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Website Search Engine Optimization

More than 90% of internet users use search engines to find something on the internet hence using search engines is the best way of internet marketing for your website. For better marketing and for getting more web traffic to your website in order to deliver more sales, you need to improve your web design. And here Website Search Engine Optimization comes into the picture.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improvement or redevelopment of a website so that it will rank higher in the results of search engine. Higher the rank in search result, greater the chances of being visited as normally visitors do not go beyond first 2-3 pages of search result. Thus web traffic will get increased. Website SEO is an internet marketing strategy, which involves adding pages to your site which will significantly increase the quantity and quality of traffic flow into your website. To improve popularity and ranking of your website, you need to consider 4 major key factors that are content, design, programming and links & listing while optimizing it. By this Website SEO will ensure the accessibility and higher ranking of the site to search engine

Guidelines for Website SEO

Here are some tips for Website search engine optimization:

• Ensure that you have relevant content on your site which is capable of engaging and entertaining the visitor
• For improving website accessibility, make sure that you have served important information first, you have expanded abbreviations when they are used first time on your web page, you have used CSS for separation of presentation from content, your documentation is semantically correct etc.
• Make sure that you have proper anchor text for linking because more links you have, more visitors are going to creep at your site.
• Ensure that every we page of your site is unique that is it has unique title, meta tag keywords, meta tag description etc.

• Use great title to your website and make sure that keywords used for it are rich and simple.
• The keywords should not be dense and it should be competitive enough to target the traffic to your site.
• Create sitemaps for all your web pages, so that it will make easy for search engines to find contents at your site.
• Create meta tags for which will give helping hand to search engine so as to improve ranking factor

Stages in Website SEO

The Website SEO campaigns are divided in to following fundamental stages:

1. Keyword Optimization:
The first thing during Website SEO is choosing keywords or key phrases for your web pages in such a way that they describe the purpose and content of your site and also help your site to show up in first 2-3 pages of search result.

2. Web page Optimization/ On-page Optimization:
It is done for better ranking of your web site files in search engine.
Once done with choosing key phrases, second thing to do is optimizing your web page for those keywords and key phrases. For this, optimize key phrases in web page title, keyword Meta tag, description meta tag, content/body of your web page etc.

3. Image search Optimization:
Image search optimization has its own benefits and very few of site owners are aware of them. The results for image search are queries accompanied by not only thumbnails but also some contextual information.

For Image search optimization, you should take care of few things like using original photo, using good quality pictures with necessary resolution adjustment, using mainly JPG or GIF files, naming image with the actual match of it in file etc.

4. Off-page Optimization:
It is done for improving link popularity of your site. It will ensure that you get linked to best search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. and to best directories.

Once you are done with page optimization, you will go for Off-page optimization simple things like getting listed in DEMOZ (http://www.dmoz.org) which is the open directory project in world’s largest directory, getting listed in Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com), publishing articles in your field of expertise regularly or exchanging links with other reputed sites etc.

Benefits of Website SEO
• Website SEO improves your competitive edge and hence chances of finding you online increases than to find your competitors by customers.
• It helps in expanding customer base by ensuring more web traffic to your site.
• It helps in targeting more audience by ensuring higher ranking of your website.
• Thus it increases your sales and return on investment ultimately.
• It saves your time and money by making you utilize free search engine services to advertise your product or services.

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