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Use a Web Presenter to Increase Average Time on Site and Conversion Rate

Open another window and go to your home page or landing page. What do you see? Is it enough to capture your attention if you’re visiting for the first time? Put yourself in the place of a person who has never been to your site before and has no idea how to navigate to the sign-up or purchase page. Would they find it naturally or simply click off after a few minutes? If your average time on site for a new visitor is less than one minute, you are a good candidate for a web presenter.

A web presenter is an animate image in the form of a man or woman who tells you what the site is all about and directs you to where you need to go. The average script for a web presenter is longer than one minute, so most of your new visitors will stay at least long enough to listen to what you have to say. Some business owners use an image of themselves; others choose an attractive female or male avatar. The choice is yours, but we generally recommend the fictional character and a professional voice. A lot of research goes into creating these things and we have statistics to back up what works.

Is a web presenter an organic SEO tool? In some ways it is. As far as we know, time on site isn’t a variable in Google’s search algorithm, but an interesting presentation could cause a potential customer to bookmark your page, and bookmarks are in the algorithm. They are quality links that were created voluntarily by a party not looking for a return link posting. If the person who creates them is on a social network, those bookmarks become even more powerful, garnering additional links and direct traffic for the originators “friends” or “followers”. This process is called social bookmarking and it is most definitely an organic SEO tool.

Obviously, the more time someone spends on your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase, unless of course your products or services are sub-par or over-priced. The web presenter will keep them onsite; the quality and affordability of your offering will do the rest. It helps if you also have the web presenter explain to the visitor what they need to do to make a purchase. That’s how you increase your conversion rate.