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PPC Management And The Importance of Keyword Research

PPC management is pretty much the only smart way to go about pay-per-click marketing unless you’re willing to sacrifice quite a bit of time and money on the altar of learning by trial and error. But even among PPC management firms, there are some that quite simply win harder and more often, and it turns out that in the vast majority of cases it comes down to a single factor: the quality of the firms’ keyword research.

The Foundation of Internet Marketing
It’s no exaggeration to say that keyword research is the single defining factor of good marketing online. Every kind of Internet marketing, from organic SEO to pay-per-click marketing, relies on keyword research to establish how it will move forward. Keyword research, for the record, simply means the process of examining the mathematical attributes of short phrases in order to determine which of them will be most profitable to target with your efforts, whatever they may be.

PPC counts double
When you’re talking about pay-per-click marketing, keyword research is actually even more important than it is for any other form of Internet marketing. That’s because there are two monetary elements to PPC: how much you pay for each visit and how many paying visitors that keyword brings in. SEO only has the second one. So when you research SEO keywords, you have to make sure they’re solid buying keywords — but when you research PPC keywords, you have to do that AND make sure that you’re not paying more than you’re making for each successful sale.

Keyword Research Isn’t Easy
Not only is keyword research critically important for a PPC management firm, but it’s actually quite difficult to do correctly. There are a lot of different elements to balance when creating a keyword set to run a PPC campaign cialis on — but equally importantly, a single PPC campaign (and often should) have hundreds of keywords associated with it. SEO has the relative luxury of focusing on a few keywords at a time. PPC management firms — at least the good ones — often come up with nearly a thousand different long-tail keywords before they have the hundred or so usable ones they need to do their work.

In short, the single most important aspect of any PPC management firm is the quality of their keyword research. Talk to your candidates about it before you hire anyone.

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  1. Please spare me the sarcastic jokes… I appreciate any help anyone can offer… I had several organic SEO sites that were racing up the Google rankings. They started climbing from page 3 or 4 all the way up to the first page of search results in just a few weeks. Then, hoping to improve the rankings even more, I slightly modified the Titles, Meta tags and text on the sites, and Google immediately knocked all of the sites off of the search results and now they don’t come up at all, not even 50 pages into it! I didn’t “cheat” or do anything Google should have rejected. Please help! 🙂

  2. I have done these for my website:
    – Manual Directory Submission
    – Social Bookmarking Submission
    – Article Submissions
    – add comments to blogs, forum, etc. with a link to my website,
    what should I do now to get a better page rank and much more traffic to my website?

  3. hello friend…if u have any ideas how to increase the website search result…I heart seo is the best way to get optimize your website ranking as well help your site to generate my traffic from one to the best search result site like google,yahoo & msn. please help me to get how seo work & what are imp tools are use while optimizing site

  4. specifically, if I have hundreds of keywords I’m buying with variations on creative and PPC, using Yahoo’s or Google’s interface is extremely cumbersome. Is there an “off-the-shelf” database management product that links into Yahoo and/or Google?

  5. Is organic or natural link building contacting websites personally and sending individual and personalized emails? How does google recognize the difference between organic and generated? Does one take a slower amount of time. Do I get rewarded if I build my links slowly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  6. Recently I purchased cheap SEO package in internet consultant online. but my web site got top in Google . i go lot of link from different website As a result i am getting traffic and sale . I purchase for 3 month . Will i purchase one year from internetconsultantonline.com ? Any one suggest me good or bad ? which seo package good for business sale ?


  7. Hello

    I’ve joined a company that is using a management company to manage their adword campaigns. We seem to be paying for clicks that are not leading to conversions and I’m trying to slim it down to the best ones for us to use. It would seem logical to me to look at the Analytics for the last x number of months, see what keywords have given the best conversions, keep them and dump the ones that have lead to clicks but no conversions – but maybe keep those that have lead to a long time on the site.

    Is this a reasonable strategy or am I missing something here?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  8. Hi

    I’ve recently created a new website http://www.justkrissi.com selling all sorts of Nail polish and nail care products.

    It’s not been live for very long, can you tell me if the SEO is any good?

    Plus any feedback on the look and operation of the site would be really appreciated.



  9. I have the trial version of IBP and it seems like this would be WONDERFUL but I cannot afford to pay for it right now. Are there free websites or software products that are similar, for free or cheap? I know I’m probably dreaming but I thought I’d ask anyway. Do you have any other SEO tips?

  10. What is the best Pay Per Click Management Tool.
    ( Hopefully Free )

    I am trying to set a huge number of Highly Target Keywords
    on Adwords, Ask & Yahoo

    The ability to manage ads perhaps backing up uploading with excel would be ideal. Creating ads with the sysytem?
    Am I just dreaming? I can upload a system to my website. Which I think would be ideal if it ran off of mysql or something.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. I’m looking into getting a pay per click management company to manage my Adwords account. My question is, what is the normal monthly management fee that I should expect to pay? I currently have 280 or so keywords spread across several campaigns.

  12. Can you fill me in on the best places to park my websites and make almost all the ppc monies? Thanks

    (Pay Per Click)

  13. Hi, i want SEO (search engine optimization) e- book or pdf filed book, it should be suitable for beginner as well as experience ones. please provide download link if possible.

  14. please can anyone tell me the real meaning of search engine optimization(SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)

  15. We are getting too busy and need someone take care of PPC campaign management. Can you please post your proposal here and specify what exactly you do to excel in it. Point by point.
    We can consider any other advertising models.

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    My name is Ivan from Toronto, Canada. I am a copywriter for a SEO company located in Montreal, Quebec.

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  17. When using rank checking tools, many of them run too many queries in a short amount of time causing the search engines to temporarily ban your IP. The same can happen if you use too many tool bar tools at once.
    But are there any ways to stay search engines friendly?

  18. i work for this company which has got really effective products. Being a small scale company, it cannot try paid online marketing methods.Any ideas ?

  19. Can any one tell me which one is most beneficial?? Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization??
    Please help??

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