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New York Search Engine Optimization | Ingredients For Effective Reverse SEO Marketing Strategy

Just like search engine marketing does, reverse SEO protects the online reputation using a methodical approach. Step 1 is to identify the pages and sites that contain the negative comments about a company that are ranked on search engines under important keywords. These types of keywords could include the name of the company, employees or even products and services.

Step 2 of reverse SEO means it is time to analyze the ranking authority of the websites. This will help decide what tool are needed and how much effort is required to move the negative information off the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. A negative PR blitz that spreads around the social media industry, is much more difficult to stop or even slow down because it is not on a single domain that can be pushed down or even “hidden”.

Step 3 means it is time to start gathering the necessary tools and execute the reverse SEO campaign. Such tools could be fresh press releases that are optimized, a new network of competing blogs and sites, social media accounts and a social bookmarking program. Reverse SEO should include content syndication to build backlinks of high quality. Any Internet marketing expert will have the necessary tools.

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Reverse SEO Begins Before Negative Press Emerges

The best time to launch a reverse SEO campaign is before bad publicity appears in the search engines. This is due to the way that the pages link. A page will rank well within the search engines if there are enough thematic links pointing toward it. However, once it ranks, it will gain exposure. That exacerbates the problem.

Negative press can spread rapidly as people attach the press to their own blogs, sites, forums and social media accounts. That creates a growing portfolio of links pointing toward the damaging press, cementing its position in the top listings. It becomes more difficult to address. By launching a reverse SEO campaign upfront, you can prevent the negative publicity from gaining exposure in the first place.

Reverse SEO Protects Online Reputations

In your online reputation management strategy, reverse SEO should play an important role. It really is very easy for angry customers, unhappy clients, competitors, upset employees, lazy bloggers or anyone else with a gripe against a company to tarnish the name. Most of the time its anonymous, which wont help if the legal route was an option. It makes the whole negative movement impossible to address in private.

Launch your reverse SEO campaign now – before trouble strikes and the damage begins to gain momentum in the search engines. In a year’s time, you’ll be glad you did.

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