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Making Small Business Advertising Affordable: SEO Is The Way

One of the biggest predicaments facing a startup business these days is how to get known. Traditional advertising is expensive, alternative advertising is ineffective, you’re not really well-known enough to do any sort of social marketing, and http://tgwb.org/buy-cialis-online/ pay-per-click marketing is a minefield. So what kind of advertising is effective and Affordable? SEO is.

SEO isn’t without it’s downsides. You do have to ‘pay in’ to your SEO ‘account’ for a few months before you see any benefit out of it, and you’ll be ‘paying in’ for several months before it really starts to produce massive results. Fortunately, if you can’t afford much each month, that doesn’t make it worthless — but the more you pay each month, the faster the ‘account’ will ‘mature’ and the faster the traffic to your business website will ramp up.

Advertising via your content is when they’ve just arrived at your page. It’s not like a television commercial where you can advertise up front and then offer a low-key pitch once they walk in the door.

So in addition to just SEO, in order to make the most of this method of advertising, you need to set up your webpage as though it were an ad itself. A particularly laid-back ad — hard sells will drive traffic away faster than most anything — but an ad nonetheless. There’s nothing worse than getting to a webpage and finding a few pictures of a business along with a phone number and address.

Instead, use your website to tell customers what separates you from your competition. Emphasize your position in the market. Provide testimonials and social proof of your value. If you can scrape it together, put up a video of you and/or your employees talking about the things that make your business special. SEO can drive great traffic to your site, but that’s only half the game — you have to convince them to buy.

32 thoughts on “Making Small Business Advertising Affordable: SEO Is The Way”

  1. Sergeant Pickle

    any ideas on how to market a printing business, promotions, where to advertise, PR ideas or marketing campaigns?

  2. In other words, what can get my local small business to appear on page 1 of google when customers search “Contractors in Algonquin IL” or similar?

    I was thinking to put $1-200 a month on googles ad program. Will that help a lot?

  3. I have a small cleaning company that I started back in 2009, the problem is that it’s hard to find good customers who are willing to pay for my services. My service is very quality and professional and I would love to gain some government contracts or private companies who are willing to pay for the work we do. Any thoughts or comments Help me.. as am lost!!

  4. I own a fast food restruant and want to make a website that will include its location, ordering information, and the menu. where can i make a good website that is leagal at? money is really not that much of an issue as long as it is not over $200 for set up and $50 a month.

    thank you

  5. I want to promote my website and business online to generate more leads using search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) but I am not sure how to maximize my adwords campaigns. How can I effectively find the keywords that will generate the most relevant traffic to my site?

    Is it better to use SEM or SEO for small medium size business with a limited budget? I am trying to do my own adwords campaign but find it too time consuming.

    There are way too many services to sort through, is there any reliable services that could manage my adwords campaigns at affordable prices?

    Thank you !

  6. I have used Microsoft small business in the past to make and host sites but now want to try wordpress . Who is best to host the site (I want uk hosting) and any advice on using wordpress would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. I want to make my business grow & make money a.s.a.p. Im into custom painting and designing for electronics, ( game consels & controllers, cases for iphone, ipad, cell phones, laptop faces ect. ) I posted some ads in craigslist but it’s not really working. So if anyone can give me some advise to help me that would be great. Maybe tell me where & how to place ads., or check out my ad on craigslist & tell me what i’m doing wrong or how can I make it better. Or anything that will work. It’s a small business, I just started, and I cant afford to put that much money into it yet, im 18 so I probably wont get approved for a loan or something. So I need ideas that cost little – no money. Any ideas? Here is the link to my craigslist ad http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/vgm/3661547232.html

  8. I own a small company in Ontario,Canada where I set up satellite,internet and homephone. I used to use the free ad site, called kijiji, but it’s no longer useful anymore. I need to find an affordable, yet successful method that will work and target Ontarians, any marketing experts? Thanks!

  9. In high school I was told to NOT make much noise on the internet. But these days the direct opposite is being said and done through facebook, twitter, linkedin… etc. People say that these are our resources these days but I’m not seeing Twitter or facebook really bringing up any real local jobs… and Linked in has a total of 5 jobs in my local area posted for ANY random job.

    I was also taught to go in to each business I’d like to work with one by one and ask if they’re hiring. I tend to get a lot of “I don’t know’s” from managers and all the applications are done online. And it tends to just be a waste of gas money when I’m out of a job.

    So I’m left at a loss at what businesses are actually hiring in the first place. I suppose I could just pop onto Google Maps and drive around all the nearby towns in street view and look at all the businesses and think “Hmmm… maybe they’re hiring” and pop onto their website and see what my chances are. But that seems counter productive too.

    Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and pretty much any other job board is completely littered with nothing but one scam after another. And what legit jobs that are posted there… it seems like they’re all jobs that demand far more experience or college than I have — and even if I went to college, I’m not sure if that’d really help. It doesn’t seem to help anyone I’ve ever seen. And the most that I’ve ever gotten from places like Monster.com is the military and colleges calling me up because you’re forced to fill out military adds and college surveys in order to JUST fill out an application. Either way, you walk away from these job boards getting spammed or scammed.

    What is the real genuinely effective way of getting a job these days? To know WHO is hiring and WHAT jobs you qualify for and where you should and should not apply?

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  11. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I was learning about seo techniques from a professional seo trainer!

    The first he started to teach me about seo is marketing techniques like posting ads!

    When my friend heard about this…..he said dude..he is teaching you wrong! the first thing you have to learn about seo is
    Introduction about search engines & directories and their differentiation, search terms (keywords) and ranking of website in search engine.

    and he said, at last i should learn marketing techniques!

    What do i do now? is my friend right about this?
    is my learning is not sequential?

    please help me about learning it sequential

  12. Need help guys!

    Can anyone explain to me the difference between On Page and Off page SEO?

    Thanks in advance!


  13. Rassling Fundamentals

    i want an seo service for my website in mumbai , can any one let me know a good and affordable seo company in mumbai ?

  14. I am wanting to start up a webstore selling products. I am very good at creating websites but have never really dabbled with search engine optimizing (SEO’ing) them, and if I were to create a store I think it would be vital to make it optimized for search engines. Also, I have never included a shopping cart on any of my websites apart from a paypal cart, which is very simple to include. I was wondering what books/software I should read to learn to SEO my website effectively and learn to advertise it on the net etc?

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  16. Xavier Hawthorne

    I have two small niche websites that I really want to raise their search engine ranking. My budget is pretty low, but I don’t want to get negative results with some blackhat garbage.

    Can anybody recommend someone to me?
    Here’s the term I want to rank for.


    Can you give me a quote for that?

  17. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    plz provide cheapest services providers for seo.if your cost is high plz dnt anwer thanks

  18. Hello friends………I want to become a SEO professional. But i am unable to get the grip over this. I am unable to decide what i have to learn and how i can learn to become a better SEO professional. Meta tags preparation, Blogs, Directory submissions……only these are SEO topics are there anything left.Plzzz guide me. Can anyone suggest what are the things i have to learn about to become a professional in SEO

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  20. Can anyone recommend me an affordable freelance seo expert professional in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India based on your experience with them who would be able to deliver results for my business sites and help me get better rankings for my business keywords in search engines.
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  21. I want my site to be advertised in online classifieds. Some SEO companies say they will put me in at least 50,000 places. Is this for real? How can I check to see if they did this?

  22. Clayton Cottrell

    I want a easy way to learn SEO. Because I am not fluent in English. I would like a way like videos, step by step images.

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