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Is Local Internet Marketing included in an Organic SEO campaign?

All of the major search engines offer the option of registering your business with their local directory. It makes sense if you’re running a business where your location matters, like a retail store with a physical address, but if you’re a virtual service that does business anywhere it may not do you any good. We make that determination on a case by case basis, including local internet marketing when it will help our client. For those instances when it is not needed, we concentrate on national and international markets.

The term “local internet marketing” is fairly broad. It can be used to describe local directory submissions, registrations with programs like Google Maps, or posting on electronic bulletin boards that have a local following. We do all of the above and more for our clients that want to build a local presence. We also include geo-specific keywords in our organic SEO efforts. If you’re a retail store that sells pet supplies in Los Angeles, we don’t just target the keyword “pet supply”, we incorporate various derivatives of “Los Angeles pet supplies”.

Internet marketing is all about understanding what your potential customers will be searching for on the web. When they want to buy your products or services, what keywords are they putting into the search box? If they enter “pet supplies” they’ll get three or four pages of national chains before they start to hit the local guys like you. There’s no way for small businesses to compete with that, so we offer small business SEO that we use to target keywords you have a shot to be on Page One for, like “dog leashes in Los Angeles”. Our clients get better numbers when we do things like that.

Each business is different. Your niche market and the mediums we need to focus on to reach that market determines how we will structure your organic SEO and internet marketing campaigns. We’ve been in business since the internet first went live, so we know what it takes to be successful. Local internet marketing is one strategy, but definitely not our only one. We have dozens more in our arsenal and we’ll pull out all of them if necessary to get you to the top of search engine Page One.