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Local Internet Marketing vs. Broad Small Business SEO

When you have a small business client that comes to you for SEO help, of course there are a lot of ways that you can help them — but in general, the biggest choice facing any such client in the choice between local internet marketing and a more generic, broad-spectrum form of SEO.

Generalized SEO for Small Businesses
When you decide to go generalized, you’re essentially making a decision to shoot for first-place rankings on third-class keywords. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; for the right small businesses it’s absolutely the right way to go.

The reason you have to hit up the third-tier keywords is competition. When you’re competing with every website in the world, you’re not going to get them ranked for something really high-traffic like “ice cream cakes” or “used video games”. You’re probably not going to get them ranked for secondary keywords like “organic ice cream cakes” or “used Game Boy Advance”. There are huge corporations targeting keywords like that, and getting a small business to compete on that level is almost universally out of the question just for budgetary reasons.

Depending on the business, you can actually make a good profit off of third-tier, long-tail keywords like “how to make a killer organic ice cream cake” or “Game Boy Advance with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Japanese Bundle” — that’s the bread and butter of this kind of small business SEO. If it’s a dropship business, for example, or if they are otherwise accustomed to sending their product to the far corners of the globe, you really do want to go general because those occasional orders from Kampuchea or Vladivostok are actually valuable.

Local Internet Marketing
On the other hand, for 99% of small business clients, local internet marketing is the correct decision. The reason why is simple: “organic ice cream cakes Lacey WA” is already a long-tail keyword. There’s almost no competition for it — and yet, the vast majority of the business’ customers live in and visit from Lacey, WA. When you’re top-ranked for the only people who actually matter, who cares how many pings you get from the tail end of Russia?

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  4. I would like to do a homestudy course of some sort that offers support and training in this area. I am in Australia don’t know if that matters. Can anyone help?

  5. A friend of mine has started up a website which caters to the locals in the area looking and searching for business in the area and providing info on local events.

    It just launched recently however she is having trouble finding clients to advertise their businesses on the website. The website also provides local listings such as events that are occuring in the city etc.

    Its a really good idea, however I dont want to see the site flop. How can we market or what strategies can we use to improve it, and make it a high traffic and popular website to the locals and its businesses? How can we be able to utilize search engine optimization?

    Take a look at the site, and please give your info. Much appreciated thank you!


  6. I own a florist in Chicago area, we have been in business for over 50 years. We have never really had to do much advertising because everyone knew us. Times have changed and I find myself looking for ways to boost sales. I never used a marketing company but I feel I have to try sometime besides an ad in the local paper.

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  8. I want to know the best type of insurance for me: my business is search engine optimisation and web content copywriting. I may also do some web design

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    I have internet through my local cable company but it is very expensive.Can i get any other internet service through my cable lines in my house?Can i get internet with out getting a home phone?

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    Its a small community but we are looking to extend our reach via online marketing, and i was wondering what is the best way of getting a site known on the web.
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  11. I’m currently a sophomore in college, intending to get an MBA after graduating with a degree in English Literature. I intend to start a business in the future, however I really don’t have much of a clue on the economics and businesses of today’s world. I try to keep in touch by reading, but this doesn’t seem like enough.

    Where can I learn about what the market is demanding today and what kind of small businesses would stand a good chance if I do start a small business in the future? I’m asking so I can learn early and have an idea what it’s like to start a business. I would like to follow the economic trends of the market until the day I run my business.

    Mature and informative answers would be much appreciated. Thanks

  12. Okay so I’m planning to open a net cafe in CT, USA
    The business would allow people to use the Computer for anything they want and charge them $2 hourly. There will be a section for drinks like water, Soda,…etc. It also would have a section for games like Play-station, X-box, Wii that would charge them $3 per game. So my question is;
    1-Is it a good idea to open that business in Connecticut USA?
    2-Would I have up to 24 costumers daily?
    3-What things do I have to pay for to set up the Internet Cafe?

    Correct me please.

  13. norrin_shadowwolf

    I need some good websites to go learn about internet marketing and search engine optimization. I took an internet marketing class at the local university and it wasn’t worth much to me, just lots of things to do-like build a working site-DUH! I want to understand more about how SEO works and other ways of internet marketing. Any sites or suggested publications woud be greatly appreciated!

  14. Have tried ad words (Google) yahoo sponsored search
    Washington /Baltimore area
    I’m a tax consulting firm

  15. myself vimal verma from zigroup web development company in kanpur. i want to know best planing for capturing local market

  16. I have to do a marketing research for a daycare school for pre-k, k, 1st and 2nd grade. The question is: What secondary data may help us find this information? Will this include using the internet, books and looking at research on schools?

  17. So I’ve heard about this through a friend and it sounds really interesting. Can anybody help me with this topic? What are its advantages and what makes it different from… you know… normal real estate marketing? Thank you so much!

  18. We are softeare comapny. We sell Google calendar + Outlook sync programs.

    We are about to start affiliate marketing program.

    Who will the good affiliates for our product?

  19. I would like to work from my home base computer and was told my best bet would be internet marketing. I am currently a Licensed Real Estate agent is their anthing in marketing that would pertain to my current position?

  20. I’m looking for an internet marketing company with websites for local communitys in KS like Manhattan, Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City. I’m not having much luck with searching around, I want to find a company that controls multiple websites with traffic for the cities I mentioned.

  21. Hello I am new to this and I was takes to get my companies website up in the SE list. Can anyone out there help me, I would like to know what would be the best first steps in getting this site up in the SE’s, I would be grateful for any help anyone might offer..

  22. I just started a business providing a service in homes. I am only selling the service. I need ideas to advertise free onlne, I have a website. Do you know of prime places or sites to get listed for free or any ideas to sell the service ?

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  24. I originally registered a listing with the wrong Yahoo! account — I’d like to transfer it. Can I do this?

  25. I am starting a Hi Def tvs and accessories business. We have had a local photo store for years, now we’re getting into the HD market. Our niche: internet prices, savvy consulting, delivery, setup, installtion all at lowest prices.
    We are already using craigslist. What about cost/benefit of: local radio ads?, promotions through other local retailers- and which kind?, mailings?, we do have a limited website currently, but we sell local only- so how to SEO for that?
    We are also Ebay powersellers/drop-off site and use Constant Contact to email blast our existing local customers with deals.
    Other ideas on product line and pricing would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. i am interested in internet marketing, and I have plenty of products and plenty of websites that i want to make to advertise those products for income. How do I handly multiple niche ideas?? It seems like I have too many, but if I try to stay with just one idea, that is so boring and limited to my multi-faceted, multi-idea, entreprenuerial brain. Please help – advice!!

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