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Ten Tips for writing a blog post

Writing blogs to express your opinion and views about life or a host of other things has become quite a fashion today, since internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Almost everyone that we come tips-for-great-blog-postacross in our daily lives either has a blog of his own or is aware of blogging. But how do you write a good blog? Here are ten tips for writing a blog post, a successful one, which would make more people aware of your blogs and generate interest about them.

How to write a good blog?
These are the ten tips for writing a blog post which are randomly listed without any order of preference or listing criteria, but they are sure to make you a good blogger, so just try them out:

1) Short and sweet: always write blogs which are not more than 250 words in length, so that you have a short and sweet blog in place. It should convey your thoughts and ideas but should not make the reader bored or be too long so that he automatically loses interest.
2) Include bullets: try to convey your ideas in the form of bullets or listings so that the bullets remain etched in the memory of the reader for a longer period of time.
3) Reader perspective: always try to keep the reader’s perspective in mind while writing a good blog. Think what info are you sharing with the reader, is it relevant for him, would he be interested in it and try to keep it informative for the reader Payday Loans.

4) Comprehensible: this is one of the important tips among ten tips for writing a blog post. Always try to use a language which is comprehensible, lively, interactive and has an element of humor in it. Avoid being overtly sarcastic or being preachy or too loud and lousy with your thoughts.

5) Keywords: this is again an important part of a good blog. Use your keywords generously and effectively, so that the search engines as well as users find it easy to find your blogs.
6) Effective headline: always contain the main idea of your blog in an interesting headline.
7) Consistent style: try to maintain a consistent style while writing blogs. Try to convey your thoughts in short, simple and comprehensible sentences instead of long and winding ones, which confuse the reader about meaning.

8) Colloquial expressions: it’s absolutely fine if you use colloquial expressions in blogs since they are meant to reflect your mind. You don’t always have to be grammatically correct and sound elite while writing blogs.
9) Proof read: always check your blogs once you complete writing since proof-reading would increase the chances of spotting mistakes and correcting the obvious ones.

10) Links: this is the most important among the ten tips for writing a blog post. Link your blog to as many available and suitable links that you could find on the internet to increase the traffic to your blogs.
So, just follow these simple yet effective ten tips for writing a blog post and you could become the next most interesting and popular blogger!

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