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Who Else Wants Affordable SEO?

Affordable SEO is one of those services that’s kind of like a holy grail: lots of people pursue it, but most of them (and lots of people that don’t bother) think it doesn’t actually exist. That’s because of almost anything you could buy in this world, SEO seems set up to cause buyer’s remorse. You pay for it, you don’t really see much — maybe a summary of activity from your SEO company — and when the results do come, there’s nothing really concrete that you can attach them to.

Would you have ranked without that last month of SEO? Was it really necessary? If you don’t pay for it next month, will you slip off the first page? The entire world of SEO is nebulous and abstract to a webmaster, and that makes it very hard to know what SEO services are ‘affordable’.

The succinct answer is this: if you can make more at the end of the year by paying for SEO services than you would have without them, they were affordable. Ironically, that means that two more-or-less identical people can purchase the same SEO services at the same price — and it will be affordable for one guy and not the other. The first guy will buy the SEO, work his butt off making killer content for his site, and monetize it to hell and back. The second guy might miss out on one or both of those steps, and end the year making less than he spent on his website’s SEO.

In the end, it’s really up to you. Do the research and get the best price you can for a company to build you a natural link profile and do your on-site SEO. Then, commit to your website’s success, and push it. The more you put into your site, the more you will make from the traffic that the SEO company drives your way.

To paraphrase an old maxim: laugh maniacally with the rush of victory, and the world laughs with you. Sulk in the corner because you didn’t crush it, and you sulk alone.

34 thoughts on “Who Else Wants Affordable SEO?”

  1. I own a fast food restruant and want to make a website that will include its location, ordering information, and the menu. where can i make a good website that is leagal at? money is really not that much of an issue as long as it is not over $200 for set up and $50 a month.

    thank you

  2. I run an online resume writing service and am in need of some new marketing ideas. I have been offered positions at 3 of the leading resume writing companies, so I know that if I can just get people to buy my service that I can deliver a great product. I need some new ways of attracting potential customers, whether online, print in my main city or really anything else. Thanks.

  3. How can I mass market a product to consumers? what is the best way and most affordable way? I know of kijiji ads, facebook ads… what else?

    Also, what is the best way to capture leads (emails, names, etc)?

    Can I buy twitter postings (a company with a big following sells posts on their account to their large following)?

    Does anyone know of any legitimate email marketing companies? Ones that have their own lists and send out emails for you?


  4. I’m looking to start a small business online as a copyediting consultant – I’ll be doing projects for other companies editing their ad copy, web content, etc. on a contract basis; and I’ll be editing any other documents that individuals might have, including resumes and the like.

    I want to do this under a business name rather than my own name, so I know I’ll have to file a DBA, but how would I go about that?

    Because I have no idea how far my business will go, I want to start small. Has anyone else done a similar business venture in which startup costs are rather affordable? I’d like to hear experiences from consultants in any field who do business either mainly or entirely online.

    One concern I have is networking: did you do unpaid internships to establish business contacts and expand your resume and portfolio, or did you do freelance projects? Any ideas on how to go about this consulting venture would be appreciated!

    Thanks for any advice and insight.

  5. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Hi, I have a website that I submitted to Google, and it is on there fine, but I want it on a specific search, or less specific if you know what I mean. My site is for a B&B in Bury St Edmunds, and I want it to come up when you type that into Google, “B&B bury St Edmunds” however, it only comes up if I type in specifically, “Northbury House” which is the name of the B&B. How do I get it so that it comes up when I put in “B&B Bury St Edmunds”?
    What is meant by Meta Tags?

  6. I am a neophyte in the business world. My furniture business has just recently opened. I make customized furniture such as beds, dining tables, chairs and living room furniture. I want to attract many clients such as bar owners, restaurant owners, parlor owners, hotel operators and even housewives. However, I don’t have sufficient funds to pay for the advertising agencies. With a limited budget, what can be the best way to advertise my furniture business?

  7. I think that my web designer may have the rights to my website but not sure. I didn’t know anything about it 2 years ago when I first started.
    We got in an arguement once, and I said something about not wanting to get stuck with one designer, and she made a comment that I was stuck. After taking a class on SEO, I wonder if she has rights.
    I’m thinking of adding a blog and more video. I don’t want to do these things if she owns my site. Whenever I ask her this question, I don’t want to damage our relationship. How can I ask for my back up files without it seeming like I’m firing her? What if she says she owns the site? How do you respond to something like that? I certainly don’t want to expand my site if she owns it. Thanks.

  8. I have an idea for a type of service for students and people who dont really know what to do with their lives. I’ve gone through that phase and there isnt much out there to help. I would like to start a site-it would have a number of pages (about 100) what would it cost to start something like that? and people would be able to add, comment write on the site as they wish. like wikepedia-constantly updated by the visitors.
    how much would this cost?

  9. I want my site to be advertised in online classifieds. Some SEO companies say they will put me in at least 50,000 places. Is this for real? How can I check to see if they did this?

  10. I am currently looking for an SEO developer for my website. I recently just hired one based in India (which I found through elance.com), about 8 months ago. He was able to do onpage optimization and create 150 inbound links to my site, along with other SEO works such as article submission, directory submission.

    The problem is that the 150 inbound links were mostly PR0, PR1, and sometimes PR2. They were somewhat irrelevant to my niche market.

    I started with about a top 10-12 position with my main keyword, and now I am in the top 8-9 position. Not really that impressive in my opinion.

    Anyways, Ive been doing research online for SEO developers, and I stumbled upon this site called www(dot)internet(dash)empire(dot)com.

    I emailed them for a quotation and the person I am speaking with is very professional and great to speak with. It is a company based in Singapore. You can check their website.

    The guarantee he has is that he will guarantee me at the top 3 positions for 5 of my main keywords (I choose the big main keywords I have), or my money-back, full refund. This will be done in 6 months or less, and I will pay him the remaining 50% as the 5 keywords reach the top 3 position.

    The price is $2,500 USD.

    I wanted to ask the opinions here at Warrior Forum before I move forward with this. I believe that $2,500 is a little heavy on my end, but if it would mean getting the top 3 positions on Google.com for my top 5 keywords, this would be a wonderful deal.

    Thanks in advance for your inputs!

  11. I have two small niche websites that I really want to raise their search engine ranking. My budget is pretty low, but I don’t want to get negative results with some blackhat garbage.

    Can anybody recommend someone to me?
    Here’s the term I want to rank for.


    Can you give me a quote for that?

  12. In high school I was told to NOT make much noise on the internet. But these days the direct opposite is being said and done through facebook, twitter, linkedin… etc. People say that these are our resources these days but I’m not seeing Twitter or facebook really bringing up any real local jobs… and Linked in has a total of 5 jobs in my local area posted for ANY random job.

    I was also taught to go in to each business I’d like to work with one by one and ask if they’re hiring. I tend to get a lot of “I don’t know’s” from managers and all the applications are done online. And it tends to just be a waste of gas money when I’m out of a job.

    So I’m left at a loss at what businesses are actually hiring in the first place. I suppose I could just pop onto Google Maps and drive around all the nearby towns in street view and look at all the businesses and think “Hmmm… maybe they’re hiring” and pop onto their website and see what my chances are. But that seems counter productive too.

    Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and pretty much any other job board is completely littered with nothing but one scam after another. And what legit jobs that are posted there… it seems like they’re all jobs that demand far more experience or college than I have — and even if I went to college, I’m not sure if that’d really help. It doesn’t seem to help anyone I’ve ever seen. And the most that I’ve ever gotten from places like Monster.com is the military and colleges calling me up because you’re forced to fill out military adds and college surveys in order to JUST fill out an application. Either way, you walk away from these job boards getting spammed or scammed.

    What is the real genuinely effective way of getting a job these days? To know WHO is hiring and WHAT jobs you qualify for and where you should and should not apply?

  13. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I am interested in mobile marketing subject and want to do my dissertation (thesis) on it. However I cannot decide on a possible research question to address in my research. Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

  14. I want to find a good company which can do SEO well.
    Keywords as below:
    wholesale shoes
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    requirements: in the first page on Google.com after SEO.

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  16. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I have my own website about selling coffee, and I need help promoting my website. What good SEO company can help me?

  17. I am wanting to start up a webstore selling products. I am very good at creating websites but have never really dabbled with search engine optimizing (SEO’ing) them, and if I were to create a store I think it would be vital to make it optimized for search engines. Also, I have never included a shopping cart on any of my websites apart from a paypal cart, which is very simple to include. I was wondering what books/software I should read to learn to SEO my website effectively and learn to advertise it on the net etc?

  18. Where can i find Freelance Seo Philippines | Search Engine Marketer?

    affordable seo in the philippines

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    I want some websites which provides latest seo tips & updates to help to promote my websites in search engine ranking .

  20. Hi, I’m planning to sell some stuffs online & for that I need a development company who can develop my website and make some market online. My budget is below 7K, please suggest me some good companies?

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