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There Is No Traffic Fairy: Why You Need An SEO Company

If only there was a traffic fairy. No, not the kind that would give you a quarter if you put a car under your pillow, but the kind that could wave it’s wand and suddenly give your website a thousand visitors per hour until the clock struck midnight, and then leave you with some ruby slippers that could repeat the process when you clicked them together three times.

Sadly, there is no traffic fairy, so those of us in the real world are left to find a good SEO company to guide the good people of Internet-ville to our little corner of that vast metropolis, and hope they buy something before they click off into the sunset.

The things you can build only get bigger and better. Only unlike Legos, SEO gives you money back just for having it done right. How cool is that?

To put it another way, SEO work is kind of like sinking a few hundred dollars into a high-yield savings account. You have to put up a lot of money in order to make the minimum deposit, but as soon as it’s in, you start making cash, and as long as you keep reinvesting the profits, the amount of cash you make each day only gets bigger. It’s like Benjamin Franklin said, “The most powerful force on Earth is compound interest.”

Of course, for your interest to compound at the best possible rate, your SEO needs to be done right — and that takes expertise and experience. Those are a couple of things that you probably don’t have at this point in your career, and that’s exactly why you need an SEO company. Compound interest may seem like magic, but in the end, Virginia, there is no traffic fairy.