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Search Engine Optimization Rules

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing the website in order to give higher search engine ranking to it and to drag most of the internet traffic to it. Remember that SEO is not about fooling search engines for gaining its result but its all about improving your website and advertising it properly to achieve those results. If you are planning to build search engine friendly website, you will have to make sure that you are following certain Search Engine Optimization Rules. Want to know more about SEO Rules? Here nerds and geeks, a local SEO marketing company provides this article for you which will make you familiarized with normal SEO Rules.

More about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its services and benefits:
There are various SEO techniques out there in market like Organic SEO, link building, PPC management, directory submission, article marketing services, press release services etc. Any of these techniques gives you several benefits which includes but are not limited to targeting traffic, building a brand, increasing sales, increasing business creditability and profit etc. by providing you simple SEO services like Keyword Research, Content Writing, Link building etc. But there are several standard SEO Rules which should be taken care of while processing these SEO services in order to get better SEO results.

More Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rules:

Do not cheat:
Every search engine has its own policies. While optimizing your site make sure that you have taken care of them. Remember that they have hundreds of genius scientist working with them and you can not fool them.

Stick to your keywords:
Pick few keywords and phrases which describe your site, use them in site’s URL, headline and subhead lines. And make gateway pages using them. Don’t repeat keywords unnecessarily.

Write great content:
Remember that internet users never search for website design but they search for content. Thus add unique keyword-rich content to your website which is constructive and informative. Keep it simple.

Separate Content:
Make sure that each of your web pages has separate content. And all are following previous SEO rules.

Clean and Searchable Coding:
Keep your code simple with technologies like HTML, PHP etc. so that search engine spider can easily search and rank your site. Remember that recent technologies used to create web pages like CGI script, image maps, Frame etc. may confuse search engine spiders and also make your website look shabby. Thus try to avoid such things.

Expressive Homepage:
Homepage to website is like face to human physique. It is a major factor who attracts traffic to your website. Thus your homepage should be enough expressive and it should summarize the rest of your website in simple and clear manner.

Title tags and link:
Links and titles also play crucial part in attracting web traffic. Hence avoid using dense keywords in such things.
Have sitemap, Meta tags for your site:
Sitemap, Meta tags etc. help in building link popularity of your web site. Thus make sure that your site has such things.

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