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Free vs. Paid: Two Types of Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of those everyday SEO activities that most people think they have pretty much down pat. You find a directory that accepts websites, you turn in your link, and then you find another directory. It’s almost the most idiot-proof, dead-simple kind of website SEO you can imagine. But there are complexities to directory submission that many SEO novices might not imagine; one of those complexities is the difference between free directories and paid directories.

Why would you ever pay to have your website listed in a directory if there are free directories out there waiting to be submitted to? We’ll explain that in a moment. Before we get there, let’s look at the things that make one free directory better than another.

Age — Obviously, Google values links from older domains more than links from newbie domains.
Relevance — There are lots of generic directories out there, but there are also plenty of niche-specific directories that will earn your backlink extra ‘juice’ for their relevance to your site’s subject.
Static Links — Directories with dynamic links are pointless for SEO; your link might not be listed on any given crawl of the Google spider. Static links are aussie pokies a must.
Dofollow Links — Should be pretty obvious.
Controllable Anchor Text — You can’t focus on a specific keyword if the directory forces you to use something like your URL as your anchor text.

So, now you know what makes a good free directory. When you discuss paid directories, you have to take all of those rules into account as well, but you also have to add in the extra factor of “cost-per-juice”. It might be worth it, for example, to spend $300 for a year of listing on the Yahoo! Directory — it’s got a cubic boatload of all of the attributes mentioned above, and it’ll be a powerful link.

It’s probably not worth it, however, to spend $300 to get listed on the Alive Directory. They’re trying to become as authoritative as Yahoo!, and they think that charging the same amount will lead to the same quality — but they’re far from worth it at the moment.

So, paid directories can be totally worth the cost it takes to get listed, but only if they’re everything a good free directory is and then some — so be cautious, but don’t hesitate if you find a few good ones.

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  1. We all submit the directories but some of us don’t know the actual purpose and benefits of it
    Please share your opinion…..

  2. I am having website for night life and i am working on some search engine optimization on it. Please suggest me the best directory submission where i can put my website.

  3. What is the use of directory submission in SEO.
    why we are submitting where it goes

    give me full details

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    The problem is that the 150 inbound links were mostly PR0, PR1, and sometimes PR2. They were somewhat irrelevant to my niche market.

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  7. We have a human rights web society, which promotes human rights campaigns on line. We are not a registered charity. Can we qualify for yahoo free directory submission? If yes, where to apply. We are based in the UK

  8. I have my own website about selling coffee, and I need help promoting my website. What good SEO company can help me?

  9. Hello,

    I see people are offering 1000 directory submissions here on this forum.

    My question is:

    1. Is it a good idea to buy this service?

  10. Clayton Cottrell

    I am going to be starting a service where I manually submit people’s websites to web directories. I know there are problems with auto submitters, and that they should not be used, but I don’t remember what the problems are. I’m currently writing my ad copy, so if someone knowledgeable in this SEO-type field could answer my question, then great. I want to make it convincing not to use auto submission software, and to have me manually submit instead. Thanks!

  11. Hi i need this to help my site http://allgames.bv-se.com to get more traffic… i get like 36 unique visitors …. and i want to make it bigger..:) and for that i need a list with directories:) please guys … don’t tell me your sites…. where i need to pay 9$/ 100 submissions… or something like that … i want to submit it manually by my hands… lol..:d

  12. Over the years, I took SEO services from various companies promising top 5 positions on all major crawlers. This, of course, was never achieved by ANY of them. The issue, from my understanding of backlink creation, is that although the SEO company may submit our URL to high PR sites to create backlinks, it is never garanteed that the websites will actually accept to post the backlink.

    Recently, I’ve looked into Linkproz. They are “brokers” for a series of websites. They are asking 500$/month to create 15 backlinks on PR 4 sites and 5 backlinks on PR 3 sites. These links however need to be paid on a monthly basis. Meaning that once I terminate the service, the backlinks will disappear .

    I was wondering if this is worthwhile and if, say 8 months from now, I terminate the contact, my page ranking will drop on google ?

    If this is not a good method of increasing page ranking on google, does anyone have a reference for a good SEO company / person.

    Thank you,

  13. One of the courses I follow said to submit my website to directories for getting ranked in google, I use ineedhits services because they are experts and do it for a good price and I don’t know how to do it, so is submitting to directories and Link building the same thing or not.

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  15. i need to know this directory submission benefits? is there any free directory service, software available?

  16. Hello
    I’m looking for manual Directory Submission Services your price must be fair. I am looking the service those can provide me details submission report and will pay only by PayPal

  17. Submitting my site in free web directories. Most of the sites are giving me two options:
    1.Regular links (no follow-it is written in many sites)
    2.Reciprocal links
    These are options for the free web directory sites to submit your site.
    Note: These are high PR sites.
    I do not want to increase my PR, my target is to increase my traffic, I am doing SEO to get on the first page of search engines.
    Please advice with good referrals , which type of links should I choose and why?
    which type of links are good for which purposes?

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  21. can anybody know Adult SEO/internet marketing company that offers adult website submisison to internet directories.

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  22. Hi,

    I heard somebody said that directory submission is dead. Is that true? However, it seems the directory submission is still working… Ask for help! Help! Help!

  23. I need tools that will track my progress on Google Plus local or Google Places? Please list the sites and their tools. Thanks so much!!

  24. There are free directory submission sites and paid directory submission sites. Whats the difference between them? Does the free directory submission sites are effective or not?

  25. For example, an organizations owns a variety of magazines and on the cover of one the magazines related to pop music promotes a magazine related to rock and this other magazine is also owned by the same organizations. How is this related to the organization and how does the organizations affect the magazine?

  26. hi guys i want to do one way linking for site but i dont know how to do.but iam experinced in directory submiison is these two are same ? can i submit these directories these directory submission and one way linking are same? please tell me

  27. simply complicated

    Hello 2 all, I m doing directory submission but i don’t know the exact rate of directory submission, Is it ok if i get Rs.400 for 200 directory submission or should i Charged More???

  28. I sent an email to a SEO company asking if they need somebody to help with directory submission, article submissions, social bookmarking, blog comments etc.

    And they replied that they were interested and really need a person for this job. But the asked me what do I charge?

    It was my mistake, but I wasn’t ready for the question.
    They said that they used to work with a guy and paid him $1.5 for every approved directory submission.

    And told me to think about it, or choose another price and tell them.

    So, what should I charge for manual directory submission?

    Can I charge for every submission, no matter if the site is approved?

    What about article submission and social bookmarking?
    What would be a good price for both of us?

    About the blog comments I was thinking to charge $0.30 for every blog comment.

    For high PR blogs like PR8+, $0.50 per comment.
    Is this a good price?

    Thank you.

  29. I want to submit a site I have been developing to some directories, but they all either require a payment or a reciprocal link. I have already got lots of reciprocal links pointing to various directories on my home page. Is there any way to get around this apart from paying?

    Also if there is someone out there who does pay to avoid putting links all over their site, can you please let me know how much you pay roughly?

    For example $1000 per 200 directory submissions????

  30. I am looking for a software which would have thousands of quality websites and directories and have opportunity to found hundreds of directories related to my website keyword and have semi automated submission.

  31. PR should be 3+, my client site is a insurance quote provieder site. It provides quotes only to US citizen. Please help me with correct information.
    Also provide me list of relevant sites to whome i can sent a request for link building.

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