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Enhance your online visibility using Press Release Services

In present times, almost all are taking an advantage of SEO in order to increase their link popularity and web traffic to their websites. Various SEO techniques like Organic SEO, PPC, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking etc. are being used by SEO service providers, but very few among them understood that Press Release can be a part of their SEO techniques which gives helping hand to them to gain notable presence in search engine results even if it won’t gain a direct presence of their actual domains.

There are some SEO companies available, who provides Press Release Services. If you are interested in getting more information on Press Release Services and its significant participation in the process of SEO, here nerds and geeks, a local SEO marketing company helps you to get to know more about it.

What Press Release Service:

Press Release, in traditional sense means reaching to journalists and if they picked you up for comment or so then gaining a presence within media community in order to enhance your business. Like this if you want to enhance your online visibility in order to get more internet traffic to your website then you can go for Press Release Services. It is a kind of natural way to achieve optimization in most of the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Wikipedia etc. Hence it becomes one of the marketing tools available for SEO today.

Why Press Release for SEO:

In case of traditional press release, you get publicity because of media like news papers, magazines, television etc. Same way, online Press Release Services helps you to increase your online visibility and gives you guaranteed higher ranking in search results. As it is a natural way of SEO, it is relatively among the cheaper techniques for SEO.

How does it work to achieve SEO:
As there is a journalist in traditional press release way, there is a SEO Copyeditor in online press release services. SEO Copyeditors write your press release creatively with necessary keywords which are used by your target audience while searching for any product or information. It off course gives you an optimized press release which improves your rank in most of the search engines.

Steps involved in press release:
1. Creation: While creating press release focus on proper headlines, proper keywords in first paragraph. Create keyword-rich links and tags for your press release.
2. Distribution: Distribute your press release to other websites with one of the standard, SEO, media and social media visibilities.
3. Publish Press Release on your own website:

Benefits of SEO press release services:
• As it is a kind of an organic SEO, it is cost-effective tool for marketing and advertising your site.
• It gives you higher ranking in search engine results which increase traffic burst to your website.
• Search engines or media websites not only displays your press release but also they invest with your product and services. This automatically builds creditability for your brand.
• It helps you to increase your sites popularity by back linking them with the links from website that pick up your news release.