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Spending To Earn: The Purpose of First Page Placement

There’s a reason why first page placement, or more specifically top-three placement for any given keyword, is the goal of every legitimate SEO company in the world. Simply put, if you can’t get your website listed in the top three entries of any given keyword, you’re not getting the traffic that keyword could be giving you — not by a longshot.

Lots of SEO companies offer a first page placement service. Some of them advertise that they’ll get you there through pay per click marketing (sponsored placement) and others by a massive organic SEO campaign (backlink building). Either way, you’re literally spending money in order to get traffic in the hopes that the traffic you get will earn you more money than you spent.

The difference is in timing and amount. If you go for PPC marketing, you’re going to spend a lot of money http://gulfcoastretirement.org/admin/generic/ all at once, and you’re going to get your traffic instantly. You’ll have to make more money per click than you spend in order to show a profit, and depending on how you choose your keywords, that can be surprisingly difficult.

If live sex awards you pull it off, you’ll be right back on the wire again next month, as the next month of marketing budget gets put up on the PPC lottery. This process continues for as long as you choose to stick with the instant-traffic, constant-risk model of pay per click marketing.

The other option, organic SEO, is the turtle in the turtle-and-the-hare story. You pay money, and nothing happens. You pay some more money, and nothing happens. You may some more money, and you see a trickle of traffic. You pay enough money over enough time, and suddenly you have top-three rankings for some badass keywords. More traffic than you can handle descends upon you, and you’re rich. All you have to do is live long enough for all of those payments to kick in.

Of course, if you have the cash, you could do both — both is definitely the best bet. But not all of us have that kind of funding hanging around, so it’s up to each of us to decide which route to success is going to be the easiest for our lifestyles to support.

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  1. I have Adsense Ads on my blog page but I do earn any money. Any suggestions how to make readers click on my Adsense Ads?

  2. Over the years, I took SEO services from various companies promising top 5 positions on all major crawlers. This, of course, was never achieved by ANY of them. The issue, from my understanding of backlink creation, is that although the SEO company may submit our URL to high PR sites to create backlinks, it is never garanteed that the websites will actually accept to post the backlink.

    Recently, I’ve looked into Linkproz. They are “brokers” for a series of websites. They are asking 500$/month to create 15 backlinks on PR 4 sites and 5 backlinks on PR 3 sites. These links however need to be paid on a monthly basis. Meaning that once I terminate the service, the backlinks will disappear .

    I was wondering if this is worthwhile and if, say 8 months from now, I terminate the contact, my page ranking will drop on google ?

    If this is not a good method of increasing page ranking on google, does anyone have a reference for a good SEO company / person.

    Thank you,

  3. Am thinking of getting google adsense for my website whats the revenue that you can earn from it. Is it worth it?

  4. i have a weblog with a monthly 1 million page view,and the blog is about different topics.
    just a rough estimate would be enough

  5. I have a google adsense account and associated it to a simple google pages site created by me.How do I actually earn from this.Please suggest best way to earn from adsense.

  6. I want some websites which provides latest seo tips & updates to help to promote my websites in search engine ranking .

  7. I am wanting to start up a webstore selling products. I am very good at creating websites but have never really dabbled with search engine optimizing (SEO’ing) them, and if I were to create a store I think it would be vital to make it optimized for search engines. Also, I have never included a shopping cart on any of my websites apart from a paypal cart, which is very simple to include. I was wondering what books/software I should read to learn to SEO my website effectively and learn to advertise it on the net etc?

  8. Has anyone in here earning atleast $20 a day or $15 a day from adsense? I need average people (like me who’s not expert in web designs or in adsense) but earning $10 – $20 a day. I need to earn $350 before July (for my niece) and i need any tips or suggestions on how i can improve my earnings.Thank you

  9. Any one knows what that number of clicks is?

    I mean for an account to get qualified what should be the minimum amount earned / time.

    and if removed how easy or difficult to activate your account again?
    Hi imisidro,

    please refer below,

    Point 6: In Terms and Conditions document. Google reserves the right to terminate without notice any account that has not generated a sufficient number of valid clicks on Ads or Referral Buttons or valid impressions of Ads (in each case as measured by Google) for a period of two (2) months or more.

    Kind regards

  10. thexbox360player

    Have you ever earned out of your google adsense. if yes then whats the best way to earn from it. Any tips ???

  11. stealspartansbcglobalnet

    i want an seo service for my website in mumbai , can any one let me know a good and affordable seo company in mumbai ?

  12. In high school I was told to NOT make much noise on the internet. But these days the direct opposite is being said and done through facebook, twitter, linkedin… etc. People say that these are our resources these days but I’m not seeing Twitter or facebook really bringing up any real local jobs… and Linked in has a total of 5 jobs in my local area posted for ANY random job.

    I was also taught to go in to each business I’d like to work with one by one and ask if they’re hiring. I tend to get a lot of “I don’t know’s” from managers and all the applications are done online. And it tends to just be a waste of gas money when I’m out of a job.

    So I’m left at a loss at what businesses are actually hiring in the first place. I suppose I could just pop onto Google Maps and drive around all the nearby towns in street view and look at all the businesses and think “Hmmm… maybe they’re hiring” and pop onto their website and see what my chances are. But that seems counter productive too.

    Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and pretty much any other job board is completely littered with nothing but one scam after another. And what legit jobs that are posted there… it seems like they’re all jobs that demand far more experience or college than I have — and even if I went to college, I’m not sure if that’d really help. It doesn’t seem to help anyone I’ve ever seen. And the most that I’ve ever gotten from places like Monster.com is the military and colleges calling me up because you’re forced to fill out military adds and college surveys in order to JUST fill out an application. Either way, you walk away from these job boards getting spammed or scammed.

    What is the real genuinely effective way of getting a job these days? To know WHO is hiring and WHAT jobs you qualify for and where you should and should not apply?

  13. I would like knowing how much money can a blog win with google adsense with, for example, 5000 pages view every day.

  14. i am about to create a website soon and i want to know how many clicks can i get per 1000 page views in google adsense. i read somewhere that you can easily earn 10$ per 1000 impressions, is it true?

  15. Hi, I’m planning to sell some stuffs online & for that I need a development company who can develop my website and make some market online. My budget is below 7K, please suggest me some good companies?

  16. I want good earning report evertime i check my google adsense report. Can somebody teach me how to make best websites for adsense? I need money for continuing my college.

  17. lildevilgurl152004

    I want to know that is google adsense true or is any one get the money from adsense. I am to invest it plz help

  18. i need $4,000 to start my own small bussiness .
    how many clicks do i need on my adsense ads in my website to earn that amount of money?
    and how much trafic do i need for my website??

  19. I have two small niche websites that I really want to raise their search engine ranking. My budget is pretty low, but I don’t want to get negative results with some blackhat garbage.

    Can anybody recommend someone to me?
    Here’s the term I want to rank for.


    Can you give me a quote for that?

  20. I published my website and I see people just visiting my website, but not clicking the ads. I want to earn atleat 100$ per month to support my life. Please help me…

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