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Targeted Email Marketing works best when Combined with Other Mediums

How many landing pages does your website have? Do you belong to an email marketing service like aWeber or are you sending from the office using a list you purchased from a marketing company? Does your web advertising have opt-in boxes displayed on it? Targeted email marketing is only targeted if your list is generated from a pool of internet users interested in your products or services. The only way to get that is to use other mediums to drive traffic and voluntary sign-up features to screen your list.

Take a look at your website. If you run a PPC campaign to drive traffic to it, where in your site will that traffic land? Your home page is not necessarily the most ideal place for someone’s first encounter with your company. Those with experience in PPC management recommend that you create a separate landing page specifically designed to address the subject of the PPC ad that is being responded to. A sign-up or opt-in box on that landing page will give you the ability to reach back out to visitors even if they don’t buy anything on their first trip to your site. That’s a powerful tool to have.

Now, think about all of the other advertising and marketing that you do. Whatever the function is, whether it’s a coupon, direct response, or even just an announcement of some kind, there should always be direction to a landing page on your website where they can sign up to be on your email list. If you’re running a web presenter, have it direct visitors to a sign-up box somewhere on the page and include some promotion for that box in the script that you write for the presenter.

As an experienced organic SEO and internet marketing company, we understand the value of client communication and how that will raise your sales numbers. Email marketing is an effective tool, but only if those emails are going to people who will actually open and respond to them. Otherwise, you’re wasting time, energy, and money, not to mention undermining the credibility of your company. Sending spam emails will do that for you. Don’t make that mistake.