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Repeat Sales Are The Question; Targeted Email Marketing Is the Answer

One thing that many starting info-preneurs and other small businesses often incorrectly assume is that a new customer is a good customer, and once someone has bought from you, they’re probably not going to buy from you again. Not only is this indicative of a poorly-thought-out business model, but also of a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the human psyche works.

What does this have to do with SEO?
Nothing whatsoever — but it has to do with the flipside of organic SEO: conversions. SEO brings traffic, but if your site can’t convert, all of the traffic in the world is useless. Getting one conversion out of one visitor is great — really, getting five conversions out of a hundred customers is darn good — but imagine what you could do if you could get thirteen conversions out of a single customer?

That’s the power of repeat sales. To pull it off, you need to have a business model that is capable of meaningfully making thirteen transactions with the same customer. If you sell a single ebook about overcoming erectile dysfunction and that’s your only item, you can’t make repeat sales. But if you offer a bunch of different books — they don’t all even have to be yours if you’re willing to take an affiliate commission rather than making a “whole” sale — you can sell the same person your book and then a dozen other people’s books over the next several weeks or months.

The Tools of Repeat Conversion
The number one tool for repeat conversions is undoubtedly targeted email marketing. The basic premise here is that everyone who purchases from you has to give you their email address and permission for you to email them in order to receive digital delivery of your product. Since you have those two things, why not email them offers for other people’s products as well?

If you do it well — which means your product is high-quality and effective, and you don’t promote a bunch of crap products afterwards — you can rapidly build a sense of trust in your customers. Once they know that you won’t ask them to buy something that sucks, they’ll be much more inclined to keep buying whatever your next offer is (as long as it’s relevant to your area of expertise.)

Get those addresses, offer a quality product, and then offer other people’s quality products, and you’ll soon see the power of repeat sales and the strength of targeted email marketing.

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  1. I was learning about seo techniques from a professional seo trainer!

    The first he started to teach me about seo is marketing techniques like posting ads!

    When my friend heard about this…..he said dude..he is teaching you wrong! the first thing you have to learn about seo is
    Introduction about search engines & directories and their differentiation, search terms (keywords) and ranking of website in search engine.

    and he said, at last i should learn marketing techniques!

    What do i do now? is my friend right about this?
    is my learning is not sequential?

    please help me about learning it sequential

  2. Please spare me the sarcastic jokes… I appreciate any help anyone can offer… I had several organic SEO sites that were racing up the Google rankings. They started climbing from page 3 or 4 all the way up to the first page of search results in just a few weeks. Then, hoping to improve the rankings even more, I slightly modified the Titles, Meta tags and text on the sites, and Google immediately knocked all of the sites off of the search results and now they don’t come up at all, not even 50 pages into it! I didn’t “cheat” or do anything Google should have rejected. Please help! 🙂

  3. Is organic SEO Needed by the automotive Industry or should they just continue to put all their internet net advertising dollars in PPC and buy leads from carsites?

  4. whitesoxfan2347

    I am learning how to do SEO myself for my new website, and I am having trouble understanding something- Being that each product page on your website will have different keywords based on the individual products, how does your website get known for a specific keyword if every page has a different one(s)? Also- I notice that most websites about SEO talk about how it theoretically works, but not much actual application of methods or some step-by-step help. Are there any out there?

  5. I am doing some SEO work for a company and I have a few questions. First, there is a company trying to get my boss to pay $11,000 for SEO work. This company says they are doing the SEO by adding links and descriptions to web pages. On one page alone, there are a bunch of links towards the end of the page and this company is telling my boss that this is the “secret” to SEO. Now, the only way I can think how this would be effective, is by actually having the key term and description linked to the page and inserted into the met tag keywords. Whatever this company is doing it works, because one of our competitors is #1 in rankings on Google, Yahoo and others for basically all of the keywords we can think of that have to do with our industry. So, my question is, do these large SEO companies have some sort of agreement with the search engines where they get precedence in the search listings? Or is it more likely to get listed higher in the listings by having the keyword on your website multiple times (what they have is multiple keywords and when you click on one, there is a web page describing the term). I am being pressured to improve our ratings without the use of an SEO company, and I am really unsure of what I can do. Would an SEO program work well for me?

    I am not looking for a company to pay thousands of dollars to. I have been hired to do this and am looking for people who are not part of SEO companies to give me tips and advice.

  6. hello friend…if u have any ideas how to increase the website search result…I heart seo is the best way to get optimize your website ranking as well help your site to generate my traffic from one to the best search result site like google,yahoo & msn. please help me to get how seo work & what are imp tools are use while optimizing site

  7. I have the trial version of IBP and it seems like this would be WONDERFUL but I cannot afford to pay for it right now. Are there free websites or software products that are similar, for free or cheap? I know I’m probably dreaming but I thought I’d ask anyway. Do you have any other SEO tips?

  8. First I would like to tell that I am not a newbie website owner.
    My site is 2 weeks old and gets 200-350 unique visitors a day – organic google. most of the leading keywords drive the traffic.
    I am an SEO in my country and it is the first time to work abroad (global world).

    I uses Digg, Stumble, Carnival , site directories, SE submissions, Propeller, google bookmark, technocrati and also comment on blogs.

    I don’t take into account Linkedin, facebook and twitter- they drive 100 a day As the moment I stop promoting the site, these sources will dry out.

    Now, I need a VALUE-ADDED advice from an SEO expert – how to step up the ladder to the 2000 daily organic visitors.

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    Can anyone explain to me the difference between On Page and Off page SEO?

    Thanks in advance!


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    a) Domain name

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    Please add links/resources please… Thanks.

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