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Organic SEO Is the Beating Heart of Web Business

Newbie web business owners have a lot on their plate — figuring out how to turn a decent profit off of their project is only the beginning. At some point, however, they all face a decision about how to drive traffic to their sites. There are all kinds of gurus telling them all kinds of methods of driving traffic, from clever ways to scam CraigsList to dumping buckets of money into unmanaged pay-per-click campaigns.

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: none of these stunts holds a candle to the shining light of organic SEO. The reason why is simple: SEO is the most cost-effective method of driving traffic, period. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some downsides — SEO takes some time to kick in — but once it does, you’ll never regret having put that time in.

There’s two parts to doing proper SEO for a web business. You have to make sure that your webpage does everything properly — the on-page SEO — and you have to make sure that other pages link to your webpage in a friendly manner — the off-page SEO. Most on-page SEO is simple enough that a dedicated business owner can learn it and do it themselves, though it’s only really cost-effective if you’re going to be running several websites at once.

Off-page SEO, however, is almost impossible to do cost-effectively within a business. Major corporations often have an in-house SEO department, but many — for example, Travelocity — outsource almost 100% of their SEO, including their content, to outside companies or even teams of freelancers.

If you’re an online business owner and you need traffic that will sustain your business for years to come, you need SEO services. Most times, you’ll be best off forging a long-term relationship with a respectable, affordable SEO company. The work that you do together might take a while to take effect, so have faith. Once it does, you’ll see that what you’ve created together is a pump — a beating heart that drives traffic like bright red blood into the veins of your web business.

23 thoughts on “Organic SEO Is the Beating Heart of Web Business”

  1. Can someone recommend me a company providing affordable website development and SEO services. Charlotte web development company will be plus for me.
    Thanks in advance!
    The web design firm must have full time PHP programmers and have experience with ecommerce and shopping cart websites.

  2. In high school I was told to NOT make much noise on the internet. But these days the direct opposite is being said and done through facebook, twitter, linkedin… etc. People say that these are our resources these days but I’m not seeing Twitter or facebook really bringing up any real local jobs… and Linked in has a total of 5 jobs in my local area posted for ANY random job.

    I was also taught to go in to each business I’d like to work with one by one and ask if they’re hiring. I tend to get a lot of “I don’t know’s” from managers and all the applications are done online. And it tends to just be a waste of gas money when I’m out of a job.

    So I’m left at a loss at what businesses are actually hiring in the first place. I suppose I could just pop onto Google Maps and drive around all the nearby towns in street view and look at all the businesses and think “Hmmm… maybe they’re hiring” and pop onto their website and see what my chances are. But that seems counter productive too.

    Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and pretty much any other job board is completely littered with nothing but one scam after another. And what legit jobs that are posted there… it seems like they’re all jobs that demand far more experience or college than I have — and even if I went to college, I’m not sure if that’d really help. It doesn’t seem to help anyone I’ve ever seen. And the most that I’ve ever gotten from places like Monster.com is the military and colleges calling me up because you’re forced to fill out military adds and college surveys in order to JUST fill out an application. Either way, you walk away from these job boards getting spammed or scammed.

    What is the real genuinely effective way of getting a job these days? To know WHO is hiring and WHAT jobs you qualify for and where you should and should not apply?

  3. Can anyone recommend me an affordable freelance seo expert professional in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India based on your experience with them who would be able to deliver results for my business sites and help me get better rankings for my business keywords in search engines.
    Thank You

  4. i want an seo service for my website in mumbai , can any one let me know a good and affordable seo company in mumbai ?

  5. I have no online marketing experience and do not have any product to sale. I’ve been searching books to learn online marketing and most of them are good for business owners.

  6. I am currently looking for an SEO developer for my website. I recently just hired one based in India (which I found through elance.com), about 8 months ago. He was able to do onpage optimization and create 150 inbound links to my site, along with other SEO works such as article submission, directory submission.

    The problem is that the 150 inbound links were mostly PR0, PR1, and sometimes PR2. They were somewhat irrelevant to my niche market.

    I started with about a top 10-12 position with my main keyword, and now I am in the top 8-9 position. Not really that impressive in my opinion.

    Anyways, Ive been doing research online for SEO developers, and I stumbled upon this site called www(dot)internet(dash)empire(dot)com.

    I emailed them for a quotation and the person I am speaking with is very professional and great to speak with. It is a company based in Singapore. You can check their website.

    The guarantee he has is that he will guarantee me at the top 3 positions for 5 of my main keywords (I choose the big main keywords I have), or my money-back, full refund. This will be done in 6 months or less, and I will pay him the remaining 50% as the 5 keywords reach the top 3 position.

    The price is $2,500 USD.

    I wanted to ask the opinions here at Warrior Forum before I move forward with this. I believe that $2,500 is a little heavy on my end, but if it would mean getting the top 3 positions on Google.com for my top 5 keywords, this would be a wonderful deal.

    Thanks in advance for your inputs!

  7. I am wanting to start up a webstore selling products. I am very good at creating websites but have never really dabbled with search engine optimizing (SEO’ing) them, and if I were to create a store I think it would be vital to make it optimized for search engines. Also, I have never included a shopping cart on any of my websites apart from a paypal cart, which is very simple to include. I was wondering what books/software I should read to learn to SEO my website effectively and learn to advertise it on the net etc?

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