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What Does A Press Release Service Like?

When you want to get the word out to people right now, there are few options better than a press release service. It used to be that a press release service was somewhat slow, because you had to post the press release, then a journalist had to read it, decide it was worth making a story out of, and then get it past their editors and into the newspaper or other media.

Today, however, a decently-written press release will make it onto Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News, and other similar sites within minutes. This means a few things need to be right about your press release before you hand it over to the press release service. Here are three of them in no particular order:

Killer Content
You can’t count on anyone to rewrite or even spellcheck your press release before it hits Google anymore. You’d better have your content ready for customer’s eyes before you submit it. There aren’t any edits once a story is up on one of the news aggregators: it is what it is, and if you HGH did anything to make it less than perfect, that mistake will be in front of everyone’s eyes until the file falls off of the news sites.

Similarly, if you don’t have the right keywords, the right anchor text, and the right latent semantic indexing, your press release isn’t going to have the effects that you’d like it to on your SERP rankings. Your release’s website SEO has to be done well — and subtle enough that it won’t make readers click away in disgust — before it make it out to the press release service.

Even though a story submitted to a major press release service gets slapped upon Google News and it’s ilk without expense, that doesn’t mean it can be an advertisement. Ideally, it will still be interesting enough that a journalist who does decide it’s worth rewriting can do co.

There are a lot of good things about using a press release service — even moreso now than there was a decade ago. Just keep these few points in mind when designing your press release, and hit ’em with everything you’ve got.

28 thoughts on “What Does A Press Release Service Like?”

  1. Press releases are copyright-protected ? Can i reproduce the information from a press release without fear of copyright infringement claims ?

  2. I am looking to submit my press release about an online business and career network and I need to see the story published in major websites such as yahoo. which press release distributor you recommend?

    Budget : £ 100 to 150

  3. What is the definition of a press release? Is a press release technically an article that contains new information about your product or service? Or can a press release be an article that discusses general information pertaining to your product or service? I guess I’m just a little confused as to the difference between a press release & an article. Any guidance is appreciated — thank you!

  4. Users can go into google maps and manipulate the map with data. I am wondering, can users go into google news and manipulate data and ‘pull’ news item to do something with it?

  5. A. To have an official document of record about what an organization is doing
    B. To inform media rather than an intended targeted public about what your organization is doing
    C. To create spin about an issue of interest to the public
    D. To influence the media to write favorably about the material in the press release
    E. All of the above

  6. I’m an indie author. I want to distribute information on my book to the masses. Who provides the best service?

  7. simply complicated

    I have read a book recently that says purchasing press releases is an important part of the publishing/marketing process. Is this true? If it is, how does anyone ever see it? How exactly does it work to effect marketing? I can’t remember hearing about any book that I have read through a press release. Is this important or just BS? Thanks.

  8. i had this (i dunno if it’s called a gadget like the others) where i get the latest news (from what google gets) onto my iGoogle homepage. It was on a celeb. i erased all the history on my computer so now i don’t have it anymore. i don’t remember how i got it, so how do you get it? i remember going on google news and finding something that does that…

  9. “The individual suffering from AIDS certainly is a victim — frequently a victim of his own lifestyle — but this same individual victimizes innocent citizens by forcing them to pay for his care,”
    2 days ago Fox News
    Ron Paul”
    Is the way they keep digging up this old junk and shoving it down our throats just an obvious display of their anti-Ron Paul, anti-Constitution, anti-Liberty agenda?

  10. I am looking for a press release service that can distribute free press releases for community development agencies.

  11. I need to submit a press release for my small skateboard company, which company should I have distribute it? Anybody have any good/bad experiences with any companies? Thank you.

  12. Where can I get a decent press release written for under $100? I realize you get what you pay for and $100 isn’t much but it’s for a non-profit project and money is tight.

    Please only list companies/writers that you have used and don’t suggest the first few websites from a search result page.


  13. Ok i am new to this but I have a small business and i want to promote. Some one in my office suggested me to do paid press releases in http://www.sharewellnewswire.com or prweb.com.. but I actually don’t understand their benefits. Can anyone help ?

    I have now handful of paid press release site.. which one to choose ?

  14. I’m launching a new service for businesses and am thinking about reaching out to them with a mid-level press release submission. Is it worth the money?

  15. I Have To Write One And it’s due in tomorrow so any answers and you can get your self two points 🙂 X
    It is for a movie btw =)
    Does anyone have any examples?

  16. I am looking to submit some press releases and would like them included in google news if possible. I have a limited budget so I was hoping to find free press release submission services to accomplish this. Does anyone have any suggestions ? (thanks in advance) http://www.linktycoon.com

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