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PPC Management: Scaling the Ladder Three Rungs At A Time

PPC management, for the uninitiated, is a service offered by many SEO companies, and it’s the quickest way to achieve a first page placement. PPC management, somewhat tautologically, involves the management of PPC — or Pay Per Click marketing.

Pay Per Click Marketing is a service offered by major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. In PPC, you create an advertisement and select a set of keyword phrases to attach to each advertisement. Whenever someone searches for one of those keyword phrases, your ad pops up in the “sponsored links” section of the results. If a searcher clicks on the advertisement, you pay the search engine a small amount of money and that searcher gets directed to the landing page of your choice.

PPC marketing is amazingly effective for companies that don’t have organic SEO rankings yet; it’s the only way to get on the first page of search results on day one of your new website’s existence. But for all of that, there are serious pitfalls for the unwise. Choosing the wrong keywords can result in overpaying for clicks, or worse yet paying for clicks from people that are looking to learn (as opposed to buy). These ‘off-market’ keywords can suck money out of your wallet at an astonishing rate for virtually zero RoI.

PPC Management essentially means “you pay some PPC experts to manage your PPC campaigns for you.” The SEO company chooses keywords that convert at a good money-per-click rate, and they advertisements that catch the eye of surfers nicely. Furthermore and most importantly, they track everything about your PPC campaign, so if circumstances change and a keyword becomes more expensive or converts less often, they can drop it from the campaign in order to keep things tight and effective.

Without a talented PPC manager, pay-per-click marketing is like a pitcher plant — once you start to slide into the vortex, it doesn’t ever get any better. PPC management that works, however, does a wonderful job of getting your website visitors quickly and often. All you have to do is be able to turn those visitors into enough sales that it pays for the PPC campaign and the extra cost of the PPC management firm.

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  1. I am a Sea Shepher Cove Gaurdian in Taiji Japan for 1 month and a half soon. My facebook is more like a blog, how do I make it so people just have to click “like” instead of making a friend request? Thank you!!! I could not find the answer elseware….
    Ok I made a community page…now does anyone have an idea how I can make it my “default” so when I click “profile” it takes me to that page rather than my personal?

  2. I’m looking into getting a pay per click management company to manage my Adwords account. My question is, what is the normal monthly management fee that I should expect to pay? I currently have 280 or so keywords spread across several campaigns.

  3. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I’m a little confused about pen names. I assume you use your real name when giving contact details and your pen name when saying who the novel has been written by, but which do you put in the heading that appears at the top of each page?

    Also, does it matter if the page number is at the top of the page or should it be at the bottom?

  4. My company spends about $25K per month on advertising, mostly on Google, but wants to double that in the next 3-5 months. We’re also considering advertising on Yahoo! and Bing. Any products to recommend?

  5. I am trying to place an adsense ad on an html page. I want it to be at the top left, but when I place the adsense code, all other elements get pushed down below the ad. Help?

  6. I just got a MacBook Pro, but I don’t have a work processor installed on it yet.
    Should I get Microsoft Word, or buy Pages off the app store?
    Explanation of answer too please.

  7. i.e. I don’t what for what I am doing on page one to affect the placement of the content of page two.

  8. I want to start a sampaign in Google Adwords.I never work on Adwords.I need to know how to get high CTR with low cost.
    Sorry not sampaign.Campaign

  9. do you know whats the most reliable or helpful marketing management book thats available in the “national bookstore” in the Philippines?

    <I need to have one as soon as possible…


  10. Hi there,

    Next year I want to start an only bussiness selling HD Stock footage. It would be priced at AU$150 a clip (about 10 seconds).

    To some this may seem a lot, but if you look around, most clips are even more than that for less than 10 seconds.

    So what do you think, how much can I expect to make?

    Where should I advertise it, should I be paying for something such as adsense?



  11. I’m living in the chicago area for now, but willing to relocate. If anyone knows about any jobs please let me know so the i can apply. Some area that really catches my attention are consulting and marketing. But willing to try anything as long as it’s dealing with e-businesscommerce

  12. What is the best Pay Per Click Management Tool.
    ( Hopefully Free )

    I am trying to set a huge number of Highly Target Keywords
    on Adwords, Ask & Yahoo

    The ability to manage ads perhaps backing up uploading with excel would be ideal. Creating ads with the sysytem?
    Am I just dreaming? I can upload a system to my website. Which I think would be ideal if it ran off of mysql or something.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. MentallyCryppled

    Can you fill me in on the best places to park my websites and make almost all the ppc monies? Thanks

    (Pay Per Click)

  14. I am looking for an easy to use and set up, full functioned, Affiliate Management Software program. Please only recommend if you have personal experience and positive results.

  15. Can you really make money off of google adwords or a different type of ad promotion? I wouldn’t quit my day job to do this, but extra cash wouldn’t hurt, so there is a lot of buzz about making money off of adword and other ad promotions, I’m wondering if it really worth the time spent.

  16. Can anyone tell me how to prepare for subex placement any useful sites so that I can prepare well thank you.

  17. I am revamping a website with an OK Google ranking to try and improve page rank. I run the site with PHP with SE friendly links (no query strings). The base-names of the URLs were “index.html”, but I can call them anything, and I need to know if I have some of the pages marked as “index.html” and other named “video_dvd.html” that bring up the same page will be considered SE spam. Example:


    All three of these links would go to the same page, as the PHP only reads the ‘catalog’ and ‘122’ part of the URL to lookup the information from the DB. I’ve kept things uniform by having the same types of links on one page (for example, the index page has index.html links, and the product directory has the ‘video_dvd.html’ links.

    Is this type of SEO kosher for Google and the like, or should I keep one uniform link for each page?

  18. What is the best SEO SEM PPC Management Search engine optimization firm on the internet ?

    Please list the top 10 companies that do business development web2.0 marketing, website advertising, e-mail marketing, graphic design, web design and online and offline branding? Please incluse strategy partnerships, blogs, link sharing, affiliate marketing, list services, print coordination, and white hat SEO. You can also include SEO copywriting and print and insert media.

    Thank you very much!

  19. Hi, I am an affiliate marketer/blogger. I don’t have much experience on PPC management programs.

    I would like to request your exprert review on the best PPC Management program which provide best service with minimum Click Frauds and highest Return On Investment.

    Last time I used an PPC program, which yielded only 1.35%. I expected more, as I used highly targeted keyphrases. I was confident of at least 12% plus conversion. However, I would like to minimise the risk to my purse next time. So, please share your best knowledge/experience, so that I can improve next time.

    However, I got a review on PPC management program in the link given below, but I am not confirmed and puzzled among so much choices.

    Among all the choices, I found 1seconds.com as the best choice with minimum bid rate. Anybody have experiences with 1second.com?
    Wishing your quick review and kind suggestion –
    I want to thank you all for answering and guiding me…

    To be honest, I am not satisfied with the answers provided. I wanted to know something else.

    As you know, there are lots of PPC Management Programs in the net,
    which one is the best or cost effective with clickfraud rate taking into account? Which PPC program you used and you are satisfied with? Please explain your experience, if possible…

    With sincere regards-

  20. Okay so i just started a business with Prepaid Legal Services Inc. and i’m trying to find out ways to advertise online, like on google, yahoo and etc. but how can i do it? Is there a service from google were you pay them money and they bring you like 1000 people to check it out? any ideas out there on how to advertise and get people to check out the services from Prepaid Legal?

    Heres my website.. check it out… thanks…


  21. norrin_shadowwolf

    I will be using Adwords to promote our catering business. We don’t currently have a website, but will utilize the “business page” that Google Adwords supplies. Do you think this is sufficient if the copywriting is good to get customers to call our deli? Do you have any suggestions on what we can add to the business page? It looks so plain. Thank you for your help.

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