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Local Internet Marketing Saves Many A Small Business

Small businesses come and go every day across the country. We’ve all heard the statistics: four out of five small businesses fail within the first five years, and so forth. There are lots of reasons why that happens, but one of the most significant is that it’s simply too hard for a small business to get a reputation for being special in today’s advertising environment.

People in America are exposed to somewhere upwards of four thousand advertising messages every day. We’re blind to them. So how is a small business supposed to alert people to the fact that they exist and that they have something special to offer?

Simple — at some point, people who want something and don’t know where to get it look it up — and in the Information Age, they usually look it up on Google. Enter Local internet marketing: a source of easy first page placement for a variety of locale-specific keywords, but more importantly an easy way to show up on the top of the list of “Xs in City Y”.

The Local Scene
Did you know that 50% of surfers never even look past the top item in one of those lists? That means that if you purchase a bit of local internet marketing, half of the people who search for “martial arts supplies Yelm” aren’t going to even glance at your competitors. They’ll see you, find you on the little map, and head for the door. That’s a lot of power.

Cost Efficiency
The best part about local internet marketing is that it costs pennies on the dollar to a radio advertisement on a local channel — much less a TV ad or a full-page newspaper ad for a week. It’s also a lot easier to come up with 3 short lines to say about nunchaku and shuriken than it is to come up with an entire radio spot or TV http://www.billhobbs.com/ ad. You don’t have to pay a (voice) actor, either.

Local internet marketing is a crucial tool for any business savvy enough to have it’s own website — more often than you’d think, it’s the nudge over the breaking point that keeps a business in business.

20 thoughts on “Local Internet Marketing Saves Many A Small Business”

  1. I am trying to place an adsense ad on an html page. I want it to be at the top left, but when I place the adsense code, all other elements get pushed down below the ad. Help?

  2. I am only sixteen and I have had an obsession with computers. I’ve studied on hardware, reviews, overclocking(have overclocked my e6750 to 3.2 in sync with my ddr2 800 ram), and have even subscribed to maximum pc magazine. My dream is to start a business building custom pcs. It’s very hard to learn all the things I do on my own: wed designing, graphic designing(i have photoshop cs3 extended), animation, game design, japanese, guitar, piano, etc. School wastes my time w/ things like history(i don’t care for history and government) and english(it’s easy anyway). I end up spending the rest of my days either on my pc, continuously studying computers or working(burger king)guitar). Can a 16 year start his own small business in custom pc’s. I don’t have any grasp on gov’t, politics, and law. I don’t know how I’d even start out. Web design has been a problem to learn w/o a class to take. All I’m really trying to say is… Any tips on how to start a business, and to learn web designing?
    that was not my point. i plan to go to a 4 year college specifically to learn this stuff(among other things i will have to). i have planned all the colleges that offer what i want in this state. I only need to take one or 2 more regents tests to give my regents diploma.
    i only have one life I’m not going to wait. I need to keep learning everything I must early on.
    this was useless….
    as I’ve said. I am staying in school, I am going to college, and I am saving money.

  3. My 9th grade history teacher wants us to write a paper about what a Renaissance means to me, and if I could bring something back (like roman and greek things during the Italian Renaissance) what would it be? So, what could I bring back that would look good because Im gonna read it in front of my class.

  4. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I would like to open a childcare nursery in about 5 years as I want to save up money to fund it rather than getting a loan from the bank…

    I have got all the relevant qualifications.

    I have been searching for info on the internet as to how to go about this but I cannot find anything, would anyone know the best place to look?

  5. I have looked and even lost money trying to start a work at home business. Do anyone have any ideas or know of any work at home businesses for a retired older man. A small fee to start my business isn’t a problem as long as the company is legit.

  6. I’m Good in Communications and Basic IT
    And Big Place Could be a Ware House…..
    and I Want to Start Good small business from home……
    Any Ideas,
    Please…and It will be Nice to Share Experience 🙂

  7. I am so sick of the internet scams that i am stressed out! I have 2 small ones and summer is coming, and I am really money motivated and get myself out of debt and help my family. BUT! I have seen that all these online business are scams and they require you to pay upfront hundreds of dollars and how can I pay for something while I am trying to make money? Is there any real work at hom jobs that dont cost anything? Are they real work from home? I should just get another job. Does anyone have a good one?

  8. I would love to have a career in events, ideally like festivals and exhibitions and things.
    Obviously I know experience counts for a lot in an industry like this, so I plan to volunteer myself to assist in as many local events as possible at hotels, theatres etc.
    I thought maybe getting some kind of office work or similar for an events company may get me off on the right footing, then learning the ropes from that and gaining the practical experience on the side might be a good start.

    I have 3 A-Levels and good GCSE’s, computer literate and wanted something that was creative but social.
    I know there are university degrees that specialise in this area, but on a personal level that might be difficult to sort at the moment, so I wondered what an alternative route was, and ultimately which would benefit me most.


  9. any small business idea which he can operate from his desk at home? plz guys put some thought into it..

  10. I have a marketing background and am prepared to market an internet idea who basis is made up of bringing people to a site to sign up for a service. The site itself contains the value.

    I can conceive if the idea entirely, now I need to have someone develop it for me. What is the best method? Do I need to interview some professional web development companies for quotes? Ideally, I would like to have at the least an ongoing relationship with the developer for any changes I need, or possibly hiring a full time developer (or even partnering with one if its makes sense).

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

  11. I am going to do a project on marketing mix. Please give me a good or service which will be comfortable to do my project. It should involve maximum phenomenon that comes in the 4P’s. Thank you.

  12. I recently became an associate of prepaid legal which I think provides a great service – my website is http://www.prepaidlegal.com/go/sarahpaine but how can I generate more visits to my site and more leads that can be converted into sales? Anyone who has done this could be of great assistance – I am working on my mba and looking to generate some extra cash.
    Thanks Sarah

  13. Me and my bf is planning to put a small business here in the Philippines.We had so many ideas to choose from like we wanted to put up an internet cafe and net advertising.Also, I’ve got this idea to put a bake shop(since I kindda like to bake), or a small coffee shop/ice cream parlor.But since we are just starting to save, what can you suggest the kind of business we can start?Money is in peso by the way.

  14. I work at a retail store, what am I really doing? I am working a section in the store (grocery), to make someone else big money, so my theory is I can open a store of my own and put my own shelves up, make isles, find suppliers, buy registers, do my own accounting, advertising, and make it work. What is holding me back? Money, and knowledge, I am working towards a business degree, and find great dissatisfaction in working below people who lack common sense, I believe that with the right knowledge and resources anyone can put products on a shelf and sell them for a profit, this is going to work, it’s simply a matter of time, planning, saving, and resolving my credit card debt and credit issues. I need to know how much money I need to save to have in excess of start up costs, and since it will be in the future, adjusted for estimated inflation. Please list every factor in running a business, and everything involved in beginning a business.

  15. How much the cost of advertising on the main page of the site yahoo for size 300px x 250 px? how to ad? whom should I contact to tide the ad? The design is already made by me

  16. I’m a little confused about pen names. I assume you use your real name when giving contact details and your pen name when saying who the novel has been written by, but which do you put in the heading that appears at the top of each page?

    Also, does it matter if the page number is at the top of the page or should it be at the bottom?

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