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Is your Press Release Service giving you everything you need?

That press release looked great when you proofed it. It had lots of flowery language and seemed to get to the point with those cool quotes. It was nice to see your name on something that was gong to be seen by thousands of people, wasn’t it? Your press release service told you to expect a huge influx of new traffic once they released it, but that was days ago and nothing is coming in. What happened? It appears that you may have been deceived into expected better results than you got. Don’t worry. You’re not alone, and you probably paid a reduced price for that press release. It could be worse.

There are press release services out there that are nothing more than hack writers submitting to free sites that don’t get you any recognition at all. If no one sees your press release, how are you going to get traffic back to your website? Most of those free sites are bulletin boards that get no traffic. When it comes to PR, you get what you pay for. If you want to see an increase in visitors, you need to get your press release out on a major newswire. That’s what we do for our clients.

The other factor in press release response rate is the subject. Use one to promote an upcoming sale and you’ll get a better customer response than releasing a statement about an employee being promoted. The marketing philosophy of your new CFO might be of interest to investors, but your customers don’t care about it. They want to know about products and services and when they can buy them for less. Nothing gets better results than an invitation to save money. It’s one of the best local internet marketing strategies there is. We use it all the time.

Who wrote that press release that you got lousy results with? If you’re trying to reach an American market, the use of colloquial English is important if you’re going to connect. Forced or foreign sounding words and phrases will turn the reader right off. You can hire a service in India or the Philippines to do your writing for you, but expect the results that come with those low prices. We use US writers and established distribution channels for our press releases. If you had hired us to write the one you’re wondering about right now, you wouldn’t be questioning what went wrong. You’d be answering customer inquiries and filling orders instead.