups can i share my links…

    thanks/respect with all

  31. I have recently begun uploading photos for my blog (www.unlimitedbyjk.com) onto Flickr to then embed into my blog posts. Before, I simply uploaded photos straight onto Blogger, and Facebook links would preview a thumbnail of each blog post’s first image. But now, the only thumbnail that is available to me is my blog header. I have already paid for Flickr, so I would rather not go back to uploading straight onto Blogger. Any advice/solutions?

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