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Two Tricks to Improving Conversions: Priming Words and a Web Presenter

Sometimes, SEO isn’t enough — you can have mountains of traffic, and if your website simply isn’t able to turn that traffic into buyers, you need to stop focusing on SEO and worry for a while about your conversion rate. There are several tricks websmasters use to improve conversions — from targeted Email marketing gimmicks to flash banners — but two of them work on a different, more fundamental level than all the rest. The best part is that the two can be used together.

Priming Words
Like it or not, science has proven that the human mind works in large part on a subconscious level. Researchers have been able to prove that introducing a set of words that all relate to a given topic, even out of context, cause the people hearing or reading those words to start subconsciously thinking about that topic. Here’s an example:

Jerry Florida was worried. It was a gray day out, and he was wondering how lonely his morning jog would be. He usually jogged alongside a few of his neighbors, but the threat of rain might make them “forgetful” of their morning ritual. Looking around his apartment, his eyes hit upon his old treadmill, now a place to hang his freshly-worn clothes before they were washed. Bingo! He’d get his morning jog despite the possible moisture, and catch Regis at the same time.

Believe it or not, right now on a subconscious level, you’re probably thinking about what it will be like to get old. Huh? Check out the priming words hidden in that little story:
old, Regis, worried, Florida, lonely, gray, bingo, forgetful
Scientists have shown us that after reading a story like that, people will walk more slowly, think less clearly, and even be slightly more fatalistic than they were before they read it.

Consider that the next time you start writing your website copy. How can you use the power of subconscious priming to get your audience thinking about the problem that YOUR product or service solves?

Web Presenters
A Web Presenter is simply a pop-up video of a person. They are generated dynamically on the surfer’s screen so that they follow the reader as they scroll. They offer your website the opportunity to have a “face” and a “voice” that are human, and thus hard to ignore. 90% of communication is non-verbal, and a Web Presenter brings most of that 90% back to the table. In short, a website with a Web Presenter will appeal on a fundamental level that a text-and-pictures website simply can’t.

Consider the opportunity that a Web Presenter gives you — not only can you add that extra layer of communication to your website, but you can have the Web Presenter deliver the priming words in a voice that the reader can’t easily skip over. That’s some top-tier converting power!

29 thoughts on “Two Tricks to Improving Conversions: Priming Words and a Web Presenter”

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    Last night I had a dream that we were in a book shop and we were both ignoring each other while pretending to browse, while we both knew that the other was there. Eventually I walked up to the shelf and pretended to look for anything by Tolstoy. Eventually we both looked at each other and sat down right in front of the shelf where she rested her head on my shoulder. After a few seconds of weird dream talk, she lied down on the floor and we both started to french kiss, which is as far as the dream went before I woke up.
    What could this mean? I used to love this girl until after I blew it. Several months after, I started to have dreams about her, and this is the most vivid one yet.

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    Was this a lucid dream? Is it possible to continue this dream the next time I fall asleep? The dreams felt real, and I don’t remember falling asleep to have these dreams. The most I can tell you is that I was lying on my bed, then the dream started.

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  15. Firstly, I am aware that everyone is going to point out every mistake I make in this question BUT do you ever get depressed about just how badly people spell, punctuate etc. nowadays? Such cavalier use of the comma!

    I would really like to know why people think this is, or to people who do find themselves doing it, why do you do it?
    I do believe in text language, but for text messages! It was invented to save money! Characters cost but not online!
    All very good points about the accuracy of expression as opposed to accuracy of spelling and grammar, but I do tend to find that each goes hand in hand with the other. Poor spelling and punctuation with poor expression. Grammar I don’t mind so much, I can get over spelling quite easily, but punctuation is all.


    Albert, I’m leaving you. Dinner on the table.

    Albert, I’m leaving you dinner on the table.

    Poor example I know but you catch my drift
    I don’t recall ever saying that it makes you a bad person, I simply ask why people think it happens and does it upset them?

  16. Last night I had a really important dream and I really want to know, what’s the meaning of it. Now before I go into detail I suppose I should give background information.

    So I had a teacher this year, and he wasn’t just a teacher he was someone very important to me, I got bullied and ignored a lot but this teacher was very kind, and always complementing me, telling me to keep writing, and at one point told me I remind him of his daughter. He has a special place in my heart and feels like a father figure to me. BUT he switched to another school, and I will never see him again which gets me very upset.

    Since I’m very upset about this I keep thinking of him, almost crying and last night I had a dream of him. I was in my school, back from summer break and he was there. So I run up to him and say hi, and we hug. He then tells me he has something very important to tell me. So just when he said that everything became dark and I woke up.

    Please tell me what this dream means, I dearly miss him.

  17. About a year or so ago, I had a dream where I was at (a variation of) my uncles house. It seemed normal, like do most dreams; But then I was alerted to the fact that it was in fact a dream. Not in an obvious way, like a dead relative walking around or something to that extent; it was the fact that I was making eggs, and the night prior I had made a mental note that I was out of eggs and would have to get more the next day. The second I said, “I’m in a dream” In my dream everything turned to a night/dark sort of place. Originally it was sunny outside the house, now it was dark, not like night time dark, but like there was nothing outside the house. I also felt like there was a thunder or lightning storm outside, I couldn’t hear or see anything that would have made me think that yet I still felt as if there in fact was one outside, while still feeling like their was nothing outside… I find it hard to explain to say the least. On top of the whole outside business everything became tinted purple, and I felt fear, deep fear, like something bad was there to get me. I made my way up stairs into a bedroom, then could no longer move. As well as not being able to move I found it hard to see, like there was something in front of my face blocking my view, even though there wasn’t, and I couldn’t talk, I opened my mouth but as hard as I tired nothing came out.
    I know there was more to it as I wrote it down the second I woke up in my dream journal. But I couldn’t remember what happened next; I remembered that something had happened after I just couldn’t remember what. After that I found I could no longer sleep without the help of pills; I wasn’t afraid to go to sleep, I just couldn’t I would lie there for hours tired unable to fall asleep. Even today a couple years later I still need pills, I must up the dosage then eventually change the brand and repeat as after a while they loose their affect. Its become so bad that some days I don’t fall asleep at all. Something I forgot to mention is that when I sleep I can’t remember what I dreamed, I used to keep a dream journal next to my bed writing them down each day, now nothing.
    Moving on, on January 19th of this year I finally had a dream, that I remembered at least. (this was just over a year/ year and a half after the first dream that started the whole thing.) In this dream I met a girl, actually I knew her in the dream; I’m not sure if we were boyfriend girlfriend, or married, I just knew that I loved her and she loved me. In that dream I felt an emotion that I had never felt before. I thought that I had felt love before but this dream changed my whole perspective, every part of that girl filled me with joy, her smell, her touch. When I woke up and realized it was a dream, I cried, (which is something I don’t often do) for a long time as if she had died. I became convinced that she is real (still am) as I don’t believe such emotion could come from something that had never existed, especially considering it was an emotion I had never experienced. My quest to find her though still hasn’t amounted to much as her face and name had been forgotten upon awakening.
    After that dream I went back to not being able to remember my dreams and not being able to sleep without medication as before. As such I’ve tired to forget about her, but failed miserably. I have also taken up a study of dreams, as well as lucid dreaming, and astral projection, thinking that those two options may be my only hope in finding her. I am constantly looking at clocks and mirrors, and my hands (with the letter A drawn on the palms) when clocks and mirrors aren’t around. I have adapted to my sleep disorder by no longer letting the sun dictate my awake hours; falling asleep when I feel tired then waking up when my body decides to. (I’m a novel writer thats how I make a living with those hours, in case you were wondering.)
    My question, or questions are for help. Do any of you know of a disorder that I may be suffering from? Or have gone through similar trials and can offer advice? I need help, at the moment i’m not sure in which direction I need help in. The two options are: give up on my “fantasy” (as my friends and family suggest), or continue in my quest until I find her. I am open to take advice in either direction. My preference however is for the later of the two.

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  20. I mean sometimes that could be a good thing, sometimes a bad thing… But can things that you feel on a subconscious level, ever be brought to your attention on a conscious level? Like maybe you suddenly realize that you felt a certain way about something the whole time without realizing it?

    Just an interesting thought I had…


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