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RICO Statutes Seen as Best Hope to Bring Down Magedson and Rip-off Report

Ed Magedson and Rip-off report have continually dodged the bullet and laughed at the legal system and any sense of consequences that they might have to pay for their actions Says Web Wise Media a Victim of Anonymous Complaints from their competitors. Ripoff Report has been able to hide behind Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and they have settled out of court when it appeared they were about to finally lose. Mr. Magedson has even chosen at times to not show up in court at all, like he did against Alyon Technologies, surrendering a default judgment in the millions which will never be enforced. This man and his company which has slandered and extorted so many legitimate businesses seem to be untouchable. That is, they were up until now.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) of 1970 was put in place to help federal law enforcement agencies prosecute gangland and mafia bosses for the actions of those who were underneath them in the chain of command. The rationale in passing it was to help the FBI get to bosses who rarely came near the scene of the actual crime.

Ed Magedson’s history as an individual petty thief and check bouncer is well documented along with his arrest and prison record. In his new profession as a supposed “white knight” against corporate America he has done incredible damage to hard working individuals who up until now have had no recourse against him. The CDA prevents you from suing a company on the internet for content posted by its users. It does not however protect someone like Magedson who allegedly but not proven yet initiates and often authors the content himself. In a number of cases that are pending right now, the protection of the CDA has been ruled out by the court and RICO charges have been filed.

Edward Magedson owns RipOffReport.com, Badbusinessbureau.com, and Xcentric Ventures. All of them, plus Ed personally, have cases pending against them with RICO charges attached to them. GW Equity vs. Xcentric in Texas and Otis vs. Magedson in Nebraska seem to be the strongest against them right now. Another case, Igia vs. Xcentric in New York was placed in default by the Court when Mr. Magedson didn’t show up in December of 2007. That case included a RICO charge and a defamation claim.

The clock seems to be ticking and time will hopefully soon run out on Ed Magdeson and Rip-off Report. The plaintiffs in these cases and government prosecutors are now looking at these instances of slander and libel as more than simply civil matters. There are allegations of extortion, blackmail, and outright deception in almost every instance reported. The RICO statutes put some teeth into any new judgments that will be made against Magedson, Rip-off Report or any other company he attempts to put together. According to official documentation he has never had to pay a dime in reparations to anyone, although there are instances of out of court settlements where the details are not made public.  He’s managed to escape so far but his time is just about up.





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