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Will ‘Search Plus Your World’ Change Organic SEO That Much?

Many of you who are into organic SEO may be unimpressed by Google’s latest unveiling, entitled “Search Plus Your World”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, SPYW affects anyone who is both

  • Logged into their Google account when they search, and
  • Has a Google+ account and at least one person in their Circles.

If you meet both of those qualifications, and you go up to the upper right of your search screen and click the “Show Personal Results” button, you’ll find that any relevant content created on Google+ by people in your Circles gets filtered into the results. I follow Ed Dale, for example, and when I search for “Search Plus Your World” on Google and click “Show Personal Results”, I get a few of Ed’s blog entries in and amongst my other traditional results.

So what does all this mean?

In short, it means that there’s going to be a vicious cycle in play soon. Some SEO people are going to start leveraging hardcore social marketing techniques on Google+ in order to get their content to appear on people’s “Personal Results” (hi, Ed!). That, in turn, is going to accelerate Google+’s ascent to dominance of the social marketplace — and the more dominant Google+ becomes, the more SEO pukes are going to try to abuse it.

It will almost certainly all end in Google starting to put limits on Google+ accounts much like Twitter did. But the ride we’re in for to get to that point is going to be a quick one, and some sharp, hardworking people are going to win big from this change.

Now, will all of that matter to the rest of us who aren’t going to put in the hard work to take advantage of SPYW? In the long run, probably not. It does mean that normal SEO will be mildly less effective, as there will be more ‘competition’ in the form of Google+ results that we have to unseat in order to keep our first page placements — but competition is something we’re all used to by now, so I don’t really see this being that much of a gamechanger until something unexpected comes along and upends the whole thing in an unpredictable manner — which will happen.

25 thoughts on “Will ‘Search Plus Your World’ Change Organic SEO That Much?”

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  10. ROP – Run of Page, Run-of-page.

    If you work in advertising and understand what this has to do with the placement or frequency of adverts, love to hear your response!

  11. I am paying $140 for first page google placement but I never find myself there, the company that I am paying is now accusing me of being the reason “loosing my rank” as they say that I am the one that is responsible for looking to often, is this true or are they scamming me?

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  16. I am revamping a website with an OK Google ranking to try and improve page rank. I run the site with PHP with SE friendly links (no query strings). The base-names of the URLs were “index.html”, but I can call them anything, and I need to know if I have some of the pages marked as “index.html” and other named “video_dvd.html” that bring up the same page will be considered SE spam. Example:


    All three of these links would go to the same page, as the PHP only reads the ‘catalog’ and ‘122’ part of the URL to lookup the information from the DB. I’ve kept things uniform by having the same types of links on one page (for example, the index page has index.html links, and the product directory has the ‘video_dvd.html’ links.

    Is this type of SEO kosher for Google and the like, or should I keep one uniform link for each page?

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