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Heart of E-commerce – Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing allows businesses to practice precision marketing where only the intended recipients are targeted. In targeted email campaigns, emails are send only to specific recipients based on their requirement and need.

ROI from targeted email campaigns

Returns and response from targeted emails invoke increased attention and more positive response than randomly delivered email campaigns. Reasons are obvious, mails are send only to those who have expressed desire to receive your email communication.

Targeted email marketing services require quality and segmented database. Division of your entire customer data file into different customer group based on revenue, buying preference, behavior or demographic characters are essential to bring positive returns.

Why targeted email campaigns works

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons

  • It works on quality data
  • It allows targeting
  • It is effective and versatile
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds one-to-one relationships and trust
  • It supports marketing team

Improve campaign through targeted email marketing services

The ROI of email by targeting interested customers with clear, relevant content can drive relationship on a spiral gain. Studies have shown that targeted email campaign has the ability to increase returns by nine-fold than compared with broadcast campaigns.

The crucial element in targeted email marketing solutions is to understand user behavior and deliver appropriate messages containing natural product or service affiliates.


Next time you send email promotions, include clear message strategy based on value and offering. Flavor your promotion by adding relevant personalization based on customer insights and drive product affinity for effective cross-sells and up-sells.

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