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What Is Meant By KEYWORD Stuffing?

In the never ending race to get high page rank, some adhere to unethical procedures. When you approach website SEO services online, a number of them give you false assures about getting good rank for your site soon. Nevertheless their assures aren’t false, but the method they perform is false. So watch out for those fake companies. They follow a method of stuffing your site with key phrases. You’ll have the ability to get rank soon. But this, when discovered by search engines might result in banning of your site.

Off the track promotional strategies are called as black hat Seo techniques. This is not authentic website seo link building method. Those who want to get quick success take this short cut route. But though the results are sweeter at first, they’ll not give more durable advantages. Some stuff their internet pages with invisible key phrases. You may wonder what invisible key phrases are. These key phrases are in the exact same color of the back ground. So they are not visible. Nevertheless they are visible to search engine bots. With more quantity of key phrases in a single page, the keyword strength raises and you are able to rank well for those key phrases.

The crawlers are much more intelligent than humans these days. They are able to smell those hidden key phrases. Search engines will blacklist such websites practicing unethical techniques. These black hat techniques affect the websites that are really worth to get rankings. They are pushed back by these spammers. So it affects the true values of search results. That’s the cause why these websites when discovered are penalized heavily or banned completely.

White hat techniques however are straight seo link building techniques. They bring slow but steady results. They are capable of bringing more durable results. They make a steady improve in your traffic, one way links and improve your page rank too. The new algorithm of Google easily smells keyword stuffers. So you need to be cautious of that to prevent your site from total loss. You need to constantly maintain a particular percentage of your key phrases in your site. Usually it could be two to three percent of the total quantity of words. Do not insert key phrases in smaller and minute fonts unjustifiably. Instead of designing your site exclusively for search engines, design it for your target audience. They are the true visitors who’re going to be benefited out of your site and from whom you’re going get advantages too.

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