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Organic SEO is Natural way to Get Websites in Top Search

The recent survey of business websites says that more than 80% of web traffic comes from the search engines because about 90% of internet shoppers use the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite and many other to find out what they want? The survey also states that, out of the 90%, 67% of shoppers/searchers do not even go beyond first page of search engine. Therefore to establish successful business on the internet and to attract more web traffic of online shoppers, you will have to rank much better or rather best on such search engines. Here Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO) comes to serve you for this issue.

Organic SEO is one of the methods of internet marketing services, which is also called as “Natural SEO” as it involves natural way of optimization and doesn’t involve bidding for keywords.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is methodology used to make website more visible on search engines. It is the process of optimizing that is creating or improving web pages. The mission of Organic SEO is to create search engine friendly web pages in order to increase web sites web traffic and its value to both visitors and search engines. ‘Quality content’ and ‘link popularity’ are main pillars of organic SEO which will be used to drive targeted organic traffic that is the web traffic came from search engines. The idea behind Organic SEO is getting found on first page of search engines without paying them for placement. Organic SEO involves appealing to the search engines guidelines through the proper use of keywords, quality of content, link building and link popularity. All of these actions when combined together will help to increase websites popularity. And you will surely achieve higher rankings in the natural results of the search engines.


Why Organic SEO

There are many other methodologies available to optimize the website. Out of which Organic SEO is the best way to optimize your site. Because;

• Organic SEO is natural SEO and not the forced one.

• It is cost effective technique which will increase your site ranking in search engines without addition PPC charges.

• It focus on 3 major factors, Firstly on human searchers who are your potential customers, secondly on so that your site can withstand the frequently changing algorithms of search engines and search engines and thirdly on your visibility to market your products and services

How does Organic SEO work

Here are some tips for performing an Organic SEO for your website:

• Your website should be user based and not a search engine based.
• Your website should focus on convenience of user, simplicity of your site and information from your site. That is how convenient is your website for user? How simple and rich keywords are used in your web pages? And how informative your site contents are?
• The content of your website should not be keyword-dense and information should not be thick.
• Your website should have good, relevant, user based content which is capable of engaging user.
• Your website should rank in certain keywords which must be competitive enough to target the traffic.
• For increasing link popularity, content should be spread around through emails, RSS feeds, bookmarking and media sites etc.

Benefits of Organic SEO

• Organic SEO gives search engines what they exactly want by maintaining Relevancy of content. Thus search results are long lasting for it.
• For Organic SEO, you keep adding content to your website. By this its get clear that you are there for doing business and nothing more which helps shoppers to build greater trust in you.
• While increasing link popularity, your site automatically gets advertised and marketed.