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Press Release Services: Relevant To Small Business Marketing?

I’d wager that the vast majority of small business owners firmly believe that there’s very little that goes on in their neck of the woods that’s news-worthy. They’d never consider using a press release service to announce anything business-related, because seriously. Is the fact that there’s yet another three-man pest control team operating in the greater Minneapolis region worth a spot on Google News?

No. No it’s not.

And it shouldn’t be — to a degree, those small business owners are absolutely right. But only to a degree. If you stop thinking about press release services as a method of spreading News (with a capital N) and start thinking about them as a way of sharing information that the greater public needs to hear, you can shift how you approach them.

Let’s say, for example, that your three-man pest control team has been in the biz for a while and they’ve been schooled by some experienced guys who know their subject. They know, for example, that termites hibernate all winter and them swarm first-thing in the springtime, looking for a new place to make a nest. That’s something that the general populace can take advantage of, even though it’s not news.

So they treat their press release service like it’s a PSA release service, and they write a simple blurb about how springtime is the time for termites to swarm, and they tell everyone what to keep an eye out for. They put their name and website link on it, give is to their press release service, and up it goes onto Google News and the whole bit. If they’re smart, they’ll engage local internet marketing tactics and mention their hometown in the article, so that people searching for news about their region will see it (and thus call them).

That kind of public-help material not only gets your business in the news, which is great, but it also builds a positive public-relations spin. The more urgent and the more esoteric the information you have to share with the public, the better the results. Spend an evening brainstorming a few dozen articles that you could send to your SEO company (they have a good relationship with several press release services) and get yourself a headline!

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  5. So I’ve heard about this through a friend and it sounds really interesting. Can anybody help me with this topic? What are its advantages and what makes it different from… you know… normal real estate marketing? Thank you so much!

  6. Hello I want to add google image search, news search, image search to my web site like:


    I want to create exactly same search engine which will open new window with that key word. How can I do it please help me. I really need it urgent. And can anyone tell me how to create that transparent background without flash?

  7. Since watching the “Confusing” end of monday night raw, I have been searching and searching for information on the carbombing and I found about 50 articles on Google News on what really happened!!! I know most of you people don’t want to here or see anymore on this, but if you really want to find out more, check it out! Go to google.com, go to news and type in “WWE” and you’ll get the info!!!

  8. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    i know it is a news aggregator and not a news site in itself, so how does it choose which news to show where

  9. I like to read other countries news but it’s in their language, and I can’t understand. How can I set all language to english even with different countries does anyone know?

  10. My friend Jagi Egnell, did press releases for different press release sites, but she just used the same press release. Two of her press releases got picked up by google news is this a good thing or will there be a problem.

  11. mal_functiongeo

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  12. Ok, the latest trending list I can see on Google News is:
    1. Julian Assange – 635 articles
    2. Carmelo Anthony – (Need to click on Show more stories for news on this individual)
    3. Libya (15,740 and counting)
    4. Muammar Al-Gaddafi (should be same as Libya?)
    5. Tiger Woods
    etc etc

    I’m a bit curious as to:
    a. Julian Assange is top story?
    b. Who the devil is Carmelo Anthony? He’s constantly been Top Story for the past week or so, ranked consistently above Libya, and yet he doesn’t even appear on the front page? Shouldn’t it be the other way round, considering how the events are unfolding in Libya?

    So, how does Google News exactly rank it’s top stories?

    Thanks 🙂

  13. We are softeare comapny. We sell Google calendar + Outlook sync programs.

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  14. I see a lot of ads when I search on google about home business and making money online, I guess this is what internet marketing is all about, but there’s so many different websites offering different products.

    So where can I go to learn more about this without having to sign up or buy something first, I mean the real truth about this stuff and not the hype I seem to run into everywhere else I go.

  15. i had this (i dunno if it’s called a gadget like the others) where i get the latest news (from what google gets) onto my iGoogle homepage. It was on a celeb. i erased all the history on my computer so now i don’t have it anymore. i don’t remember how i got it, so how do you get it? i remember going on google news and finding something that does that…

  16. kevindiking67verizonnet

    The usual lineup of stories that are important enough to be covered by multiple sources is greatly reduced and instead there are alot of single-source stories… very strange. Noticed it today (7/26).

    Any idea why this is happening?

    Or, does anyone have a link for a chat/messageboard etc for Google News specifically (where info might be posted)?

    If this remains, I will be looking for an alternate news-roundup site… suggestions?


  17. from a traffic point of view, i am looking for both.

    and i want to know, what is the criteria of getting in those news sites?

  18. Rassling Fundamentals

    Have tried ad words (Google) yahoo sponsored search
    Washington /Baltimore area
    I’m a tax consulting firm

  19. I am aware that you can request inclusion into Google News, however I am concerned about the amount of time this will take! Does anyone have any experience with submitting to Google News, and if so how long did the whole process take? (Request for submission, to Google reply, to actual submission). Your help would really be appreciated as I am working with a news deadline!

  20. Should a local news website be added to Google News?

    We have a niche local news site, I figure that if we submit our site to Google news then anytime someone searches on one of our specialized news stories we will have a very high ranking and increase our traffic substantially. Is this correct?

    Can anyone share their experiences with Google News?

  21. My years-long love affair (complete loyalty on my part) with Google News is OVER. I can’t stand the changes they have recently made. Despite lots of negative feedback, they don’t show any signs of rolling back those changes. I need a news aggregator that is more like the old Google news (multiple stories, multiple sources for each story).

    Any ideas?
    BBC online was a good suggestion – however I would like to find a good U.S. based news source.

  22. many of the stories selected by these pages are insignificant by any standard. Also, a there is an over reliance on the same news sources which suggests that newspapers are paying to be listed on these search engine pages. Further, there are links to opinion pages on these “news portals”.

  23. I run a forum site in which I post news on bands etc. How can I get this included into google/yahoo news? What are the steps/options? Is it possible to do this through a forum? What are your recomendations/expirience?

    This is my site http://www.oasisrock.org/

  24. Users can go into google maps and manipulate the map with data. I am wondering, can users go into google news and manipulate data and ‘pull’ news item to do something with it?

  25. what search operator can i use to achieve this?

    Background information:Now you can access videos related to a story, directly from Google News. When there’s a video available for a specific story, you’ll see a link to it next to the articles covering this topic. If you click the video link, you’ll be able to view that video as well as other related videos.


    We have a niche local news site, I figure that if we submit our site to Google news then anytime someone searches on one of our specialized news stories we will have a very high ranking and increase our traffic substantially. Is this correct?

    Can anyone share their experiences with Google News?

    Do I have to submit all stories or can I choose which ones to give?

  27. How to Syndicate press Release With Google Yahoo,Msn, News? i need to know this syndication Techniques? anyone please?

  28. you actually have to do a search for it (it doesnt come up automatically)

    I would think it is major news
    a few stoned unemployed hippies??

    you sound like a Fox News reporter….lol

    capitalism is dying a slow but sure death

    Greece, Spain….and now USA

  29. I just tried searching google news for ron paul, and no results showed up. I had to click search 3 or 4 times to get anything. Then I tried ron paul in quotes to weed to the garbage, and nothing again. WTF?
    Here is the screen shot:

    (click on the pic to make it bigger if you can’t read it)
    This is still happening for me, every other click will get no results on a ron paul search
    ok, its some crap with google. I just tried it with another word and it is doing the same thing.
    I still think it is something do to with searching for paul 1st, because I havent see google do this before…
    I just tried the link posted by Dances on Red Rock, and that gave me no results found. I tried to refresh it and more of the same…

  30. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I head that you can bypass paying $500 or so for a wire service (for PRweb.com etc) and in Google’s case submit your own PR directly into Google News. How do you do that?

  31. like who can post stuff on there, can anybody post articles? im wondering because all the stuff about the celebrities is that stuff true? who can post stuff on there

  32. my mom is a journalist- she wants to open a blog, and she wants it to apear in the Google News search results- and wants to have messeges sent when she updates her blog.

    How can she do this?

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