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Maybe Those Bums Are On To Something: Article Writing and Distribution Works!

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Bum Marketing, it works something like this: you have no website, no money, and no nothing except a computer, an Internet connection, and a basic understanding of the English language. You go out and find a product that has an affiliate program and an article directory that will allow you to post affiliate links. You write articles about the product, include your affiliate links, and post them.

At some point, someone reads your article, follows your affiliate link, and buys the product. You make money. It’s article writing and distribution at it’s most primal and unpolished.

The thing about Bum Marketing is that it actually works for some people. To figure out how this relates to SEO, we have to look at which people it works for — and more specifically what they do to make it work.

What they do is simple: they write a strong article. Then, they spin it on both the sentence and the word levels. Then they take the spun articles and they distribute them across hundreds of article directories. They link all of the spins to one ‘main’ article, and then they attach their affiliate link to the ‘main’ article.

This works, and it works well — because not only are they weaving a wide sales funnel to guide visitors down, but the linking structure makes that ‘main’ article look very nice to the search engines, so it’ll get maximum natural traffic and exposure.

We SEO nerds would do well to look at this humble, grassroots practice when we build our backlinks. If we take the time to identify the best pieces of off-page content and build link structures around them, we could end up benefiting our clients even more in the long run than if we had simply built those structures around the parent site.

It might run contrary to some people’s ideas of SEO, because those secondary links obviously don’t help the main page achieve first page placement. On the other hand, if the off-page content is good enough to drive traffic and get conversions, will the client really be that upset that there was an extra step between Google and his pocketbook?

23 thoughts on “Maybe Those Bums Are On To Something: Article Writing and Distribution Works!”

  1. I have my own domain and my website is set up and now I need to start promoting it. How do I do that?

  2. Jeffery Carlson

    1. In order to win a particular board game, a player must roll, with a pair of dice, the exact number of spaces remaining to reach the end of the board, Suppose a player is four spaces from the end of the board.

    (a) Show how probability distribution for the number of rolls required to win
    (b) What is the expected rolls needed to win?
    (c) What is the probability that the player can get at most two 4s in the first ten rolls?

    2. A machine produces articles and an average of 3 percent of these articles are defective. In a batch of 300 articles,

    (a) write the probability distribution for the number of defective products
    (b) calculate the probability that there are at least two defectives by using the binomial distribution
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    I would appreciate seeing how the problem is solved and not just an answer.

  4. I’m writing a paper about income distribution. I’m having a very difficult time finding information for possible solutions.
    I have been leaning towards raising tax on the wealth and giving tax breaks for the less fortunate. (and possible re-distribution)
    If you could find articles on these topics it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  5. my teacher wants us to write a summary and reflection of a syndicate article that is recent. She also mentioned that a open forum article would also be ok but i dont know what either are considered. Can someone help me to find an article?

  6. Can anyone be published? Do law reviews only publish articles written by law professors, or do they accept submissions from law students as well? What about undergrad students? How does the submission process work?

  7. i noticed there is something about the new blair witch on the home page of yahoo. my computer wont let me go into it so could someone that can get into it please copy the article and paste it here?
    thanks but im looking for the article about the new blair witch which is on the home page now.

  8. Sergeant Pickle

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  9. I have to do a 500 word project for history where we have to write an article on a certain subject in Roman History. I got Real-Estate. What should i write? Your help is much appreciated 🙂

  10. I just bought a plan with Hostgator.com and have found that Backlinks are essentially a must have for any ‘serious’ site. How would I go about obtaining some backlinks? (Such as linkmaster.com, but I don’t want to pay)

  11. I had a wedding planner that ruined my wedding. I paid her a lot of money and did half of what she was supposed to do and left before party started. I had to take her to court. I would like to make people aware and alert of her so I would like to make some sort of review or complaint to warn others. I don’t want this to happen to others. I don’t want other brides hard earned money to be spent a thief and lier. So, I want to warn everyone about her name and phone number. She posts in different sites and sometimes even uses different business names. I reported her to BBB but she didn’t even respond to them. And sisn’t show up for court either. Please help.

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  13. I was just wondering about something. Are research articles “free” things? I mean, if I uploaded a research paper concerning anything in science – from a paper on social psychological literature, to studies about pharmacological substances – is this technically legal? I mean, I can find them all over the internet, anyway, and they’re easily downloadable.

    I guess this sort of has to do with copyright issues? I’m not entirely sure. I mean, can you “own” information? Is a research article private property?

    I mean, forget about whether or not you actually get caught or sued or anything like that. Theoretically, are there limits to how you can use those research papers?

    Could you:

    –> Upload someone else’s work on the internet?
    –> Distribute someone else’s work (eg print copies and hand them out?)
    –> Can you refer to their work, and quote things?
    –> Is it legal to forward people to places to download someone else’s work?

    Say I wanted to do a blog about parenting (I’m not a parent, this is just an example), could I post child development research papers on my blog? Or say I had a video on youtube, could I refer to it then?

    I guess what I’m asking is what the legality of using scientific research articles is.
    LE Gant (cool name)

    That was exactly the answer I was looking for.

    But what should happen, if say, there were 20 authors of a particular paper? Would I have to contact the university that funded the research? Or would I have to contact each individual author?

    Most of the questions were hypothetical to give myself a good understanding of the issue in general. Specifically, this is what I hope to do:

    I find particular articles fascinating, particularly in genetics and drug interactions. What I plan on doing is making a few YouTube videos about articles that I find to be interesting, or maybe sets of articles at a time. I just want to talk about what I find interesting. I don’t expect to get very many people who watch it, so I’m not actually worried about “getting caught” but I still would like to make sure I’m doing everything properly.

    With what I plan to do, explaining the methods and findings is what I will be focusing on. Much of this can be paraphrased,
    Much of this can be paraphrased, but I will quote directly from time to time. Technically speaking, would I be fine to do this if I give due credit to the people who conducted the study?

    Also, would I be able to post a link that would allow people to view the articles? For example, if I referenced this article:


    And posted a pre-existing link so that people could view it for free, would that be legal?

    Obviously I didn’t post that myself. If I were to do that, is that okay?

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    and if there is a free way of doing it with out paying a fee ahead of time that would be great

  15. OK there are FACTS on this. DATA. And it COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY REFUTES the class warfare argument.

    There are NOT facts that support it – the Libs take data that shows that while entry-level workers make only 5-10% more in real income than was the case a generation ago, people at the height of their careers make a lot more, and they misrepresent this as a difference between two permanent groups. It’s been the same MO since the 1980s and it’s just as misleading now as it was then.


  16. I don’t know which direction to go, what type of points and objectives I could write about…ect.

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