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Is Forum Posting Still Worth the Effort?

For years, participating in online bulletin boards relevant to your business’ subject has been a habit that internet marketing gurus have encouraged almost every webmaster to engage in. Quite some time ago, the habit of regular forum posting was very powerful SEO. Forums have a tendency to gather quite of bit of authority on their given subject, and with that authority they can get some decent PageRank as well. A backlink from a relevant, authority site with a high PageRank is the best backlink you can get, so it was considered worth quite a bit of effort to obtain.

But is forum posting still worth the effort?

After all, forums have changed a lot in the past several years. Administrators generally ‘caught on’ to many of the most common forum marketing ploys (for example, preventing people from linking to off-forum site in their signatures). Not only that, but many forums have switched to no-follow links and other SEO-killing tactics. It’s also a lot harder to become a recognized and celebrated member of a large Volume Pills forum these days; the signal-to-noise ratio has become so bad that you have to be excellent in all ways just to be noticed as someone who isn’t ‘noise’.

But for all of that, the answer is “yes”. Forum posting is still worth the effort; you just have to apply your effort in a slightly different way. For example, check to see if a forum’s links are dofollow before you register. Look for forums that are smaller and more specifically focused. Rather than a Warrior Forum that has two million users, look for a Mobile Website Design Forum that only has a thousand. That’ll keep the signal-to-noise ratio more respectable.

Watch out for the pitfalls going in, and you’ll find that not only is it easier to establish a presence and plant a few quality backlinks, but it’s also easier to enjoy the process of doing so. With the right forum, you’ll probably even learn a few things along the way — and which of us couldn’t benefit from a bit of extra market research?

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  2. It is three years old (got it the summer of three years ago) and it is moderately-heavily used, as in, it’s used daily, and, it has many programs and files downloaded and installed that I don’t use. Going through my computer and deleting all of these files would take much longer than simply resetting it and replacing it with backups.
    My computer is slowed down, or, at least I think, however, I may have just been more patient three years ago.
    Also, please don’t suggest getting a new computer, or downloading a program to uninstall other programs for me, because, my computer’s kind of spastic, and these programs tend to crash.
    Ah, yes, that’s another issue. Some programs that I wish to use more (Skype, Apple Software Update, RegClean, and more) crash as soon as I open them, and, it doesn’t appear to be an error with the program, because I’ve posted on other forums fruitlessly.
    So, is it worth resetting my computer? I can easily do it, it would take little effort. Basically, what I mean by, is it worth it, is, will it fix these issues, such as opening programs slowly and random application crashes? Thanks in advance.
    Guys, I may not have expressed this enough. Items like CCleaner and other things that clean out my hard drive (or whatever they do) crash as soon as they find they errors. I don’t have a virus, it’s been taken to the shop in the last year, and I’m running a strong anti-virus protection (Norton).

  3. I launched my website early August of this year. In the first month I used Facebook Ads and Google Ads and the number of visitors looked hopeful. However that got me really broke. For this month of September I didn’t use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads at all and the number of visitors look SOOO depressing to the point that I question my idea – as in is it worth it to continue putting in so much effort and more money in running it? I already spent so much time working with contractors building this website and losing a fortune. I am not sure how much longer I can “afford” to continue running this website. Please take a look at my website and give me an honest answer on whether or not you think this website 1) has a good idea and 2) would it survive? If the majority answer yes to both, I will do whatever it takes to keep it running. I do believe in it with all my heart and working extremely hard (because I lack experience) to keep it running because I want to help people, especially the children that grew up without a loving family to teach them about right and wrong. I just don’t know if other people believe the same or perhaps someone could tell me something I don’t already know. My friends keep saying it’s a good idea, but they barely helped me at all so I don’t know if they’re just being polite. Therefore I would need your help in giving me an honest answer. Thanks!

    Please take a look. http://mistakesinlife.net


  4. has their low standing placed them under the radar screen?
    Are they not worth anyones effort anymore for consideration of their infractions, diving, cheating etc.?

    AC Milan had injuries, I believe there were earthquakes, locusts and hurricanes involved too that kept them barely out of the CL. CR7 had a broken nail.
    @ Ali VDS – less than 6 per hour equals “lack of derogatory remarks pointed towards MU”

  5. I need as much suggestions as possible. The more the better. I haven’t had the chance to sit and really go over the process. Again, looking for some answers where I can start blogging immediately.

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha

    It’s a little more effort for you and I, but it’s worth it to not have to put up with this idiot who’s spamming so much. Yahoo can ban his username and his ip address, but he’ll keep coming back. The only way to do it is to add a turing image.

    Many web forums use this method fairly successfully for sign-up purposes.
    I understand that it can deter some people who would otherwise contribute because of bad eyesight or I imagine other problems, but CATCHPAs can also include audible representations of the required input.

  7. Now I know that a lot of people are experiencing crashing, I am also. Though I have another problem.

    While playing I save frequently in case of a crash. Just now while playing the game crashed on me after 6+ hours of playing with out a hitch. I started the game back up only to find I can not get it to run the saved game.
    It’s showing up instead of the house I built, there is an outline of a house and an outline of a family instead of the people I made. The only thing it’s able to show is the name I saved it as. I can not get it to play at all.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?
    This is extremely frustrating after spending so long making a house. I’m starting to think this game is far from worth the time and effort right now.

    I can’t even get on the forums to see if others there have had this issue.

  8. I am on deviantart.com for over 2 years but i don’t seam getting much of criticism only people saying its nice and so on..

  9. I have been apart of this particular forum for years and now just reading the questions has become so redundant and difficult to tolerate. No one is asking questions but, rather stating their position and justify it with a mob mentality. A serious lack of thought, concern, care, and maturity seems to be what this world and forum are full of instead of character. Character, a word that that cant even explain to many, as there is no real reference point to begin with. The noise is defining and it has no meaning. None of us truly understand very much and yet here you are claiming this and that in the name of whatever your group think mentalities have mustered together.

    Forgive me as I check my own man in the mirror and ask you to seriously consider that you do the same. I am certain that you will do this critical analysis of yourself you will find that you are the cause of all of your own issues and troubles.

    For now and into the foreseeable future, silence, will be my forum.

  10. For all you actuaries out there, was it worth it? Was all the time and effort you put into the exams ultimately worth it? How satisfied are you right now? How is the job outlook? I’m weighing my options for a future career and would like to hear your opinions on it. If I were to pursue a career in actuarial science, and for some reason it didn’t work out or I was dissatisfied partway through college, how difficult would a transition into civil engineering be? Thanks a lot.
    Also, do you have to take all the exams before you can be hired as an Actuary, or can you be hired while you are taking the exams? How does that part work?

  11. I ask because i have a great idea and marketing techniques…. but the thing is, i want to know if it is worth the time and effort to make a forum for money. Sure i will be an actve member on my board… but can you tell me aprox. how much money i COULD make, or what the average forum makes?

    Any info or statistics will be greatly appreciated.

  12. I just joined Parenting.com and was shocked at the mothers who commented on circumcision as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and I posted my views(waiting to see if they are censored).
    Yahoo Answers is a good forum, but I wonder if there are others worth joining. Spread the word: circumcision is mutilation.
    This is a tragic example of what can happen(why take the rissk for an unnecessar operation)?

  13. I have no intention of building a new “religion” group. My idea is to build a website that would grow into a center of guidance for doubting people, with ramifications going into many subjects like medical, philosophical, engineering, ecology and environment, political awareness, forums and blogs, and above all an ethical charter that would guarantee respect to all and to offer answers when they are available and reports on the limits of knowledge when they are not.
    This may sound utopical and it would certainly start very small, but with the help of writers that could post articles and physicians that could counsel the faith depressed, some activist goals and the search for some sponsors, this might just launch.
    Ok if this is BS just tell me, I´m just trying to unite in ideology, not to build a cult.
    Common sense should not need rescuing, but it does. Especially now.

  14. Are they really worth the effort?
    Do you really get the $50 – $500 they promise, etc.?
    Anyone have any experience with them?
    On average, how much money a week do you get?
    Do you have to be over 18?


  15. I have posted a question similar to this in the past. All efforts to remedy the situation have failed.

    When I attempt to load a save file or begin a new file for the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, certain events occur that do not allow me to play.

    When I try to load a previous save file, the game goes to a loading screen, like normal, but the game abruptly crashes after a few seconds. The client is closed, processes terminated, etc., as if I closed out of the game normally.

    When I attempt to create a new file by selecting the New Game option, the game freezes for no more than 5 seconds, then displays three errors. These errors are shown in the link below.


    After selecting OK on the last box, the game remains on the main screen (the black background with the mist/fog effect and the dragon symbol), albeit without text. Nothing can progress it past this point, nor can anything force the game to return to the main menu.

    I do not know what caused these errors (most likely, a mod, but I can’t confirm that). I have tried:

    -Removing all mods and the Nexus Mod Manager
    -Uninstalling via Steam
    -Uninstalling via the “Uninstall a program” menu in the Control Panel (which leads back to un-installation via Steam)
    -Re-installing via Steam
    -Uninstalling Steam completely
    -Removing all Skyrim related files from my computer (that I could find)
    -Re-installing Steam and Skyrim via the disk

    I’m on my last leg, here. I’ve got absolutely no idea how to fix this, and no one else seems to know. Am I just permanently screwed out of this game, or is there some saving grace?
    I’ve also installed the most recent version of SKSE. No effect.

  16. i have always heard of people doing it and i want to know if its worth it.
    obviously it is what it is i just would like to hear from someone who has done it.
    look i understand that some people are opposed to stuff like this, but why is it necessary to answer a question if you’re just being a smart ass. is that what people do all day?i guess that is funny to some people.

  17. I usually get it from my cousin but she lives super far. I would like to be able to purchase it on my own but i dont know where they sell it.

  18. hes a:
    gemini sun
    virgo moon
    virgo venus
    mercury gemini
    mars leo

    im a:
    virgo sun
    pisces moon,
    leo venus
    mercury virgo
    and libra mars

    …..we get along so great and talk for hours, an infinite array of subjects, there is some attraction here (mostly on his part). but what would happen if we dated? i know virgo and gemini is not the ideal match :0 idk how we get along so great , why is that? (astrologically) what problems/conflicts would we be facing if we dated? who is gonna get hurt here?

    thank you

  19. I now have a list of 3 dozen email addresses that I had to block, because they are stupid scam letters.
    Some claim that they are the owner of Craigslist and want to give me a free computer as a prize, some claim that I sound “hot” and want to meet me for coffee ( selling Christmas decorations is a real turn on for them?) Others want me to help them catch their cheating spouse.

    Is it worth reporting these people? Can they be chased down and caught? Is it possible now to shut down all incoming mail from craigslist and simply delete all of the ads?

  20. State the distribution (Normal or t) and write your hypotheses. Solve using the specified approach, state your decision, and write a conclusion.

    According to a recently published article, the average age of admission to nursing homes is 83 years. Suppose a random sample of 500 recent admissions to nursing homes yielded a mean age of 83.5 years. The standard deviation of the admission age for all nursing home residents is 3.5 years. Using the critical-value approach, can you conclude that the current mean admissio age to nursing homes is different from 83 years at the 5% significance level?


  21. Eg: When posting online on a forum or on youtube?

    Only police and the Road and Traffic Authority can look up plates as far as I know.

  22. in the all categories section ,do u think that they (yahoo answers)need to to make an age section as well .reason for that is then you know the age of people u talk to.do,nt get me wrong but sometimes i need good advise and not maybe from the inexperience…..plz respond and all opinions welcome bec this is what u guys feel

    thank you for replying
    enjoy whats left on yahoo answers

  23. They want me to post more then one ad craigslist but in different areas the way they say they will pay me is western union money transfer I told them that the first sign of a scam is when it’s in the western union but they say this is not a scam,it is all about sending money to you in minutes and you will go collect it. *the whole thing is being talked through YahooMessenger.

  24. Paleontologists from North Carolina State University have found just such a specimen – the fossilized remains of a 60-million-year-old South American giant that lived in what is now Colombia.
    The turtle in question is Carbonemys cofrinii, which means “coal turtle,” and is part of a group of side-necked turtles known as pelomedusoides. The fossil was named Carbonemys because it was discovered in 2005 in a coal mine that was part of northern Colombia’s Cerrejon formation. The specimen’s skull measures 24 centimeters, roughly the size of a regulation NFL football. The shell which was recovered nearby – and is believed to belong to the same species – measures 172 centimeters, or about 5 feet 7 inches, long. That’s the same height as Edwin Cadena, the NC State doctoral student who discovered the fossil.
    “We had recovered smaller turtle specimens from the site. But after spending about four days working on uncovering the shell, I realized that this particular turtle was the biggest anyone had found in this area for this time period – and it gave us the first evidence of giantism in freshwater turtles,” Cadena says.
    Smaller relatives of Carbonemys existed alongside dinosaurs. But the giant version appeared five million years after the dinosaurs vanished, during a period when giant varieties of many different reptiles – including Titanoboa cerrejonensis, the largest snake ever discovered – lived in this part of South America. Researchers believe that a combination of changes in the ecosystem, including fewer predators, a larger habitat area, plentiful food supply and climate changes, worked together to allow these giant species to survive. Carbonemys’ habitat would have resembled a much warmer modern-day Orinoco or Amazon River delta.
    In addition to the turtle’s huge size, the fossil also shows that this particular turtle had massive, powerful jaws that would have enabled the omnivore to eat anything nearby – from mollusks to smaller turtles or even crocodiles.
    Thus far, only one specimen of this size has been recovered. Dr. Dan Ksepka, NC State paleontologist and research associate at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, believes that this is because a turtle of this size would need a large territory in order to obtain enough food to survive. “It’s like having one big snapping turtle living in the middle of a lake,” says Ksepka, co-author of the paper describing the find. “That turtle survives because it has eaten all of the major competitors for resources. We found many bite-marked shells at this site that show crocodilians preyed on side-necked turtles. None would have bothered an adult Carbonemys, though – in fact smaller crocs would have been easy prey for this behemoth.”
    The paleontologists’ findings appear in the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. Dr. Carlos Jaramillo from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama and Dr. Jonathan Bloch from the Florida Museum of Natural History contributed to the work. The research was funded by grants from the Smithsonian Institute and the National Science Foundation.
    Note to editors: An abstract of the paper follows.
    “New pelomedusoid turtles from the late Palaeocene Cerrejon Formation of Colombia and their implications for phylogeny and body size evolution”
    Authors: Edwin Cadena, Dan Ksepka, North Carolina State University; Carlos Jaramillo, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama; Jonathan Bloch, Florida Museum of Natural History
    Published: In the Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
    Pelomedusoides comprises five moderate-sized extant genera with an entirely southern hemisphere distribution, but the fossil record of these turtles reveals a great diversity of extinct taxa, documents several instances of gigantism, and indicates a complex palaeobiogeographical history for the clade. Here, we report new pelomedusoid turtle fossils from the late Palaeocene Cerrejon Formation of Colombia. The most complete of these is represented by a large skull (condylobasal length ´ = 16 cm) and is described as Carbonemys cofrinii gen. et sp. nov. (Podocnemididae). Carbonemys is incorporated into a parsimony analysis utilizing a modified morphological character matrix designed to test relationships within Panpelomedusoides, with the addition of molecular data from seven genes (12S RNA, cytochrome b, ND4, NT3, R35, RAG-1 and RAG-2) drawn from previous studies of extant Podocnemididae. C. cofrinii is recovered within Podocnemididae in the results of both morphology-only and combined morphological and molecular (total evidence) analyses. However, molecular data strongly impact the inferred relationships of C. cofrinii and several other fossil taxa by altering the relative positions of the extant taxa Peltocephalus and Erymnochelys. This resulted in C. cofrinii being recovered within the crown clade Podocnemididae in the morphology-only analysis, but

  25. Im 14 years old , i kinda know how to put in codes . Im just wondering how long would it take to make one? and is it worth it .

  26. ANyone know any good websites to cure boredom. Ive got FB, yahoo answers and youtube but i “finished them” all today. Any good website to visit? Not porn websites or anything dodgy. 10 points for the suggestion i find most fun.

  27. wwwavid360gamercom

    A few of my friends (who are 20-22 years old) decided to pick up breakdancing. I wanted to join them, so we watched some breakdancing videos.

    The dancers’ moves were amazing! I was excited to learn more, but I am a bit concerned since I don’t know where to start. Can someone point me to the right direction?

  28. Lasagna delivery guy

    I am having little success selling my jewelry on my own and was wanting to try out etsy.com. Is it worth it with the fees and all to sell on there? Any success stories? Or bad things about etsy??

  29. Hello,
    Does anyone know what the latest edition is for the MCAT Comprehensive Review by Kaplan?

    My book is a purple color with teal and it says “MCAT Comprehensive Review 2005 Edition” I was wondering if there was one published after this one?

    If so, should I buy a new one…or go ahead and study from this one? Are the newer ones alot different from the older ones?

    Thanks alot for any responses!
    good luck.

  30. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    My best frind went out with my boyfriend and now she is going to try talking to me today. she kept saying she was sorry and i did not really care. should i have for given her or ahould i have just forget about her? please help me with the best answer you can give!

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  32. I was thinking of starting a non-profit website for guys with woman problems… whether it be they want relationship advice or they want to ask questions about anything… or maybe just a rant about there ex, It would all be there and free to use.

    Do you think it would be worth the time and effort and do you think it would be popular?

    Would you visit and contribute to the forum?

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