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Is Mobile Website Design A Thing Of The Past?

Imagine that it’s a decade ago. In early 2001, the Verizon Kyocera 6035 powered by the Palm OS was released to the public — the first smartphone ever to have limited web surfing capability. But that vaunted capacity quickly turned out to be…a bit less than what Verizon and Palm had hoped it would be. The Kyocera couldn’t handle pictures, it couldn’t see much of a webpage at a time, and it basically kind of sucked.

But, it’s what we had, and major companies wasted absolutely no time developing a new programming language and several protocols to deal with mobile website design. The theory was simple: KISS. Very basic websites with text, links, and little else, designed to let the mobile surfer do what they needed to without wasting a single byte of data transfer.

Since then, however, we’ve taken massive strides down the path of mobile web browsing. Today, we have 5G networks springing up across the country, mobile devices that don’t have download limits, and offer download speeds to rival most home computers’ internet connections. Furthermore, the graphical abilities of smartphones have exploded as well, with even low-end models able to download and play games hot xxx pics nipples braless pokies that make the GameBoy Advance and the PSP1 jealous.

So what purpose does mobile website design have in a world of wireless gizmos that aren’t limited to the features that mobile website design supports? Why bother creating an entirely new site that will need it’s own support and even it’s own organic SEO if you expect it to get any traffic? The answer, quite simply, is that smartphone penetration is at less than 10%.

What that means is that, of the 300 million people in America, less than 30 million have smartphones. That means that leaving mobile website design this early in the game is basically telling those other 290 million people that you don’t need their money. That’s not the kind of message you want to be saying.

Even today, I meet people who can’t even be bothered to get one of those cheap one-purpose or even pay-per-minute cellphones. These are people who will probably one day give in and purchase a webphone, but they’re not going to shell out for a smartphone in their lifetimes. Don’t give up mobile website design just yet, or you’ll be leaving all of their money on the table.

114 thoughts on “Is Mobile Website Design A Thing Of The Past?”

  1. Can anyone tell me about the advantages of interactive web site design ?Any company that provides interactive website designing services.

  2. i want to make a website for local clubs, id like to make a flash menu and such, im looking for someone who can do this super cheap i dont have alot of money, could you guys recommend any websites of design companies?

  3. The one with php progamming.. i need to have my website design professionaly.. just dont know how much or who to look for. anybody? help

  4. I have seen many free website templates that have PSD (Photoshop templates) and the css file with them. I have made a design in photoshop, so i was wondering if there is a trick to convert the photoshop file to css or html.. because if I open the css file, the layers are exactly the same in pixels, example: a div layer with these caracteristics: height 25px width 50px top 512px left 450 px, with the same font and font size, etc, etc.
    Is there a way to convert the photoshop website design i have designed to css, instead of calculating the top, left, right, bottom dimensions of the page?

  5. I posted a question yesterday asking which Skills I’ll need to design websites:


    I was told to read some books, anyone know which books I can read on coding/Website design/Online Businesses? I’m a young teen. Popular books, online books and/or books that can be purchased for the iPod/iPhone are welcome.

    I also need to know if I could just build websites from dream weaver. Also how would I build websites like this: http://www.hughesteamracing.com/ (Example I found on the web)
    And the last thing, If I did build a website on dreamweaver, how would I get it to my customer? Would I have to upload it? Or would I just email it to them?

    10 Points for best answer..
    No ‘Your too Young answers’

  6. 1.Do you use alot of HTML?
    2.When you get a job doing this are you expected to know all those codes for HTML?
    3.What else is needed?
    4.Is it important to like know editing photos and stuff to design websites?
    5.Any other stuff you think I should know?

  7. I am running a website designing and Web based software Development Company , Now i am extremely struggling to get customers. Please advise me how i can get more orders and target customers; this is a small company with strong technical team and good profile. http://www.wizardi.co.uk

  8. I have a potential client on a low budget (small biz) looking to get a website designed very soon…


    I only have knowledge of static website coding (XHTML / CSS) as my main thing is graphic design.

    CLIENT NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO EDIT WEBSITE HERSELF — has no knowledge of Dreamweaver so I can’t create a template like that… Ofcourse client has no knowledge at all about basic coding either….

    1) What can I do for her? Is this a CMS thing?

    2) Will I need much knowledge of other coding language to even set up a content management system?

    3) How much does it usually cost to get something like CMS set up / equivalent? Is it a once-off expense to the client?

    As much info as possible would be great as well as ANY RELEVANT AUSTRALIAN LINKS would be great.

    Many thanks for your help!!


  9. Hi I’m new to website design programming etc..
    I have no experience in building websites
    One day I’d like to be able to design sites from scratch, social media , ecommerce , blogs , search sites, mobile apps ,
    Basically where do I start what subjects do i learn first
    Would prefer home study as I’m 30 and currently work full time,
    Also what will I need as I’m willing to invest in the right
    pc / mac
    Servers ect…
    Anybody who can help I’d love to here from you thanks

  10. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    Anyone please advice I would like to make a small and affordable website design for my business that will be searchable in Cyprus on the first google page the website will be for water filter systems.

  11. I need to design a shirt for school but I don’t have fireworks and etc so I was wondering if there was a website that would let me design a shirt. Thanks! I have the overall idea of what the shirt will look like already but I just need a website to design it.

  12. I want to design websites, templates or blog pages for people or companies. But I am unsure how to get out there and have people know. I’m doing it for fun and learning. I need to practice and build my knowledge and experience, but I don’t have people to do it for as sources. Does anybody need this sort of help, or know of someone that would? You can also email me at [email protected]. Thank you!

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