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Guidelines for Fresh Blog Posting

If you want high page rank and increased number of visitors, then you must keep your blog fresh. If you do not constantly post to your blog, it will eventually stagnate, and will do no good to your SEO. Though blog posting is a good way to get high page rank, but coming up with fresh blog posts is a difficult task.

Let us discuss some tips to keep your blog fresh.

1. Brevity is the key

Most of the times, you cannot come up with new blog posts, as you are unable to make long posts. It is better to write shorter blog posts that are easier to write. If you decide to write about 500 words each time, then it will take a lot of time for you to scoop up some matter to write. Besides, readers also do not like extra lengthy posts, and they prefer short and helpful or entertaining posts. So keep it short as far as possible.

2. Work in advance

It is difficult to find time everyday to write a post, so you can write a few posts when you get time and schedule them in your blog. This also helps you in overcoming the writers block. There are some days when you cannot think of anything to write. If you write some posts in bulk, it will help you.

3. Encourage blog posting by others

You can allow your readers to participate by being guest bloggers. This will increase their interest as they will get a chance to voice their opinion. It could be an open blog where people can talk about their views on the subject matter. This will bring more readers. This will also reduce your work load.

4. Read others’ blogs

You should go through others’ blogs- it is not just entertaining and educative, but it will also give you ideas about the kind of content you can add to your blog.

5. Add audio/video

With many options available in today’s blogs, you can add audio or video files to your blog as well. These can also be how-to instructional videos for your readers.

By following these tips, you can always keep your blog fresh.