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Organic SEO And BIG Business: A Natural Combination

Organic SEO companies like to talk a lot about small businesses — because small businesses make up the vast majority of our client base. But that doesn’t mean that small businesses are the only ones that can benefit from quality SEO.

SEO At the Upper Echelons
Google already has a tendency to give big brand names a boost in the SERPs, so they get lots of traffic already — but when it comes to people ready to buy from your business, more is always better. So how do BIG businesses benefit from SEO? Much the same way that smaller businesses do, only on a larger scale.

For example, I worked on a project once for Travelocity. You can imagine that Travelocity pretty much dominates the SERPs for most obviously travel-related keywords, so what more would they possibly need? Simple – they wanted to cut into the hotel market and undercut Expedia and Priceline. So they hired a pile of SEO companies and contractors, and had us create a huge quantity of content centered around hotel-based keywords.

The thing that separates big-business SEO from small business SEO is ashley leggat little pokies the level of competition and the moves that a big business can pull to gain rank. There’s nothing a small business can do to compete with ChapStick for the keyword “lip balm” — but Burt’s Bees is sure willing and able to give them a run for their money.

The Lesson Big Business Can Learn from Small Business’ SEO
The thing that small businesses do well is scavenge around edges of big business’ wake. In other words, while you can’t compete with the big boys for “lip balm”, you can totally get “organic lip balm”, “lip balm for toddlers”, or “lip chap” if you don’t mind competing with a reality TV star.

Why aren’t big businesses going after these secondary keywords? Undoubtedly it takes a vast quantity of resources to stay at the top of the big-time, two-word, high-traffic keywords. But is it worth it? Not always. Some big businesses would do better investing $1000 into each of several dozen ‘lesser’ keywords than they would spending $100,000 staying on top of one truly epic keyword, even when you take Google’s ‘big business bump’ into account.

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  3. When using rank checking tools, many of them run too many queries in a short amount of time causing the search engines to temporarily ban your IP. The same can happen if you use too many tool bar tools at once.
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  6. I just started writing for a freelancing site, and I was told to try some organic linking for the best SEO results. Does organic linking entail adding links to other websites other than the one I write for? Or is it linking to other articles on the site I write for?

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  14. First I would like to tell that I am not a newbie website owner.
    My site is 2 weeks old and gets 200-350 unique visitors a day – organic google. most of the leading keywords drive the traffic.
    I am an SEO in my country and it is the first time to work abroad (global world).

    I uses Digg, Stumble, Carnival , site directories, SE submissions, Propeller, google bookmark, technocrati and also comment on blogs.

    I don’t take into account Linkedin, facebook and twitter- they drive 100 a day As the moment I stop promoting the site, these sources will dry out.

    Now, I need a VALUE-ADDED advice from an SEO expert – how to step up the ladder to the 2000 daily organic visitors.

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  16. Please spare me the sarcastic jokes… I appreciate any help anyone can offer… I had several organic SEO sites that were racing up the Google rankings. They started climbing from page 3 or 4 all the way up to the first page of search results in just a few weeks. Then, hoping to improve the rankings even more, I slightly modified the Titles, Meta tags and text on the sites, and Google immediately knocked all of the sites off of the search results and now they don’t come up at all, not even 50 pages into it! I didn’t “cheat” or do anything Google should have rejected. Please help! 🙂

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  19. Please only respond if you have experience in this matter.

    I own a small computer repair business in a Dallas area suburb. I have seen fast, noticeable results with my Google rankings from my new SEO campaign. But so far, I have not seen any results in call volume. We are, for now, only using key words that correspond to my suburb. Soon, we will spread to other neighboring suburbs and then eventually to Dallas.

    My company is already among the top two results in the first page for computer repair, virus removal, and laptop removal for my suburb. But still no phone calls. Should I be patient and wait for the SEO campaign to spread? Or should I back out now? It’s costing me 800. a month. About to begin the third month.

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