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The Three Levels of Website SEO

There are three basic levels of website SEO in the modern Internet Marketing game. There’s the basic, low-level SEO that offshore companies are famous for performing quickly and accurately — simple, repetitive tasks like commenting on submitting your site to directories and pinging RSS aggregators. Then there’s midlevel SEO that involves keyword research; things like social bookmarking and forum posting fall into that category. Then you’ve got the top level of SEO, where you actually create content that you expect real people to read and respect. Article writing and submission, custom blog creation, and similar activities are top-level SEO.

Each stage of organic SEO is important, because each one fills different goals for your website:

Low-level SEO
Low-level SEO forms ‘background’ of your site’s link profile. Each one of these links is quick and inexpensive to create, which means that every site in the world that’s serious about SEO has hundreds of them. You can’t safely ignore this level of SEO, because even though Google doesn’t give any one of them that much credit, if you’re several hundred backlinks behind a competitor, you can’t catch up, no matter how powerful your few good backlinks are.

Mid-level SEO
The search engines give quite a bit more credit to midlevel backlinks, but they’re still relatively easy to create. If you’re just starting to build backlinks, it’s a good idea to start with midlevel links, because they’re less expensive but more powerful as a whole than high-level or low-level backlinks, respectively. In other words, mid-level backlinks have the best RoI in terms of ranking-per-dollar than the other levels of SEO — and that’s worth a lot.

High-level SEO
This is the gold mine. High-level SEO should take an hour or so of work for each backlink you get. That’s because you need the content associated with your site to be good, or you’ll miss out on lots of potential customers that would otherwise have clicked through to your landing page. Done right, however, high-level SEO drives traffic, which means sales, in addition to skyrocketing your page upward in the SERPs. What more could you need?

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  1. Where I will be selling whole sale products to customers outside the UK and EU

    Q1: Do I need any kind of licence to do this?
    2: Can anybody recommend the best or good hosting company to host my website
    3: Can any body educate me on the difference btw .COM and .CO.UK
    4: Is it advisable to use the same company for hosting and registration of a domain name

  2. I would like to know how much would it take to make a website like that(Both in time and money) and how much would it take to maintain it?
    If there are any web designers out there that could help?

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    I’m currently building a website and am looking for tips to get my site ranked high in the search engines.

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  5. I’ll try to make this as short and understandable as possible.

    My husband has worked nearly all of his life and only recently retired at the age of 63 after working 40+ years in construction. We have three daughters, all of which are grown and all have moved out except our youngest who suffers from severe autism. My husband is now in his 70s and is unable to work and instead we get buy on drawing off of his Social Security Income. My daughter also gets a very small check, and as do I for taking care of her. All in all we get about 1,500 a month. Factor this in with the cost of living and our medicines (I still have to pay out of pocket for mine) we are barely living, sometimes going hungry for a day or so until our middle daughter comes over and brings food.
    We’ve sold just about everything of value in our home and have cut out anything that isn’t essential for living, but are still struggling. I am unable to work because I must take care of my daughter (I’ve been a homemaker nearly all of my life) and my husband isn’t in the best physical condition and health is regularly failing. The stress is severely weighing me down as I am having panic attacks and deep boughts of depression. Is there any loophole we can use to increase our benefits? Any organization that might be able to help us? Really any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I want to set up my own online business. I’d need a members only area and to be able to process payments etc.
    Is that a bit technical for someone who’s never designed a website before?
    any free software out there?

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  8. Hello Everyone,

    I’m planning to make a small online retail store. What rules and regulations do I need to know before making a business website? Such as trademark, copyright, etc. Any tips or link would be much appreciate.

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  10. I’m looking to land that first front-end development role, but I’m quite unsure as to what level of competency is expected of Junior dev’s (front-end).

    I don’t have any commercial experience in web development (though I do in SEO/content-editing), but over the last year I have taught myself, to a pretty good standard, both HTML and CSS. I also have a fairly decent grasp of the JavaScript basics along with jQuery. On top of that I know a little PHP, but not yet too much, and know my way around Photoshop.

    I was just wondering, whether this kind of skill-set is adequate for a potential junior front-end developer, as I’m reaching that stage where I’d like to start applying for jobs!

    Any help is much appreciated! 🙂

  11. Hi there. My boss assign me a project in which I have to form a team to develop a website, somewhat similar to those online stores like amazon and ebay. I am an financial consultant and I have no knowledge of developing a complicated commercial website(don’t even ask me why they put me on this spot). Now I have three guys who are proficient in HTML and CSS. How many more people and what other kind of skills are needed?
    I have about 2 months to develop the site. It will be a user-generating site, somewhat like myspace where users store and share their informations, yet receive online order. Sorry I couldn’t share too much information here but those are the two main criteria.

  12. Does anyone have experience doing this? I would also like to know more about search engines and how they work. I am not a techie person, so please keep it simple.

  13. Based on your experiences with a web hosting site or with a variety of web hosting sites, which do you think is the best? Why?

    What is the worst site you have ever used to host a web on, and why?

  14. I am looking to start an online business. How would I accomplish that?
    It is a business where I make things to decorate a little girls bedroom and sell them. Cute stuff I make. 🙂

  15. I’m a college student who wants to become a design engineer drafter using Auto-CAD software as a career. three expectations: 1.At the entry level 2. telecommuting is OK, and that 3.is located in the Inland Empire of southern California. Inform me of a company that has these three requirements. With my career, I want to design architectual objects: bridges, high voltage towers, cars, products etc.

  16. I opened a Job Consultancy few months back.Now, I am struggling hard to get Clients or companies for the assignments.I tried calling companies from the available database on the sites but its not working.Firstly, its hard to get up to HR depts,then they ask to mail the proposal but nothing happens after that.I already started creating my website and paid for SEO but not sure how much it will help.At present I am working alone.Planned to hire people if I could see some positive reply because that will incur me costs.
    What options can I try to get more clients?
    Does keeping experienced BDEs and BDMs will help me increasing business?
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  19. In high school I was told to NOT make much noise on the internet. But these days the direct opposite is being said and done through facebook, twitter, linkedin… etc. People say that these are our resources these days but I’m not seeing Twitter or facebook really bringing up any real local jobs… and Linked in has a total of 5 jobs in my local area posted for ANY random job.

    I was also taught to go in to each business I’d like to work with one by one and ask if they’re hiring. I tend to get a lot of “I don’t know’s” from managers and all the applications are done online. And it tends to just be a waste of gas money when I’m out of a job.

    So I’m left at a loss at what businesses are actually hiring in the first place. I suppose I could just pop onto Google Maps and drive around all the nearby towns in street view and look at all the businesses and think “Hmmm… maybe they’re hiring” and pop onto their website and see what my chances are. But that seems counter productive too.

    Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and pretty much any other job board is completely littered with nothing but one scam after another. And what legit jobs that are posted there… it seems like they’re all jobs that demand far more experience or college than I have — and even if I went to college, I’m not sure if that’d really help. It doesn’t seem to help anyone I’ve ever seen. And the most that I’ve ever gotten from places like Monster.com is the military and colleges calling me up because you’re forced to fill out military adds and college surveys in order to JUST fill out an application. Either way, you walk away from these job boards getting spammed or scammed.

    What is the real genuinely effective way of getting a job these days? To know WHO is hiring and WHAT jobs you qualify for and where you should and should not apply?

  20. I am interested in mobile marketing subject and want to do my dissertation (thesis) on it. However I cannot decide on a possible research question to address in my research. Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

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  22. Over the years, I took SEO services from various companies promising top 5 positions on all major crawlers. This, of course, was never achieved by ANY of them. The issue, from my understanding of backlink creation, is that although the SEO company may submit our URL to high PR sites to create backlinks, it is never garanteed that the websites will actually accept to post the backlink.

    Recently, I’ve looked into Linkproz. They are “brokers” for a series of websites. They are asking 500$/month to create 15 backlinks on PR 4 sites and 5 backlinks on PR 3 sites. These links however need to be paid on a monthly basis. Meaning that once I terminate the service, the backlinks will disappear .

    I was wondering if this is worthwhile and if, say 8 months from now, I terminate the contact, my page ranking will drop on google ?

    If this is not a good method of increasing page ranking on google, does anyone have a reference for a good SEO company / person.

    Thank you,

  23. I want my site to be advertised in online classifieds. Some SEO companies say they will put me in at least 50,000 places. Is this for real? How can I check to see if they did this?

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