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Using Forum Posting To Build Backlinks

One thing that many internet businesses have problems with is getting traffic to their site. It is important to get your name out in as many ways as possible. Backlinks are a great way to spread the word about your business.

There are many ways to build backlinks, but one effective way is using forum posting to build backlinks.

Forum signature tags is the best way to build backlinks through forum posting. Forums allow you to have signatures that display at the bottom of every post.

By placing a hyperlink and a little bit of information about your website in your signature you are creating backlinks on every post. If your posts in the forum catch the interest of someone there is a chance they will click on the hyperlink in your signature and you have effectively created traffic to your site.

Of course, the key to this strategy is that you are a regular member in forums on the internet. If you are already a regular poster on a forum you can begin to implement this strategy to begin building traffic to your site. However, if you are not a member of any forums, find one that interests you and relates to your website and join. Then you too can also use the forum posting backlink method.

Most forums will allow you to create a signature tag line to your posts, and you can find this in their member’s area and you will have the ability to add and edit forum signatures in this section. So what should you place in your signature? Your signature should have your real name, a hyperlink URL to your website, and a brief description of the service or product you are offer.

Below are what a few good signature styles look like:

Your Name “Product or service description, keep under 10 words” http://www.website.com


Your Name “Product or service description, keep under 10 words”

Instead of a URL you simply make the description the hyperlink to your site. Once you have your signature completed it is time to get into the forum and begin posting.

It is important that you make your posts polite, friendly, intelligent, and ultimately helpful. If you can do these things in your posts people will be more inclined to visit your site. You will begin to build friendships and earn trust with people which will make them feel safe doing business with you.

There are many ways to get backlinks to your website, but this strategy is useful and effective. You can promote your business and show yourself as knowledgeable in the field by posting in forums with a signature about your business. So, why are you not using forum posting to build backlinks?

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