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Mobile website Design: An untapped marketing strategy

Recently, there is a high demand of mobile devices with Internet browser.However, most websites today are still not compatible with mobile Internet.As a response, companies are converting their websites to become accessible on any Internet capable hand held devices.

desAs the demand for mobile Internet increases, the number of websites that are compatible with these mobiles is also increasing. And mobile users respond positively to these websites. This implies that a new innovative market for local and worldwide clients is starting to emerge.

Mobile website design is not as complicated as you might think, with the help of a professional, learn where to focus your effects. Basically, there are seven fundamental steps to mobile website design.The first step is to choose the right markup for your mobile website design.There are several types of markup for mobile website design; pick the one that suits your customers’ needs.

The next step is to know your target mobiles phones.Mobile devices today have different screen dimensions from small to large screen size.You can optimize your content if you know the most common screen dimensions.It is also wise to keep your website shape and style as minimal and linear as possible.

Lets face it, your mobile website goal is to deliver necessary content to potential costumers so know your customers.In mobile website design, you need to know your customers’ needs, interests and hobbies.Mobile devices are very portable.This means your customers are anywhere while viewing your website.So, as much as possible make new sticky content.

Keep in mind that the content on a website is not usually available to some mobile devices and mobile surfers have different medium and requirements.So, keep things simple and if possible optimize mobile users experience.Also, don’t place the same content from your traditional website to your mobile website.

Mobile website design involves choosing a great domain name.Your domain will be use by your users to access your site.If possible, don’t use a separate domain name.Otherwise, you will confuse your customers.Instead, use a subdomain for your mobile website.Subdomain is the easiest and cheapest option for your domain name.

Since mobile devices have less disk space and lower processor, you need to validate your markup from time to time.You can do this through a desktop browser.Lastly, mobile website design also involves rechecking and retesting.Aside from testing it to a desktop browser, you also need to test it on mobile devices.Alternatively, you can use emulators and Rent Time to test your mobile website.

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