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Targeted Email Marketing And Modern SEO: Is It Still 'All in The List'?

There’s always new slogans popping up in the world of website SEO. For a long time, it was “content is king!” Then we had “It’s all in the list!” Today, the cutting edge of SEO gurus are trying to decide on how to turn their theories about market leadership into a pithy slogan. But is the turn toward a new fallback phrase an indication that the old ones are out of date?

In short, no. Targeted email marketing has proven over and over again to be one of the best ways to turn SEO into cash, because it works on so many levels. The basic tactic of email marketing is to capture people’s email addresses so that you can advertise to them via Email — often over and over again for months or years. Each time you advertise, you’ll catch the attention of some small percentage of them, and they’ll buy whatever you’re promoting.

The focuses that email marketers have are simple: first, to get each sales message to convert as much as possible, but more importantly, they constantly work to make their list bigger. Its basic math: double the size of your list, and you double your profit-per-email. Because of that simple equation, “it” will continue to be “in the list” until the entire nature of the Internet shifts and no one uses email anymore.

The cutting-edge gurus may be chatting about social networking, blogging, market leadership, and putting in a year or more before you ever try to sell a product. While they do, however, the marketers out there who have a fifty thousand member mailing list and toss off an email once a week in order to draw out the <1% that will respond are still making thousands of dollars per email. And then using the cheap generic cialis rest of their day to practice market leadership and social marketing.

In short, targeted email marketing and ‘the list’ aren’t going anywhere. If you’re not using this remarkably simple technique to capture more money from the visitors that come to your website, you should be, and that’s that.

26 thoughts on “Targeted Email Marketing And Modern SEO: Is It Still 'All in The List'?”

  1. I want to send out my site via emails How do I get emails addresses to send people business ideas — You probably get tons of emails from various sources well how dis those people get my email address – There has to be a company that provides email addresses

  2. Jeanelle the Retard

    i have read a few things about this email marketing, basically what i understand from it is that you take my email address, and then what?

    i mean what do you do with my email list? and how can i make one like that?

  3. Okay, I am a counselor and I recently opened a private practice. I have been trying to get some more clients and outside of the the traditional give my card to other professionals and a website, I have tried the following: targeted Facebook ad, ad in the appropriate classified section of the paper and they have not been generating too many calls or emails. I can also offer seminars for companies and I want to do some email marketing via Constant Contact or iContact.

    I am THINKING (remember I am not hip with the marketing yet!) that perhaps companies may not invest in seminars in the next 3 months – as Xmas is coming up, the New Year and everyone needs to recover financially. I may be wrong.

    So when would be the best months to target companies to hire me for seminars?

  4. Is there is legitimate website that offers true email marketing?

    Some i found in search cheap and said to send 2.3 million emails a day…

    is there any actual company that does real time email marketing for my products?

    thanks 🙂

  5. Outline the three stages of target marketing and discuss how companies position their products for maximum competitive advantage.

  6. I am new to the email marketing strategies. Does anyone out there have any good tips or websites? I appreciate the help.

  7. Hello i have my own website and I am looking to ad an email marketing listing so for when one of my products is on sale send an email campaign. However, my web designer says that would cost me $500!!! My online site is brand new and honestly budget is tight had spent all my savings on this new small company. any suggestions? Thank you so much

  8. My name is Egal Gabbay and I am running a company Griffin Holdings LLC. I have heard a lot about Email Marketing, I want to utilize this technique to grow my business revenue.

  9. i want to make a targeted marketing list for my specialization product,

    how can i do that, without too much of a problem, and cost?

  10. The new changes have SERIOUS bugs!!! And work erratically doing things like deletions and moves! Also the sync/targeting point of the mouse on the action buttons is WAY off causing most of this!!!
    Arthur – What a politically contrived answer devised for your own gain, and pulled from your archive at that. Like what we do or bug off? How does that support Yahoo as a positive contributing member?

  11. I will be marketing a self-improvement product and other health products.. Which form of marketing would generate more quality leads for a resonable price..

    I find that online marketing generates cheap, but low quality leads.. probly just my experience thow..

  12. hey guys,

    I dont really shop in Accessorize and i have to write a report about Target market of accessorize, who shops there? teens?

    what else do i have to write about target market ?

    please help

    and what do you think

    thanks to everyone

  13. I am looking for someone that is familiar with the CAN-SPAM ACT. I want to know if I can legally visit a business’s website and contact them through their “contact us” page and ask for the business administrator’s email address.

    I have tried emailing and calling the FTC, but I can’t through to any person, it’s all automated.

    I work for a small accounting firm, and we sent out thousands of brochures to businesses. I need the business owner’s email address so I can do a follow up, ask them if they got our brochure and if they’d be interested in an appointment. Would I be complying with CAN-SPAM ACT if I do this?

    I don’t want my company to get fined!

    Thanks to anyone that has an accurate answer for me.

  14. timq3dimensionscom

    i’ve send around 1500 emails for potential clients and i have got 1 answer. Is that a problem? because mailing is a dirty job, a great deal goes straight to the garbage BUT 1500 to 1!!! is that an absurd number?

    should i stop and think a reaproach or 1500 is not as much as it seems?
    it is not spam, the list is fairly acurrate

  15. What are some marketing concepts? We have to do a powerpoint slide on marketing concepts. However, we must look throught the entire 800 pages to find them and so far I have only found one. Help please.
    is it the same as direct marketing or 2 different concepts?

  16. Is email marketing still an effective way to promote your business? Should I even bother with this method or it is pretty outdated?

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