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How PPC Management Can Turn a Flop Into a Fortune

Sometimes, you know you’ve got a great website, but the world just doesn’t. Maybe you don’t know how to get on Google’s good side, or your choice keywords are dominated by powerful websites that you won’t be able to upset without months of organic SEO that you can’t afford. Whatever the reason, you might be on the verge of giving up — don’t. There’s one more route you need to explore before you throw in the towel: pay per click marketing.

Some of you just read that and very nearly clicked away. There’s a good reason for that — pay per click marketing has a horrible reputation as a place where profitable webmasters go to throw thousands of dollars down a hole, never to be seen again. There’s a good reason for that, too: PPC marketing is an extraordinarily complex subject, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s easy to get it incredibly, absolutely wrong.

PPC Management
That’s why many highly qualified experts have taken to offering use for you, for a fee.

Wait? A fee?
Of course, a fee. You didn’t think this was going to be entirely without cost, did you? No, you’re going to have to pay the PPC manager, and you’re going to have to pay ‘per click’ as well. But don’t panic! Even if you don’t have a lot of cash at the moment, if you’re website really does turn visitors into money, a skilled PPC manager will make you back his cost and then some within a month.

The Benefits
You see, PPC traffic is instant. You set up a PPC campaign, and you start getting hits the very next day. So long as your website is turning visitors into money at a greater rate than the PPC costs are rising, you’re gold — and one of the things that a PPC manager does well is keep your PPC costs down without impacting the quality of traffic.

If you’re website is on the verge of collapse, don’t walk away — at least not without giving it the best chance you can to turn around and become a performing asset. That means finding talented PPC management and letting them do their things.

31 thoughts on “How PPC Management Can Turn a Flop Into a Fortune”

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  2. I am looking for some adice on ppc mangement. Is it best to have 100 keywrod phrases or more like 20? I am a local company looking for the best RIO and cost effective management

  3. I am still searching for Affordable Web Designer and SEO in the Philippines.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. PPC = Pay Per Click campaign management in Google and Yahoo search engines.

    SEO = Search Engine Optimization

  5. I am wanting to start up a webstore selling products. I am very good at creating websites but have never really dabbled with search engine optimizing (SEO’ing) them, and if I were to create a store I think it would be vital to make it optimized for search engines. Also, I have never included a shopping cart on any of my websites apart from a paypal cart, which is very simple to include. I was wondering what books/software I should read to learn to SEO my website effectively and learn to advertise it on the net etc?

  6. I want to start a sampaign in Google Adwords.I never work on Adwords.I need to know how to get high CTR with low cost.
    Sorry not sampaign.Campaign

  7. I have no online marketing experience and do not have any product to sale. I’ve been searching books to learn online marketing and most of them are good for business owners.

  8. I want my site to be advertised in online classifieds. Some SEO companies say they will put me in at least 50,000 places. Is this for real? How can I check to see if they did this?

  9. Over the years, I took SEO services from various companies promising top 5 positions on all major crawlers. This, of course, was never achieved by ANY of them. The issue, from my understanding of backlink creation, is that although the SEO company may submit our URL to high PR sites to create backlinks, it is never garanteed that the websites will actually accept to post the backlink.

    Recently, I’ve looked into Linkproz. They are “brokers” for a series of websites. They are asking 500$/month to create 15 backlinks on PR 4 sites and 5 backlinks on PR 3 sites. These links however need to be paid on a monthly basis. Meaning that once I terminate the service, the backlinks will disappear .

    I was wondering if this is worthwhile and if, say 8 months from now, I terminate the contact, my page ranking will drop on google ?

    If this is not a good method of increasing page ranking on google, does anyone have a reference for a good SEO company / person.

    Thank you,

  10. I am working as an In-house SEO Specialist in Chennai for a leading entertainment retail chain in India. I perform all duties related to Digital Marketing such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Email, Affiliate, PPC etc. due to the reason that the company is moving to Pune, I decided to look for opportunities in Chennai (as the salary package was low) and found one in Digital Marketing Agency as Sr. SEO. When i shared about this with my boss he said that he is willing to have me on the team and has agreed to offer me the same package which the agency is offering but have to move to Pune, which I am not bothered about.

    I know about the responsibilities in my current company but I don’t have any idea about the responsibilities apart from basic responsibilities such as handling a team and SEO projects of its clients; other than this the agency deals with some of the biggest clients of the world for example Mircosoft, HP, Lenovo, Levi’s, Nalco, OCBC etc there are more clients which actually attracts me to join the company.

    I am not sure about the scope of the duties which I am going to handle in there; In my current company there are rooms for opportunities to develop my skills related to all digital marketing verticals.

    Right now I am in a feeling of embarrassment that leaves me confused about whether to stay or to move to the agency.

    Can you guide me to which role a Digital Marketing Role or a SEO Role is better to choose.

  11. I didn’t even know Yahoo was up for sale. Isn’t Yahoo the #1 website in the world? What is a proxy battle? Best answer gets 10points 5stars

  12. Im looking for Affordable Search Engine Optimization SEO Philippines?

    Cheapest Web Marketing, Promotion, SEO, Internet Marketer?

  13. Im currently making money online with Affiliate Marketing doing really well.

    Currently I do not pay for PPC Ads (I use a different method at the moment) and am kind of a n00b to PPC

    What I would be really happy with is 500 targeted Clicks per day.. BUT I ran a cost per impression advert on Facebook which failed miserably..

    Is PPC Different? I mean if i set a budget which equaled 500 clicks per day on google ads would i achieve this?

    Facebook advertising is really bad – Will google be better

    I need to expand i do not own a website any advice would be really helpful How do you make your money?

    (There is no issue with what im trying to sell I only sell the most popular products)

  14. I have two small niche websites that I really want to raise their search engine ranking. My budget is pretty low, but I don’t want to get negative results with some blackhat garbage.

    Can anybody recommend someone to me?
    Here’s the term I want to rank for.


    Can you give me a quote for that?

  15. I want to find a good company which can do SEO well.
    Keywords as below:
    wholesale shoes
    clothes bag
    requirements: in the first page on Google.com after SEO.

  16. — What will work better for landing page lead conversions…landing page has video…what is better auto-start video when page loads or have it so that it needs to be started by visitor.

    —- What is considered a good good click-thur and conversion rate from PPC.

  17. I have a PPC add up on 7search.com The ad links to a YouTube marketing program that I am selling. What do you think would convert better, a link to the sales page or a link to a blog post that I made about the program?

  18. i am looking for cheap search engine optimization services…please only recommend me to use one that you have personal experience with. thanks

  19. I want some websites which provides latest seo tips & updates to help to promote my websites in search engine ranking .

  20. Hi, I’m planning to sell some stuffs online & for that I need a development company who can develop my website and make some market online. My budget is below 7K, please suggest me some good companies?

  21. I am currently looking for an SEO developer for my website. I recently just hired one based in India (which I found through elance.com), about 8 months ago. He was able to do onpage optimization and create 150 inbound links to my site, along with other SEO works such as article submission, directory submission.

    The problem is that the 150 inbound links were mostly PR0, PR1, and sometimes PR2. They were somewhat irrelevant to my niche market.

    I started with about a top 10-12 position with my main keyword, and now I am in the top 8-9 position. Not really that impressive in my opinion.

    Anyways, Ive been doing research online for SEO developers, and I stumbled upon this site called www(dot)internet(dash)empire(dot)com.

    I emailed them for a quotation and the person I am speaking with is very professional and great to speak with. It is a company based in Singapore. You can check their website.

    The guarantee he has is that he will guarantee me at the top 3 positions for 5 of my main keywords (I choose the big main keywords I have), or my money-back, full refund. This will be done in 6 months or less, and I will pay him the remaining 50% as the 5 keywords reach the top 3 position.

    The price is $2,500 USD.

    I wanted to ask the opinions here at Warrior Forum before I move forward with this. I believe that $2,500 is a little heavy on my end, but if it would mean getting the top 3 positions on Google.com for my top 5 keywords, this would be a wonderful deal.

    Thanks in advance for your inputs!

  22. Xavier Hawthorne

    Where can i find Freelance Seo Philippines | Search Engine Marketer?

    affordable seo in the philippines

  23. Hi, I have a website and I’d like to find a PPC Marketing program to sign up for. Which are the best ones and which pay the most per click? thanks

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