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What It Means to Have A List Targeted Email Marketing for Anyone

If you have a website and a desire to make money, you should be engaging in targeted email marketing — it’s that simple. Every single major corporation in the country (and most of the medium-sized ones) engage in targeted email marketing on one level or another. You can tell using one simple trick: if they ask for your email address — at all — they’re using targeted email marketing.

So what is targeted email marketing? Simple – it’s collecting email addresses of people that you know are interested in what you’re selling, and then emailing them stuff that makes them more inclined to buy your stuff. If you’re a giant corporation like Wal*Mart, you send them your weekly coupons or something. If you’re a small business, you can send out coupons, but you’re likely to be even more successful by sending out emails about your latest new product or service.

The trick is to build the list. It’s a numbers game — if 0.5% of people respond to your email, and you have 200 people on your list, that’s one reply. If you have 20,000 people on your list, that’s one hundred replies. Having a large list of people that you can send emails out to efficiently means that you make more money off of each email you send out.

There are two ways to obtain a list: you can purchase one or you can build one. For many major companies that have a broad spectrum of products (like Wal*Mart), it’s easier to purchase a list of a hundred million email addresses, because almost everyone can find something in their store that they want to buy. For business with a very narrow product stream — say, Lea & Perrins — it’s smarter to build a list, because of a hundred million email addresses on Wal*Mart’s list, maybe only one million actually use Worcestershire sauce on a regular basis, so they’re not getting their money’s worth.

For the vast majority of small businesses, then, building your own list is the right path to take. Find something that you can offer your clients. Build a webpage where you can give it to them for free in exchange for their email address. Get an SEO company to do some small business SEO for that page. If you use an opt-in system, you have their permission to market to them until they opt out — which for most people is never. Time to bring the profits!

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  1. I have already started my own personal transportation company, however I want to go big.
    My company is still very small. I have a few regular clients and receive a few calls each week for my services.
    I got my company up off the ground but I am at a loss of where to go from here….
    I want my company to grow as quickly as possible, and i would like to be able to grow my fleet of vehicles.
    I know I need to promote my new business, and advertise as much as possible but I’m out of ideas.

    Does anyone know any tips for business owners on how to expand quickly? Generate more cash flow? Places to promote for a personal transportation service?
    BTW: Personal Transportation Service = Rides, chauffeur service, driver for hire, similar to taxi.

  2. Hello, we are looking for a good email marketing company, we want to send out at least 800,000 emails per month, we have tried one company but to be honest their support service is poor and they do not cooperate with us. I have looked at MailChimp but they do not accept the Opt In list we have, as we purchased the list from a 3rd party. We are a professional company and looking for a professional email marketing company. Thanks 🙂

  3. Jeffery Carlson

    Now days, many business owner or companies are using SMS software to do SMS marketing.
    Will it help me to improve my business. If Yes, then which SMS Software is best to use.

  4. Im going to buy an email list from a list broker. There also going to send out the email I created to the whole list. Every email in the list is valid, & the people have bought products before. I just want a straight answer here please. : Has anyone ever had big success with affiliate marketing through an opt in email marketing campaign? If yes then explain how good you did.
    There are data cards the company provides, but I just want to know of anyone has been successful with email marketing. If you have then please let me know. thanks

  5. I’m trying to send multiple emails out, someone has jsut suggested email marketing software…but is any of the FREE software safe? Anyone have any personal experiences and can you point me in the right direction please? Thank you.

  6. wwwavid360gamercom

    What is a good way to sell SEO for small businesses like how would you indentify the best targets?

  7. What information do people who sign up to internet marketing email newsletters want?
    How long does the email newsletter have to be?
    How soon can I promote affiliate products?

    Serious answers only
    Thank you

  8. I got 92% in MCA and everyone used to consider me as their biggest competitor. But my parents used to say that I shouldn’t do job out of my hometown. So that’s why I didn’t sit in my placements. Many companies came but I never gave any interview. Now everyone has got placed. I’m left alone. I got a job after 8 months with little salary. That too I had to leave because that company decided to close its department. Now I’m jobless again. I am sending my resume/cv to companies here but no one is responding. Every company requires an experienced person to work for them. Some companies are so small that I don’t want to work for them. Please guide me. Everyone is pressurizing me to do a job… but how should I do????? I’m 26 years old now. I have 5 months experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and I made some dummy projects in ASP.NET

    Help me, please, I need some guidance.

  9. With a monthly budget of around £250 ($500). What would be best way to advertise business.

    Any hints, tips

  10. Hi everyone,

    I run a small advertising based internet business and we have had some great successes in the last year. However at this stage I’m beginning to worry that the business we have achieved is not sustainable and without increased efforts towards attracting repeat customers, the business will lose its footing.

    What I am asking is what creative strategies would you suggest to encourage customers to return.



  11. I am about to launch a new computing goods website for the business and wish to inform customers on file about it.

    What is the best program to use to conduct email marketing campaigns?

    Have any of you lot got any suggestions, preferably we’d prefer one that has statistics such as read, deleted, un-subscribed, etc.

    Looking forward to your suggestions.

  12. Looking to build an opt in email list for my business and I’ve been looking at different sites offering to build an email list. Which is the best between Aweber,GetResponse or Mailchimp or any other email marketing company? Looking to expand my business and I need advice on which company to go with!

  13. I need an email marketing software package that will do its thing i.e. set up a list of emails and what emails to send but actually send them through through outlook 07

    i need it sent through outlook becase i have an access database set up that imports replies from the emails sent through out look directly in to the database

    this access database is then uploaded to an sql database

    so i need what i said above or a email marketing program than can export all replies to an excel sheet or something that i can then upload to sql


  14. Hi All,

    Just looking for advice when it comes to a small business and how to advertise it. It’s computer and tutoring services.

  15. Please inform me some email marketing websites.

    is there any other way to make money online?


  16. I have a small list of emails of people who are interested. I would like to increase my list.

  17. I’m a sales manager for a local retail (clothing) store. I need to find ways to get my name out in the community.

  18. When you’re marketing a product that people don’t know they want, is email marketing a useful tool? Good product and the boss wants results, but small budget for it of course…

  19. Okay, I am a counselor and I recently opened a private practice. I have been trying to get some more clients and outside of the the traditional give my card to other professionals and a website, I have tried the following: targeted Facebook ad, ad in the appropriate classified section of the paper and they have not been generating too many calls or emails. I can also offer seminars for companies and I want to do some email marketing via Constant Contact or iContact.

    I am THINKING (remember I am not hip with the marketing yet!) that perhaps companies may not invest in seminars in the next 3 months – as Xmas is coming up, the New Year and everyone needs to recover financially. I may be wrong.

    So when would be the best months to target companies to hire me for seminars?

  20. I send emails out to my customers daily, and it seems as if no one opens my mail, and if they do they don’t click to see the items I have for sale. How do I send a good email? Thank you,

  21. I am confused with all the choice out there. I want to be able to send emails to our clients once a month. I want to be able to run reports on who has read it, if its got through, who has unsubscribed etc Most of all I want a system that will get though firewalls etc

    Help….Im drowning in choice and confusion.


  22. We want to run an email marketing server for our customers. Which of the email marketing software would you recommend? It should run on our server and allow re-branding.
    Many of our customers want to email 50k subscribers on a weekly basis. And it should be able to track and report clicks.

  23. I have been trying to research ways of increases sales to my site. I see these sites like emailmarketinginnovation.com etc but wonder if I would even see a 10 percent increase. Any experience????

  24. Whether any email marketing companies in chennai, i would like to know about email marketing, how that will help for my business.

  25. Does anybody knows of a proven email marketing consultant to work with us on an email marketing campaign related to our business, we are in the home renovation market and want to reach to more targeted leads in our local market?

    Thank you,

  26. Hi to all

    I am looking at starting some sort of email marketing to advertise my new business.

    I am looking for any recommendations or advise any one could give.

    This industry seems to be open for abuse, is there any scams I should look out for.


  27. i’ve send around 1500 emails for potential clients and i have got 1 answer. Is that a problem? because mailing is a dirty job, a great deal goes straight to the garbage BUT 1500 to 1!!! is that an absurd number?

    should i stop and think a reaproach or 1500 is not as much as it seems?
    it is not spam, the list is fairly acurrate

  28. how much can opt-in email marketing improve repeat business from customers? I am operating a small used video game store online and thinking about keep customers’ emails, send them special offers on regular basis.

    Has anyone have any experiences on opt-in email marketing? How much (in percentage) do you think it help on repeat businesses?

    Thanks a lot!

  29. I want to download a email extractor free software for email marketing with serial key. And one soft ware for Emailing. Please share some sites

  30. I have experience designing websites in html/css and want to do that full time. I am relocating to a town that only has one main design company. They charge 10 times as much as I usually do, but I have been told that I undercharge and that gives my services an unexperienced feel. I have done over 300 websites for non-profit companies in my area. With all the competition, should I raise my prices ($25.00/page or $500.00/project) to give a more “professional” impression? I need to get more jobs soon so that I can make a larger down payment on the house. I am in the process of learning PHP/SQL which some businesses like, but my ideal client is wanting a personal page, informational page, etc. That is what I usually do for people.

    Can this business work or should I just give up now? I want to get more Internet based clients to replace the ones I will lose when I move.

  31. I am running a website that I want it to be seen by search engines, I’ve found many services like google adwords, ect..but is there one you personaly tried and has improved traffic to your website? I need something up to 80GBP per year for uk websites.

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