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Why You Should Never Tackle Adwords Without PPC Management

Google Adwords is a massive minefield of things that you can do wrong and, because of those mistakes, easily waste a ton of cash. PPC management services developed specifically to fight this waste, and they work well — not so much the go-it-solo types who decide they don’t need PPC managers.

Here’s a short look at SOME of the pitfalls that they can stumble unwittingly into:

Content Targeting vs. Not
By default, Adwords leaves the Content Network on. This sounds like a good thing to most people, because it means their ads get more exposure. What they don’t realize is that AdSense (the ‘content network’ that their ads are getting displayed on) isn’t really all that great at targeting. And for every time your ad about water purifiers gets put up on a page about water parks, you run a risk of someone clicking on it even if they have zero interest in water purifiers. You just paid for a click you have no chance of converting, and that’s a waste of cash.

Geo-targeting vs. Not
If you have a business building swimming pools in Malabar, Florida, and you don’t turn Geo-Targeting on, you waste money every time someone from Vancouver, Washington clicks on your ads. Similarly, if you have a website that sells information and you DO turn Geo-Targeting on, you’d better be selling information about just that one town, or you’re missing out on 99.999% of your potential clients.

Choosing The Right Matching
You can choose broad matching (match any phrases that contain these words in any order), phrase matching (match any phrases that contain ONLY these words in any order), or exact matching (match only this precise phrase in this order.) Many people choose broad, figuring again that more exposure is better — but AdWords is about targeting, not about exposure. Oftentimes someone searching for “swimming pool repair” is looking to hire a crew, but someone searching for “how to repair a swimming pool” will rifle your site for information (costing you whatever you paid for his click) and then vanish without ever even potentially becoming a customer.

There are a ton of other ways to lose out with Adwords — we haven’t even gotten into the areas of keyword research, setting variables at the ad vs. groups vs. campaigns level, or how to track results so that you know what’s working and what’s not. In short, there’s only one consistent, correct way to do AdWords, and that’s to get your website’s SEO company to do it for you.

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  1. I am looking for some adice on ppc mangement. Is it best to have 100 keywrod phrases or more like 20? I am a local company looking for the best RIO and cost effective management

  2. Google Adsense is No.1 High Paying Affiliate program on Internet. People from India more interest in joining Google Adsense than other countries why? to some extent US people. Other countries people why not showing that much of interest in joining adsense program.

  3. I want to start a website (and informational website) and was wondering if it’s possible to actually make a substantial amount of money or if it would be a waste of my time…..

    Has anyone ever made a website and used pay per click companies like Googles Adword and actually made some money????

    I’m not expecting to make a TON, but something substantial……

    any info on this, especially from people who HAVE had success would be greatly appreciated

  4. I really do not understand these schemes. Who is paying for what, how much, how does it works… I find the explications being extremely confusing. I will be highly grateful for any help. Thanks.

    PS: I have a small business that i opened recently and that i would like to advertise. If someone knows other/better methods of on-line advertising he can let me know as well.

  5. hi guys ive just built my website,and also joined google adwords and put loads of possible words to bring my site up in search however when type in the search words i’d like to come up in on google search engine,i dont appear,can anyone tell me why im not on that paticular search,ive added so many possible words and even the exact phrase im searching for and it dont come up,any ideason how to get my site up there?

  6. henryshensbcglobalnet

    What is the best SEO SEM PPC Management Search engine optimization firm on the internet ?

    Please list the top 10 companies that do business development web2.0 marketing, website advertising, e-mail marketing, graphic design, web design and online and offline branding? Please incluse strategy partnerships, blogs, link sharing, affiliate marketing, list services, print coordination, and white hat SEO. You can also include SEO copywriting and print and insert media.

    Thank you very much!

  7. 1. What is the most expensive keyword?
    2. Will you only get paid if somebody clicks on a website you created?
    3. Say it costs £50 to advertise once, do you have to keep paying £50 everytime somebody clicks on a website you created?


  9. Hi, I am an affiliate marketer/blogger. I don’t have much experience on PPC management programs.

    I would like to request your exprert review on the best PPC Management program which provide best service with minimum Click Frauds and highest Return On Investment.

    Last time I used an PPC program, which yielded only 1.35%. I expected more, as I used highly targeted keyphrases. I was confident of at least 12% plus conversion. However, I would like to minimise the risk to my purse next time. So, please share your best knowledge/experience, so that I can improve next time.

    However, I got a review on PPC management program in the link given below, but I am not confirmed and puzzled among so much choices.

    Among all the choices, I found 1seconds.com as the best choice with minimum bid rate. Anybody have experiences with 1second.com?
    Wishing your quick review and kind suggestion –
    I want to thank you all for answering and guiding me…

    To be honest, I am not satisfied with the answers provided. I wanted to know something else.

    As you know, there are lots of PPC Management Programs in the net,
    which one is the best or cost effective with clickfraud rate taking into account? Which PPC program you used and you are satisfied with? Please explain your experience, if possible…

    With sincere regards-

  10. I was wondering if anyone could explain in details about Google Adwords. Do you make money off of it or do you have to pay Google for specific words? What is the best way to make money from advertisements on your website? Where do you find these advertisers?

  11. I started a campaign on google adwords paying 1 cent per click, and had thousands of keywords. My click through rate was low, but because of all the keywords, I was getting thousands of impressions of my add in searches. I only spent 97 cents and got 14 clicks. Then after a couple hours all my keywords were deactivated, and they want me to raise my minimum bids to 5 or 10 dollars per click. Is this a scam or what? I had great traffic going for a while, can I get it going again?

  12. I Was Uploading My Video To Youtube When I Was Offered To Join Google AdWords To Gain More Audience Or Something. What The Hell Is AdWords??

  13. Just looking to hear from anybody that is working with Google Adwords and making or not making money from it. I’m willing to put in the work to make the money, I just don’t want my work to be in vain if it’s not a money-maker….Thanks in advance for your insight.

  14. I’ve been trying to do some reporting in Google Adwords today and so far all that is happening is the page keeps refreshing, but when I go to the last 5 reports page all the reports I created are pending. It’s been doing this all day to me. I thought it might have something to do with my computer so I restarted and am still running into the same problem. Is Google having problems today? I’ve never run into this issue before.
    I just called my Google rep. They are down tongiht until 8pm PST.

  15. 1.what do you have to pay when making an account on there?
    2.do you get money overnight?
    3.is it trustworthy?

    that is all

  16. My nonprofit recently got a Google Adwords Grant for $25k so I want to learn the basics on how to use Adwords effectively. I’d much prefer straightforward and practical rather than theoretical, and of course, the more up to date, the better.

    Any recommendations?

  17. I was trying to make money by promoting clickbank affiliate links to Adwords. I have a landing page and that the destination url matched the display url. And still, Google Adwords banned me. Very weird. I guess Adwords doesn’t want me or anyone to make any money at all.

    Anyway, why do Adwords ban people who do clickbank like me? IS it because Clickbank is a scam or what?

  18. I just ordered the Google Adwords kit, but now I am worried. Has anyone tried this? Does it really work or is it a scam? It says it was on the news, and on NBC, ABC, and others.

  19. Is it worth the money? For the people that have tried these ad programs, did you see a big difference in hits?
    Any other advice would be very appreciated!


  20. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    I want to find out Since i dont have enogh money to bid on them right now and i need the money to continue my education

  21. I Have google adwords on my website and i am currently redesigning it big time and i was just wondering if i could put the same ad into 100’s of pages or do i have to get seperate code for each page???
    yes sorry its ad sense
    cheer for that

  22. I’m still very unhappy with Adwords, after my last question about it I now have click fraud software running (thanks guys never heard of that). The problem now is that the software is only showing a fraction of the clicks adwords is charging me for. Again they ignore all my emails but i cannot afford to cancel the account as I get a lot of work through it. What can I do? I’m certain they are scamming at least £60 from me weekly? Any ideas would be great. Bear in mind that they just ignore all of my emails.

  23. When we check rank of our websites on google.com, it shows different results from when we check it on adwords.google.com. Why?

  24. I am from India and i want to give he Google certification exams. But i want to know about what is the exact cost of Google adowrds exam.

  25. I have a text ad in Google adwords and of course this ad in an ad group, yesterday I started to make an image ad in the same ad group and i want to ask the keywords i used in the text ad will be automatically in the image ad

  26. I bought an ad for my youtube video about a month ago. its been saying “serving” for a few weeks? anyone know how to get the ad running?

  27. When you want to use Google AdWords, how many keywords that match the ads you want are you supposed to use to make sure you get the highest paying ads on your page???

    The adwords are placed on a site that I write for – and I get paid when people click them, depending on how much the ad pays, you get the idea… so of course I want to write keyword heavy articles – but how heavy do I have to go? I have heard you should use a keyword 7 times for it to be effective – is this true???

  28. Hello I cant sign into my google adwords what is going on? It been like this for 2 months what can i do?

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