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Search Engine Optimization Professional

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become necessity for all websites in order to increase web traffic to them. Therefore all websites are going for SEO, so that they can make their online business commercially feasible with large profits. So if you are thinking of optimizing your website with SEO, here nerds and geeks, a local SEO marketing company is always at your service for this purpose.

About Nerds and Geeks, as a SEO Professional:
“Nerds and geeks” is one of the best SEO Professional, who helps businesses with SEO processes with its wide range of services that too at competitive prices. “Nerds and geek” provides services in areas like Organic SEO, link building, PPC management, directory submission, article marketing services, press release services etc. We provide our SEO services to variety of businesses related to Finance, Insurance, Law, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Arts, Health care and Dental, Auto Dealership, Travel and many more.

Why Nerds and geeks as a SEO Professional:

• “Nerds and geeks” has experienced and expert staff who has deep understanding in business of SEO.
• Our experts achieve your SEO goal for you and since you don’t have to take are of SEO, you can focus more on your business.
• Our experts know how to woo online shoppers and hence we offer you a guaranteed ranking in search results in minimum time which ultimately increases your sales.
• We offer you SEO services in competitively lesser prices.
• We help you in maintaining your ranking for longer duration.

Services provided by Nerds and geeks:
As a SEO Professional, “Nerds and geeks” provides following SEO services to its clients in order to ensure their ranking in search results that too for longer duration:

Understanding Customer:

We believe that each of business and client has different SEO solution and hence we first understand our customer’s interests, their business and based on this we choose appropriate search engine marketing services for them.

Assigning an experts:
Once appropriate search engine marketing service has been decided, we provide a dedicated team of experts to work on Client’s project whose goal is to give guaranteed top 10 ranking to clients website.

Research Competition:
We analyze our client’s competitors, and see what they have done for better ranking and improved web traffic. We will ensure better quality content for your website than that of them.

Optimizing customer’s website:
Our experts will identify clients business and interests. And based on this they will select “keyword” phrases, titles for client’s website. Later they will create relevant and engaging contents for their website and optimize it. They will submit and link your site to as much other sites and directories as possible to ensure your position in top 10 of search results of most of the search engines.

Monitor and manage regularly:
Our experts will track your position in the search engine results, web traffic to your site, your link popularity etc. regularly. Based on these, they will monitor your website in order to keep you in higher ranking for longer possible duration.

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