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Use of Social Bookmarking to help create market awareness of your website

Social bookmarking is originally designed for Internet users to share, search, organize and manage bookmarks.Today, people are becoming aware on the potential of social bookmarking as an incredible tool for online marketing.As a marketing tool, social bookmarking can potentially increase online presence of a website.

Social bookmarking is a great Internet marketing resource because it can generate free traffic.However it can take a lot of time and effort to submit websites to numerous social bookmarking sites.The best option is to have social bookmarking service.Social bookmarking services allow user to spend lesser time and effort in submission.In fact, these services make automatic submissions to different social bookmarking sites.

Compare to other marketing methods, social bookmarking is much faster and easier.The most basic step in social bookmarking marketing strategy is to register in social bookmarking sites.After that, you can begin bookmarking and tagging.The efficiency of social bookmarking can be optimized with social bookmarking service.Through these services, you can submit your article, website or blog in seconds.

The concept of social bookmarking is simple.Once you submitted your article or website, people who enjoyed it will start bookmarking the site.This increases market awareness as your website increases in its popularity.As your popularity increases, more people will bookmark your website.The great thing about social bookmarking is that search engines generally crawl to social bookmarking sites for search results.

Basically, websites that can gain interest to online users have good content.It is a well-known fact that good content can increase traffic significantly.The same idea applies to social bookmarking.If the content is good, you can increase more traffic to your website.However, you don’t need to pay for pay per click service.

Unlike traditional automated resource, social bookmarking system involves tag-based classification done by humans.This means that the content of the resources given are well understood.More so, there are web pages that traditional automated resources ignored. Social bookmarking system can also rank a resource based on the number of times it has been bookmarked.

The disadvantage of social bookmarking is that it is susceptible to spam and corruption.Since there is an increase in the popularity of social bookmarking, more people are starting to use it along with search engine optimization to increase online visibility.Spammers will try to tag their site multiple times or using multiple popular tags just to gain more popularity.

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