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PPC Management Is the Stig That Drives Your Bottom Line to Victory

Some of you are smirking right now, and some are wondering what happened to my spellchecker and when I could have meant to spell when I wrote ‘Stig’. All I can say is, look it up. The important thing to know is that he’s fast. So is the traffic that hits your website when you find a good PPC management firm and drop some cash on pay-per-click marketing.

There’s a lot of people disrespecting PPC right now, and the numbers appear pretty dire. Studies say that 80% of the money spent on search engine marketing is spent on PPC — the other 20% is spent on SEO. Then they tell you that 80% of search engine traffic comes from SEO — the other 20% comes from PPC. Sounds like someone’s been studying the Pareto Principle, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing — the numbers are right, but the interpretation of the numbers is flawed. The basic assertion is that each visitor from PPC costs about four times more than each visitor from two.

When you pay for SEO, you’re paying now for visitors that won’t come for months. It’s not a purchase, it’s an investment. And yes, you’ll get a few visitors for the cost that you’ll pay for a single click of PPC. But the biggest problem that startup web businesses have isn’t cash — it’s cashflow. Your income has to be greater than your outgo on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis.

PPC doesn’t give you cashflow problems the way SEO does. SEO demands a few — or several — hundred dollars right now, and doesn’t give you a shred of payout for as much as half a year. In fact, it demands that kind of investment month after month with no payout until the victory bell rings and you score that coveted first page placement.

PPC, on the other hand, gives you your traffic the same day it takes your money. Your conversions happen immediately, which means (if your PPC management team has set things up correctly), you’ll make more money than you spent — and in modern web-based business, that’s the definition of success.

24 thoughts on “PPC Management Is the Stig That Drives Your Bottom Line to Victory”

  1. Clayton Cottrell

    hello friend…if u have any ideas how to increase the website search result…I heart seo is the best way to get optimize your website ranking as well help your site to generate my traffic from one to the best search result site like google,yahoo & msn. please help me to get how seo work & what are imp tools are use while optimizing site

  2. please can anyone tell me the real meaning of search engine optimization(SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)

  3. do you know whats the most reliable or helpful marketing management book thats available in the “national bookstore” in the Philippines?

    <I need to have one as soon as possible…


  4. We are getting too busy and need someone take care of PPC campaign management. Can you please post your proposal here and specify what exactly you do to excel in it. Point by point.
    We can consider any other advertising models.

  5. Hi everyone,
    Could anyone tell me what is the SEO and and other things related to it iam sorry but iam little new to such things..If I have a website so how I can promote it to Top Rank??

    Thanks in Advance.!!

  6. What is the best SEO SEM PPC Management Search engine optimization firm on the internet ?

    Please list the top 10 companies that do business development web2.0 marketing, website advertising, e-mail marketing, graphic design, web design and online and offline branding? Please incluse strategy partnerships, blogs, link sharing, affiliate marketing, list services, print coordination, and white hat SEO. You can also include SEO copywriting and print and insert media.

    Thank you very much!

  7. Hello

    I’ve joined a company that is using a management company to manage their adword campaigns. We seem to be paying for clicks that are not leading to conversions and I’m trying to slim it down to the best ones for us to use. It would seem logical to me to look at the Analytics for the last x number of months, see what keywords have given the best conversions, keep them and dump the ones that have lead to clicks but no conversions – but maybe keep those that have lead to a long time on the site.

    Is this a reasonable strategy or am I missing something here?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  8. Okay so i just started a business with Prepaid Legal Services Inc. and i’m trying to find out ways to advertise online, like on google, yahoo and etc. but how can i do it? Is there a service from google were you pay them money and they bring you like 1000 people to check it out? any ideas out there on how to advertise and get people to check out the services from Prepaid Legal?

    Heres my website.. check it out… thanks…


  9. I have done these for my website:
    – Manual Directory Submission
    – Social Bookmarking Submission
    – Article Submissions
    – add comments to blogs, forum, etc. with a link to my website,
    what should I do now to get a better page rank and much more traffic to my website?

  10. What is the best Pay Per Click Management Tool.
    ( Hopefully Free )

    I am trying to set a huge number of Highly Target Keywords
    on Adwords, Ask & Yahoo

    The ability to manage ads perhaps backing up uploading with excel would be ideal. Creating ads with the sysytem?
    Am I just dreaming? I can upload a system to my website. Which I think would be ideal if it ran off of mysql or something.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Assume you have a new web sit regarding content on-line business things and you are a recruiting of e-commerce. how would you developing market?

  12. i work for this company which has got really effective products. Being a small scale company, it cannot try paid online marketing methods.Any ideas ?

  13. Can any one tell me which one is most beneficial?? Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization??
    Please help??

  14. I just started writing for a freelancing site, and I was told to try some organic linking for the best SEO results. Does organic linking entail adding links to other websites other than the one I write for? Or is it linking to other articles on the site I write for?

  15. hello everybody.

    I am kinda OK web designer. I just got my personal web design done!

    Now I wanna know what is SEO and how to use it. SEO stands for search for “Search Engine Optimization”. Please tell me and guide me. I am nooob in it. Dont know noting about it, but wanna use it.

    So please tell me little bt abt it and GIVE ME GUIDE HOW TO USE IT!

    THANKS in Advance guyz!

  16. Hello friends.

    My name is Ivan from Toronto, Canada. I am a copywriter for a SEO company located in Montreal, Quebec.

    Me and my colleagues have run into a little dilemma and I was wondering if you could assist us with your expertise.

    We are a search engine optimization company, and are currently working of a FAQ section of our site and by our very nature tend to ask more technical, advanced questions and are afraid of overlooking the obvious. Since SEO is quite a niche practice, I was wondering if you could give us a hand and ask a couple of questions.

    SEO – Search Engine Optimization, what would be the questions you would ask if you came across that phrase. For Example:

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    We would greatly appreciate any questions on your part, no matter how small or big! Anything that can help us get that FAQ up there!
    I will try to answer all of them. Thank you, hope to hear from you

  17. Anybody knows this method. I’m sure; the Godfather of SESs Google also cannot give the guarantee for rankings within 48 hrs.

    Look at the screenshot.

    If you know this method Please reply here or PM me. I’m very much grateful to you. And If your method works means, I’m ready to pay for your coaching.

    http://awesomescreenshot.com/07b5rg6f4 (Screenshot Link)

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