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Using Backdating As a Tool for Blog Posting

There are various advantages to maintaining a good blog to maintain and improve your online presence. With timely blog posting, there is a great chance that you will be able to establish a stable online presence for yourself or your company. It is a chance to get to know and interact with your clients on a regular basis. But, if you have just started a new blog, how can you make sure that you look like an established blog and get the attention you deserve. You can use backdating to establish a series of posts that can create a history of posts so that your blog establishes a credibility for itself. Here’s how you can use backdating to you benefit:

  • Change Time/Date Stamp: A good way to use backdating is to change the time/date stamp on your newly written blog post. Before publishing a post, you have the choice to choose the date you want the post to be published under. This establishes a history of blog postings to your blog’s credit.
  • Filling a Blog: If your blog is new and needs to be established, you need good content to establish your blog. Writing new blog postings from scratch can be cumbersome and time consuming. But if you already have a website to your name, why not try and fill some blog posts with the content from your already established website.
  • Use Backdating Wisely: While backdating will create an index for your blog and create a long history of blog posting for your blog, it can have some unexpected consequences. With backdating postings, visitors will not be able to see them as new posts but will only be able to see them on browsing for old posts. This will result in fewer comments that actually count towards your blog’s credibility. But, it could be worthwhile to establish a history for for new blog to attract visitors.

Above all else, a blog posting needs good content. Backdating on not, each post is only credible if it has good material at its core. Remember to have good, established content for your visitors to read every time they visit.

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