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I Failed, Too, But An SEO Company Helped Turn It Around

Alright, listen up, because I’m about to tell you the single most important secret to success in literally any field of endeavor, online or off, and it’s only three words long: focus through failure. I’ve had websites — they failed. I gave up on them because they didn’t ‘pop’ like I thought they should. I put 5-8 hours of work in every day for months only to waste all of that time because I lost focus, and I decided that I had failed.

I was, in a word, stupid.

But the next time I tried, I decided not to invest my own time. I hired an tell you is what ‘focus’ means – it means Follow One Course Until Success. Don’t give up — because until you give up, you haven’t failed yet.”

Of course, I let him talk me into sticking with the company, and guess what? He was right. It took another few months — long after I was past my comfort level. I kept looking at my dwindling savings and going “this can’t be it.” That’s hard for a person to do. But I stuck with it, because some gurus I talked to basically agreed with the SEO guy, and I figured I didn’t want to throw away my money like I had thrown away my time.

Eventually, we hit pay dirt. It happened all at once — Google did a PR update, and suddenly a bunch of the pages I had backlinks from went up in PR, and my page benefited. I got ranked on the first page — a few cases, in the first spot — for my keywords. It was a long and worrisome phase, those dark days, but I focused through my failure, and in the end, the SEO companies came through for me.