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Mobile Website Design: How a Site Turns Into a Mobile Site

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi- all tools that can take us online on the go. Mobile technology has grown so exponentially that there is a concentrated effort by developers to take websites online and accessible on the go. With this has risen the task of mobile website design. This is necessary because websites accessible on the computer don’t translate seamlessly into mobile internet. Here’s what developers go through to get a website translated into a mobile site:

  • Website Inspection: Before transforming a website into mobile site, it is necessary to do a keen study of the website itself- examine its design and content to determine what elements will translate well and those that will not. Despite moving websites to a mobile platform, developers need to keep the mobile site as close to the original site as possible to appeal to existing clientele.
  • Know the Company: Once initial inspection is complete, it is important to know what the company/client wants to portray on their mobile site. Mobile sites are often smaller in size and do not have much screen space and may need to eliminate a few options that may not be used so much online.
  • Design and Test: Now, it’s time for the technical mobile website design. It is time for developers to write the code and test its results. It is necessary to test designs out once the code has been written and developed.
  • Launch and Debug: Once the site has been developed and tested, it is time to launch the mobile website and let clients use the site. Once the site has been used for a little while, the holes in its functionality emerge and gaps can be filled with a fine tuning of the mobile website design.

Mobile websites are a great tool to get and keep clients coming back. It can often be a great source of frustration to site visitors if the full website does not quite function as well on a mobile device. To hold on to your clientele and to attract new clientele, it is necessary to have a functioning mobile website.

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